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What is LED abnormity screen? What kinds are there?

The emergence of LED abnormity screen has broken the limitation of traditional large-screen splicing systems that can only be spliced ​​into simple shapes. It can be arbitrarily spliced ​​into various regular shapes to display some highly innovative and creative content, Time to attract the audience’s attention to achieve better results and can also better expand the application scope of LED display;

The special-shaped LED display has higher requirements for the company’s R&D strength and production process. Compared with the conventional LED display, the LED special-shaped display pays more attention to structural breakthroughs. At present, the LED special-shaped display modules mainly include fan-shaped, circular, Structural forms such as arcs, cylinders, and triangles.

Compared with the more conventional LED display, the special-shaped LED display mainly focuses on users with special needs. At present, it is mainly used in performing arts scenes, exhibition halls, science and technology museums, outdoor media and other fields. Different, the structure is also different from each other, so it also puts forward higher requirements for the manufacturer’s technology.

Bar DJ LED display
Bar DJ LED display

If the manufacturer’s technical level is not up to standard, the spliced ​​LED large screen will have a relatively large gap, which is caused by the discontinuity of the splicing cotton. Uneven appearance and many other problems.

It will not only affect the viewing effect but also destroy the overall beauty. More importantly, the circuit and structural design of the special-shaped LED line level are more complicated, which puts forward higher requirements for the R&D strength of the manufacturer;

The advent of the special-shaped module has enabled the special-shaped LED display to have better modeling capabilities. For a long time in the past, it was achieved by splicing or wrapping traditional rectangular flat modules. The more common special-shaped screens are large The arc-shaped apartment screen and the flat circular screen cannot solve the problem of the joints and flatness of the screen body well, resulting in inconsistent display and mosaics, etc. The problem is that the overall effect of the display is not good.

In response to these problems, some manufacturers have developed special-shaped modules such as trapezoids and triangles, which can be spliced ​​into spherical, rhombic, diamond-shaped, star-shaped and many other irregular geometric figures.

Bar DJ LED display

The full-color LED display is in a stage of rapid development and growth. The current LED display market has shown great changes. In addition to the traditional display function, the requirements on the appearance are also further improved, making it better in time. In response to the overall structure and use requirements of the environment, led special-shaped display screens were produced.

The special-shaped LED display is evolved on the basis of the traditional LED display. Different from the rectangle and plane of the conventional display, it has a more diversified appearance, such as arc surface, curved surface, Square and six sides, letters and spherical surfaces, etc., the common LED special-shaped screens mainly include:

1. led spherical display

The led spherical display can achieve a 360-degree viewing angle, play videos in all directions, and feel good visual effects at any angle, without the problem of flat viewing angles, and it can directly map spherical materials to the display according to specific needs. Above, the more common ones are the earth, football, etc., which make people feel lifelike and are widely used in museums, science and technology museums and exhibition halls.

The led video logo is assembled from LED modules with different specifications and characteristics. It is not limited by the size of the screen, and can be flexibly assembled into text, graphics and logos required by customers. It is used in office buildings, well-known enterprises and banks. Securities, municipal construction and landmark buildings, etc., can enhance the commercial value of enterprises;

2. Curved led display

The display surface of the display screen is a three-dimensional curved surface, such as a polyhedron and a sky curtain. ; creative led display

3. Arc-shaped led display

The display surface of the display screen is a part of the cylindrical surface, and the unfolded image is usually a rectangle;

4. Irregular led display

The display surface of the display screen is an irregular plane, such as a circle, a triangle or a completely irregular graphic plane;

5. led cube screen

It is usually a cube composed of six LED faces, and it can also be made into a special-shaped shape. The perfect connection with the smallest gap is realized between the faces, and it can be viewed from any angle around it, getting rid of the look and feel of the traditional flat display screen. It is suitable for installation in the atrium position of bars, hotels or commercial real estate, which can give the audience a new visual experience;

6. DJ booth led display

In recent years, the DJ booth led display has become the standard configuration of some top bars and entertainment venues. The DJ booth led display and the DJ match with a more dazzling effect, so that the music and the vision can be perfectly matched. By matching customized videos , The DJ station is integrated with the LED display, which can be played independently, combined with large-screen playback, and can also be superimposed to make the stage more layered.

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