What is the need for a flexible LED display?

Flexible LED displays must not be unfamiliar to everyone. As usual, when we visit some large shopping malls or in subway stations, we often see cylindrical LED displays made of flexible LED modules, and some Exhibition halls, science and technology museums, etc., will use spherical or curved LED displays.

These LED display screens of various shapes play beautiful video content, which promotes clothing brands, cosmetics, shoes and other products, etc. Such peculiarly shaped items are matched with the content of the video. It is easy to catch our eye and let us remember certain brand names imperceptibly.

When we buy related products in the mall, we will unconsciously choose the brand products we have seen in the LED display. This is why merchants prefer to use LED displays to promote their products or services, and LED cylindrical displays and other LED displays of various shapes are more suitable for decoration in shopping malls, which is also a combination of beautiful designs.

While people are amazed at the beauty of these shapes, they are also wondering how much it will cost to win such a product. Today we will introduce to you how much the flexible LED display cost per square meter?

How much will the flexible LED display cost per square meter in 2022?

Due to the remarkable effect of LED cylindrical screens in shopping malls, the demand for LED cylindrical screens and other shapes of LED displays is increasing. The reason why most LED displays in shopping malls choose flexible LED displays is because The flexibility of the flexible LED display, easy installation, arc spelling, bending, etc., are especially suitable for making LED displays in shopping malls. So, how much will the flexible LED display cost per square meter in 2022?

Since the flexible LED display is used indoors, its spacing is relatively small. Let’s take P2 and P2.5 as examples to talk about its price. According to the feedback from major LED display manufacturers in China in 2021, the price of P2 flexible LED display is generally 7000-8500 RMB/m² (tax not included); the price of P2.5 flexible LED display is generally 4500 -5500RMB/m² (tax not included), the larger the pixel pitch of the LED display, the lower the price.

However, the price here is only calculated based on the module price of the flexible screen, excluding bezels, mounting brackets and other system accessories. And different project requirements have different prices. If you need to know the detailed price, you can send your demand information to our mailbox (, we will reply to you immediately after seeing it.

Cylindrical LED display

What is the difference between LED flexible screen and conventional LED display

I believe everyone is familiar with the conventional LED display, whether it is the LED light pole screen used on the street, or the outdoor LED display large screen used in the building, as well as the rental LED display and LED floor tile screen used on the stage, LED Display screens have embellished our lives in every aspect.

In addition to these relatively fixed-shaped LED displays, there is also a more peculiar type of LED display, which is different from the square or rectangular LED displays we usually see. It can be circular or cylindrical. It can even be spherical.

This is the LED flexible screen we will talk about next. Next, let’s look at the characteristics of the LED flexible screen:

1. Strong adaptability: it can be installed in horizontal and vertical bending deformation, even in a complex installation environment, it can present a perfect picture;

2. Simple maintenance: using the original LED embedded strip structure, it only takes 3 nuts to replace a single light strip;

3. High protection level: The protection level can reach IP65, which is not afraid of heavy rainfall and thunderstorm weather, and can be used in outdoor environments with confidence;

4. Light: the weight is only about 10kg/㎡, one person can easily install and transport the product, saving installation time and installation cost;

5. Transparent: The pixel strip structure design is adopted, so that the product permeability can reach 60%, the wind resistance is extremely low, and the maximum wind resistance is 12 grades, which can be used safely in windy weather;

6. Thin: the thickness is only about 10mm, occupying a small space, saving stage space and transportation and packing space;

7. Quick connection: The connector adopts professional aviation plug, which is safe and reliable, with a high protection level not lower than IP65, and can be quickly disassembled and assembled.

Ordinary LED electronic display screens have high protection level, unlimited area, long viewing distance, high brightness, and are suitable for use as LED outdoor advertising displays; while LED flexible screens are more flexible, can be elastically bent, and are more energy-efficient, suitable for small It is used in places where the installation environment is complicated. When you choose, you can choose which screen to use according to your actual needs.

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What types of flexible LED displays are there?

After decades of development in the LED display industry, the number of screen manufacturing has been increasing year by year. The traditional LED display is a bit oversaturated, resulting in weak market growth. An important reason for this is that it cannot meet some segments. scene requirements. For example, some buildings are not flat, but have curved or curved walls. If it is a traditional LED display, it is made of a hard PCB board and a bottom cover, without any flexibility, or it cannot be laid out. Large led screens either need to be cut corners, which not only increases the cost, but also is not particularly perfect in terms of technology.

In order to solve this actual demand, flexible flexible screens have become popular at this time. The following are several common types of flexible LED displays.

1. Curved screen

If the radian is small and inside the radian, it is also possible to use the traditional LED hard screen, as long as the display steel structure is made into an arc, and then the conventional hard module can be installed. However, when the radian is large or the outer radian cannot be used for construction with a hard led screen, it can be easily completed by using a flexible led display.

2. Cylindrical screen

In some hotels, conference rooms, bars or subway stations, the columns supporting the wall will be transformed, and LED design engineers will decorate these columns into LED cylindrical displays to play some special videos to improve the decoration grade. Or create a special atmosphere. If a conventional screen is used, it is very complicated, and it is difficult to achieve seamless connection if it is barely spliced, while the flexible LED display can solve this problem more easily.

3. Some irregular special-shaped led screen usage scenarios, such as waves, ribbons, etc.

The display principle of the flexible screen is the same as that of the traditional LED display, the only difference is the use of a flexible PCB board and bottom shell, which can be folded up to 120 degrees. So even shapes like waves and ribbons can be handled with ease.

The flexible screen display has bright colors and strong three-dimensional sense, and is widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising factories and mining enterprises, transportation, education systems, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, and securities markets. , construction market, auction house, industrial enterprise management and other public places.

With more and more diverse buildings, the demand for flexible LED displays is increasing. The flexible LED displays used in many buildings or fields are not only used to play video content, but also often used for exterior decoration.

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