What is LED small pitch size?

LED small pitch size is appropriate, fine quality Small-pitch products have the characteristics of a high refresh, high grayscale, high brightness utilization, no afterimage, low power consumption, low EMI, no reflection for indoor applications, lightweight, ultra-thin, high precision, small space for transportation and use, Quiet and efficient cooling features.

Due to the advantages and advantages of LED small-pitch display, it is gradually replacing LCD display, which is widely used in indoor and outdoor intelligent advertising machines, stage performances, exhibitions, sports events, hotel lobbies and other occasions. Among them, P1.667 and P1.875 represented by small spacing have become the most popular products. Some people will ask, LCD with small LED pitch can also be made, why does the small LED pitch slowly eat away the LCD display market?

In fact, it is not difficult to understand that, unlike the LCD display, the LED display is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly due to the unique light-emitting mechanism of the LED display. According to the actual data test, the LED display is 25% less than the LCD display. -35% power. This is also an important reason why the LED display will frequently land on the center stage and become the protagonist of the stage.

LCD splice screen
The LCD splicing screen will have a certain gap

In addition, the LED small-pitch display can also achieve infinite seamless splicing. For example, the 10 square meters produced by the LCD display is a fixed 10 square meters. If the space is 12 square meters, 12 square meters need to be produced. If you use 10 squares and 2 squares to join, there will be more obvious gaps, and it will be more troublesome to produce larger squares.

The unique light-emitting mechanism of the LED small-pitch display makes it very different. The LED display can be adjusted by the control card, whether it is enlarged or reduced, or any splicing, there will be no gaps. Whether it is spliced ​​into 10 One squares or 100 squares, can be done very easily.

Because the LED small-pitch display can be spliced ​​square by square, it can also be disassembled into small iron boxes one by one and transported in the box. This convenient transportation solves the problem of transportation difficulties caused by the large screen.

In people’s traditional concept, dot pitch, large size and high resolution are the important elements that determine the small pitch LED display screen. , In the practical application of small-pitch LED display, it is not that the smaller the dot pitch and the higher the resolution, the better the actual application effect, but the screen size, application space and other factors should be comprehensively considered.

p0.6mm mini led

At present, for small-pitch LED display products, the smaller the dot pitch and the higher the resolution, the higher the price. If users do not fully consider their own application environment when purchasing products, it is likely that they will spend a lot of money but cannot achieve The dilemma of expected application effects.

A prominent advantage of small-pitch LED displays is “seamless splicing”, which can fully meet the large-size display needs of industry users. However, in practical applications, industry users have to consider not only high procurement costs but also high maintenance costs when choosing small-pitch and large-size products.

Although the life of LED lamp beads can be as long as 100,000 hours, due to the high density and the small-pitch LED display being mainly used in indoor applications, the thickness is required to be low, it is easy to cause heat dissipation difficulties, and then cause local failures. In actual operation, The larger the size of the screen, the more complicated the maintenance process will be, and the maintenance cost will naturally increase accordingly. In addition, the power consumption of the display should not be underestimated, and the operating costs of large-sized displays are generally higher in the later stage.

The access problem of multi-signal and complex signals is the application of small-pitch LED indoors. Different from outdoor applications, indoor signal access has the requirements of diversification, large numbers, scattered locations, multi-signal display on the same screen, and centralized management. In actual operation, For small-pitch LED displays to be used efficiently, signal transmission equipment must not be taken lightly.

In the LED display market, not all small-pitch LED displays can meet the above requirements. When purchasing products, one should not pay attention to the resolution of the products one-sidedly, and fully consider whether the existing signal equipment supports the corresponding video signals. , Only by focusing on the LED display industry, with rich R&D and industry solutions, can this problem be better solved.

The small-pitch LED display attracts users with clearer details and real picture effects. In the process of purchasing, customers must comprehensively consider their own application needs, and the one that achieves the most desired use effect is the best.

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