What is the difference between JYLED floor tile screen manufacturers and other manufacturers?

With the launch of the national “One Hundred Cities Thousand Screens” campaign, the market and consumers have higher requirements for the clarity and resolution of LED displays, and 4K/8K technology has become a reality. JYLED LED floor tile screen manufacturers have a keen insight. This trend has resulted in great innovations in both clarity and resolution.

As early as when the industry was still making P2.9 small-pitch floor tile screens, JYLED has already started to develop the industry\’s P2.5 minimum-pitch floor tile screens, and successfully mass-produced them in the second half of 2021. According to the data feedback surveyed by the marketing department, currently in the entire floor tile screen industry, only JYLED LED floor tile screen manufacturers have achieved mass production of floor tile screens with this spacing.

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While maintaining the leading edge of technology in the industry, JYLED is still insisting on improving the after-sales service management system. Therefore, after the products of JYLED arrive at the customer site, they will arrange technical engineers to connect with customers in time to assist customers in installation. In addition, JYLED is also equipped with professional The after-sales team can ensure that customers\’ difficulties and doubts can be solved in the shortest time. It can be said that JYLED perfectly interprets the service concept of zero failure and quick response from production to after-sales.

Other LED floor tile screen manufacturers are either a one-shot deal, or the after-sales service is delayed for a long time. According to industry reports, the average response time of most LED manufacturers is within 3 hours, while the JYLED LED floor tile screen manufacturers\’ average response time is within 3 hours. The average response time is only 40 minutes. Whether it is the speed or attitude of solving services, it is far superior to its peers.

In terms of quality control, JYLED Outdoor Display Screen also strives for perfection. Not only the first-line big-name products are selected, but more importantly, they will be strictly tested before leaving the factory, so as to ensure that the products that leave the factory are of the best quality.

Although the market is constantly changing and the industry is seriously involved, the future market will definitely belong to products and companies with more core competitiveness. If you want to go to the forefront of the industry, you must continue to carry out technological innovation and export more new and refined products to the market.

JYLED has such a determination only by consolidating the core competitive advantages and keeping the original intention of never forgetting the way forward can we win the praise of many customers at home and abroad.

Misfortune comes on the back of fortune, where fortune comes with misfortune. With the end of the epidemic, in the era of the Internet of Everything, digitization and intelligence will definitely become the development trend of the LED display industry market in the future. Face recognition technology and other cutting-edge technologies realize interaction.

In the future, the floor tile screen market will become bigger and bigger. In terms of scene application, LED floor tile screen will not only be limited to the traditional stage, but will play a greater role in the “big stage” such as government planning halls, exhibition halls, museums, large squares, etc. in the boom of economic recovery and national fitness. energy of.

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