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What is LED cinema display?

On July 13, 2017, the news that Samsung installed the first LED cinema display in the Lotte Movie World Building in South Korea spread like wildfire, which once aroused the close attention of the domestic LED display giant industry. What is the important impact of this matter on the LED display?

It turns out that since the invention of the movie projector 120 years ago, projection has always monopolized the cinema market, and the emergence of LED movie screens indicates that there is an additional choice for cinema viewing.

Under the condition of achieving the same effect, the use of lower power consumption , LED display with better performance and more competitive price is undoubtedly a very good start. Therefore, in terms of the history of film development, this day can be regarded as a “milestone” and heralds the coming of the “no projector” era in the future.

The influence of the cinema market on Chinese LED display companies

Due to the large population in China, with the change of consumption concept in recent years, the number of people who choose to go to the cinema in their spare time has increased sharply, and its volume is very large. According to “iiMedia Report | Global and Chinese Film Market Operation Big Data and Industry Layout Strategy Research Report”, among the world’s top 10 film markets, China has the fastest growth rate and now ranks second in the world. The box office benefit is obvious.

From 2009 to 2017, the average annual growth of China’s film industry was 27.2%, and the box office reached 60.98 billion yuan as of 2018, maintaining the second place in the global film industry. Among them, domestic film box office accounts for more than 60% of Chinese film box office.

JYLED LED cinema display
JYLED LED cinema display

In 2018, high-reputation and high-box-office films such as “Operation Red Sea” and “I Am Not a Medicine God” were produced. In the first half of 2019, “The Wandering Earth” attracted international attention and became a Chinese phenomenon. grade video. According to the Motion Picture Association of America, China will become the world’s largest film market by 2025.

The vigorous development of the film market has driven the rapid development of film infrastructure construction, and new film and television cities are emerging in major cities across the country. Correspondingly, as the most important core component of the cinema system, the growth of the screen is even more surprising.

Relevant data shows that in 2017, there were 1,435 new theaters in 49 theater chains nationwide, and the total number of theaters reached 9,446; Ranked first in the world.

The development of the film and television industry brings more opportunities for film and television investment, and also promotes the advancement of projection technology and the upgrading of equipment. Technically, traditional projection technology has always monopolized the cinema market in the past. Since large manufacturers such as NEC, Barco, and Christie have launched laser projectors suitable for various cinemas, high-end movie projection technology has turned to the trend of laser type.

JYLED LED cinema display
JYLED LED cinema display

However, it is still an innovation of projection technology in essence. There is no new type of display technology that can take a share of this huge market. The emergence of Samsung LED movie screens has undoubtedly broken this status quo.

The first domestic manufacturer of LED video display screen – JYLED

Following the emergence of the world’s first LED cinema screen in South Korea, domestic LED display companies have seen business opportunities. Among the many LED display industries, there is such a company-the team members of this company are very young and energetic, and they have always ranked among the top 5 in the LED industry. What is even more unexpected is that such a company will be in the future in the future. Within a few months, a satisfactory answer was handed in.

At the all-hands meeting in 2020, the company’s CEO shouted excitedly and announced that it would be China’s first LED movie screen. The whole company’s employees were boiling, because there was no LED manufacturer doing this at that time. It is indescribable to have the honor of being No. 1 in China, so everyone’s eyes are anxious and firm, and they can’t contain their excitement, eager to win this No.

Because of such a sense of honor and mission, JYLED engineers worked day and night, and finally made the first epoch-making LED movie screen in early 2021.

The theory has long been formed, and the technical problems are difficult to overcome

In fact, before Samsung launched the LED movie screen, many domestic R&D engineers in the deep field have accumulated a lot of experience in LED imaging. According to the senior engineer of JYLED, the earliest paper knowledge about LED stereoscopic movie projection can be traced back to 2011.

It can be seen from the papers of that year that there is already a very complete design scheme and logical thinking in the LED cinema display screen, but there is still a certain distance between the paper at that time and the actual implementation. What is even more unexpected is that, It is a pity to be the first to launch the world’s first LED movie screen by foreign manufacturers.

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