What is the difference between shopping mall LED display and ordinary LED display

With the development of economy, ordinary LED display has become very common. For example, a horizontal LED display is used to display slogans or display the name of the store under the store signboard. But when we go to the mall, we will find that the display here is a little different from the display seen outside. Why is this?

Shopping mall LED display is generally used for brand promotion and product promotion, creating a good shopping atmosphere and mobilizing the atmosphere. The emergence of new advertising media tools, transparent LED displays, provides shopping malls with more choices: transparent, cool, fashionable, and full of technology.

Generally speaking, the weight of a conventional LED display is more than 30kg/㎡, which has high requirements on the load-bearing capacity of the original building structure. It requires a large-scale steel frame structure during construction, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Brightness is a piece of black and black, which affects the appearance of the shopping mall building, blocks the sunlight and sight, and affects the lighting.

shopping mall P2.976 transparent LED display
shopping mall P2.976 transparent LED display

The transparent LED display is light, thin and beautiful, and has relatively low requirements on building load-bearing. If it is not lit, it will not affect the appearance of the building; high transparency ensures the lighting requirements of lighting structures such as shopping mall floors, glass facades, and windows. .

At the same time, the transparent LED display also has a good heat dissipation function and is easy to install and maintain. When playing an advertisement, when designing the content screen of the advertisement, remove the unnecessary background color and replace it with black, only need to display the expressed content, and the appropriate part does not emit light during playback, which is a transparent effect. This playback method is extremely It greatly reduces light pollution and can also reduce energy consumption, so it can save more than 30% energy than conventional LED displays.

Shopping mall LED transparent screen features:

Indoor use, protection level IP43, no waterproofing required, high protection level can be customized for special places; fixed installation method, does not affect the original wall structure; high permeability, does not affect the blocking effect; consistent with the image of the mall center, can Remote control and operation; the viewing distance is short, the display is required to be clear, and the pixel pitch is within 5mm.

Other requirements for LED transparent screens in shopping malls:

The advertising content on the LED transparent screen can be changed at any time, and different advertisements can be displayed around the clock;

Pre-maintenance is possible, requiring rapid maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure normal and clear playback;

The high-efficiency optical fiber transmission system is adopted to effectively reduce the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance and ensure the consistency of screen playback.

The LED transparent screen in shopping malls generally adopts personalized design according to the shopping mall environment, which is in harmony with the installation environment. Choose front-maintainable LED full-color transparent screens, which can be designed in a variety of shapes; Surface mount LED transparent screen with a dot pitch of about 10mm.

After understanding the difference between the two, let’s take a look at how to place the LED display in the shopping mall to achieve the best advertising effect.

shopping mall P2.976 transparent LED display
shopping mall P2.976 transparent LED display

How to make the LED display in the mall stand out?

1. The location of the LED display

LED billboards should be placed in areas that experience excessive traffic and long-term residential (food street) areas. The information gap between the shopper and the brand should be unblocked. Brands should make sure to communicate at key moments when customers are shopping. Consumer brand choice is strongly influenced when the media continues to repeat product selling points.

2. LED display to play content

Produce content that is relevant and useful to consumers. At the same time, your content should keep customers engaged and entertained to enjoy the mall experience. Don’t just focus on advertising; provide information on mall news and other editorial content.

Short programs like quizzes, promotional videos, “how to” videos, current weather, horoscopes, city news, and more will keep customers on screen longer. Target specific content to different audiences based on the mall’s demographics.

3. Statistics of customer characteristics

Find out who is shopping when. In most cases, there are more elderly people shopping in the morning. Noon is usually middle-aged. At night, children are more visible in the mall. Obtaining this information can accurately locate the content of your led advertising screen.

4. Big shopping mall navigation

Especially for large shopping malls, using LED screens to help customers navigate around the store and share news about shopping mall offers is more user-friendly, improves conversion rates, and allows customers to buy items more time-saving.

5. Interactive design of LED screen

We can put LED interactive floor tile screens at the entrance of the shopping mall or in places that need to be promoted to create an interesting interactive experience for customers, thereby attracting customers who like novelty. Or on the large LED screen for promoting movies, place a machine that can easily take photos of customers and edit the photos into movie posters for customers to experience.

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