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As the name suggests, the LED light pole screen is a kind of LED display that acts on the street light pole. It uses the smart street light pole as the carrier to publish daily documents and pictures, and uses the Internet of Things technology to make the outdoor commercial display market more intelligent. Pole LED display is widely used in smart cities, highways, characteristic towns, scenic communities and other places.

The advantages of LED light pole screen

As the visual carrier of the current smart scene, the LED light pole screen can not only realize remote management and content switching and playback, but also use the intelligent monitoring, environmental monitoring, intelligent display and other functions of the product itself to monitor traffic, security, flow of people, temperature ,humidity, PM2.5 value and other data, and broadcast in real time on the screen after integration through the background.

In addition, the LED light pole screen can also automatically save the playback log file, and save the record (for advertisers to query the record) without any manual operation, the number of broadcasts and the playing time of the program can also be downloaded through the background Excel table. The LED light pole screen has therefore become the preferred way for advertising brands to place outdoor advertising.

What are the characteristics of LED light pole screen?

① Powerful program editing and task concurrency functions: it can meet the needs of various project engineering applications and different industries;

② Convenient management: cluster management, support multi-level grouping of terminals and users, and support multi-level permission settings for users;

③ Real-time information release: immediate release of emergency information; automatic generation of play logs;

④ Content split LED screen display: One screen can play text, video and pictures at the same time;

⑤ Fixed-point delivery function: fixed-point playback, different content can be played on the same screen, and the same content can be played on different screens;

⑥ Basic function settings: background adjustment of screen brightness, audio volume, one-key software version upgrade, etc.;

The effect of using lamp post screen on both sides of the road

What is the relationship between LED light pole screen and smart street light?

The extensive layout of LED light pole screens in the city can not only realize the comprehensive utilization of smart street lights, so that the road is no longer monotonous, but also play a variety of advertising ideas according to different application scenarios, making the brand more spread. fit. In terms of communication methods, the LED light pole screen can not only realize various forms of dynamic playback effects such as dynamic, page turning and scrolling, but also display pictures of various colors and video playback with stories, bringing visual impact to people. , thereby attracting the attention of more pedestrians.

In recent years, with the development of intelligence and informatization, the LED light pole screen has changed from a single form of expression to a stage of diversified and intelligent development. The explosive growth of the screen market.

In the current era of accelerating informatization construction, intelligence has gradually penetrated into our lives. From street light poles, signal poles to smart street lights, from conventional information displays to LED light pole screens, smart street lights and LED light pole screens have opened the door to smart cities in our lives, and intelligence has also become the LED light pole screen industry. The inevitable trend of long-term development.

As the beginning of informatization integration, the development and application of LED light pole screens in the field of smart street lights has ushered in an explosion, the market scale is also expanding, and the development trend of intelligence, informatization, and digitization is increasingly emerging.

Then in this era of pursuing intelligence, LED light pole screens have also been called the title of intelligence. Compared with traditional display screens, they can not only collect, collect and process information, but also have high precision, low cost, automation and intelligence.

And other advantages, the LED light pole screen can be controlled by 3G/4G/WIFI+ mobile phone/computer/tablet, reducing the burden of personnel management and inspection, reducing related operating costs and improving management efficiency. By connecting to the background of the terminal, different functions are set in different areas, changing the traditional way of information processing and dissemination.

Since the implementation of the concept of smart city, after several years of development, LED light pole screens have become the main direction of development. From the perspective of industry development data, its development is currently in a rapid upward trend, and it will be the market for a period of time in the future. mainstream of development.

Driven by policies and markets, LED light pole screens are in a favorable environment for rapid development. Coupled with the rise and development of various emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, LED light pole screens have ushered in a good trend in the industry.

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