What is the development status of p2 LED small pitch displays in the command and dispatch center market?

In recent years, the P2 LED small pitch displays that has swept the entire LED display industry has developed rapidly, especially in the fields of public safety, command and dispatch, safe city and smart city, etc., the small-pitch LED display is almost impossible. missing roles.

LED small-pitch display usually refers to P2 indoor LED display with LED point spacing below P2.5mm. As the high-end market at the top of the pyramid in the LED display market, how is the development of small-pitch LED displays in the command and dispatch center market? Take a look.

Main market distribution of command and dispatch

Command and dispatch refers to a collection of equipment that comprehensively utilizes computer, network, communication, automation and other technologies to transmit command and dispatch instructions and information. Exchange point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint information to achieve rapid upload and release of command and dispatch instructions and information.

P2 Small space LED display screen in  control room

P2 Small space LED display screen in  control room

The command and dispatch system can be divided into power command and dispatch system, military command and dispatch system, traffic command and dispatch system, emergency command and dispatch system and production dispatch system of industrial enterprises according to the occasion of use.

The competitive advantage of LED small pitch display

For a long time, DLP splicing large-screen products have been the evergreen tree in this market, and it is also a more reliable display technology in terms of reliability and stability. However, the splicing gap is still an important factor affecting the visual experience. Due to the physical characteristics of DLP splicing and LCD liquid crystal splicing, there are more or less seams.

P2 led small pitch dispaly screen

The development of technology can only reduce the seams, but cannot make them disappear. The LED small-pitch display has greater plasticity in splicing due to the characteristics of seamless splicing. At the same time, the LED small-pitch display has a better effect in terms of consistency, and the mature point-by-point correction technology enables its adjustment process. Simple and easy to maintain.

From the composition of the entire industry chain, we can also see that the advantages of p2 LED small-pitch display are very obvious. Because the LED small-pitch display is in the semiconductor industry, it is affected by Moore’s Law, including chips, packaging devices, driver ICs, control The speed of performance improvement and cost reduction of major materials such as systems is very fast, and the LED small-pitch display is the only display technology that can be localized in the entire upstream, midstream and downstream industry chain, and its cost performance also makes its competitiveness. more prominent.

First of all, the application of the command and dispatch center is characterized by uninterrupted operation around the clock. To cope with the huge amount of data, it requires strong information collection, rapid response, overall coordination, and comprehensive scheduling capabilities. The stability of small-pitch LED display products and equipment , durability and easy maintenance have become the key to the selection of the command and dispatch center;the new appearance design of the small-pitch LED large screen is easy to disassemble, beautiful and elegant, and can effectively reduce the failure caused by wiring, etc., greatly reducing the failure rate of the display screen , which can reduce the human and financial investment in post-maintenance.

Secondly, the temporary emergency command and dispatch center is always faced with the emergency response after major events and natural disasters. In the emergency command, various environments and emergencies may occur, and the natural conditions of low air pressure and low temperature in high-altitude areas , In addition to stability, the display is usually required to be easy to install and transport, while the p2 small-pitch LED display is usually light and thin, and can be flexibly disassembled. In emergency command, it can flexibly respond to various environments and emergencies.

Thirdly, the main purpose of the display-type command and dispatch room is to receive high-level visits, business introduction and display of corporate style, so the display effect of the large-screen display system is very high. And no seams is precisely the advantage of small-pitch LED screens. The integrated picture can avoid the embarrassment of splitting the screen by seams between units, and there will be no difference in brightness between units.

Technological Innovation of p2 LED Small Pitch Display

It can be seen from the above advantages that small-pitch LED large screens will be more and more favored by command and control room applications in the future, and will become a powerful tool to effectively improve communication efficiency and achieve efficient use and sharing of information in the information age.

P2 HD LED monitoring screen

P2 HD LED monitoring screen

But at the same time, small-pitch LED displays still have many technological shortcomings that need to be overcome, and companies need to increase their R&D efforts and investment to innovate from time to time.

As the core area of the command and dispatch center with high system integration, highly unified deployment, and emergency handling of emergencies, there is a strong demand for this kind of more accurate visualization technology that is helpful for formal judgment.

The command and dispatch center can give more consideration to the same Combining other display technologies, such as designing a special-shaped screen that is more in line with the actual geographical situation, a screen that can be highly compatible with three-dimensional information, etc., better, more accurate, and more detailed display of visual information is the unchanging pursuit of future command and dispatch centers. , and will certainly be a key development direction for the development of small-pitch LED screens in this field.

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