What is the reason for the explosion of 3D LED display?

From cold silence to fire, naked eye 3D “revival” of the road of the three major pushers

After the past “mysterious – dormant” stage, naked eye 3D technology in the LED display industry applications gradually into a good place, in 2021 ushered in a high-speed development.

Under the pressure of the global economic downturn, naked eye 3D LED Display Screen showed explosive growth in 2021, according to statistics, by the end of December 2021, the national naked eye 3D project once close to 100, and maintain a high growth trend. In just one year, naked eye 3D large screen in the domestic rapid expansion, why naked eye 3D display expansion so fast? Overall look down, there are three main aspects: the government’s new regulation, the new direction of commercial value, the continuous progress of technology.

outdoor 3D led display
Outdoor 3D led display

First of all, along with the development and changes in society, the way of life that audiences have accumulated for a long time has changed dramatically, and policies are often forward-looking for the needs of social development. In June 2021, the Ministry of Science and Technology released the “National Key R&D Program “Information Photonics Technology” and other “14th Five-Year Plan” key projects in the 2021 annual project declaration guide”, in the key tasks of information photonics technology projects, will arrange funding not More than 30 million yuan to support the naked eye 3D display core optical devices and common technology and architecture of key technology research and development. The introduction of this policy has undoubtedly become the main cause to promote the rapid development of naked eye 3D screen.

In addition, the policy for the overall promotion of the industry can not be ignored. 2021 October, the Ministry of Industry issued a letter on the implementation of the “Action Plan for the Development of Ultra HD Video Industry (2019-2022)” and “Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Radio, Television and Network Audiovisual Industry”, decided to carry out “100 Cities and Thousands of Screens” Ultra HD video landing promotion activities. This policy is also a strong shot for the outdoor LED field, which is closely related to naked eye 3D.

It must be mentioned that the construction and promotion of the new smart city policy has also strongly broadened the application scenario of naked eye 3D LED display technology, prompting its commercial value to be highlighted while also having a new direction.

Chongqing Guanyinqiao 3D LED display

With the “Light of Asia” of Chongqing Guanyin Bridge naked eye 3D LED display, located in the building square of Chongqing Guanyin Bridge Suning Tesco, the screen can be combined with microblogging, positioning system, infrared sensor, face recognition and other human screen interactive technology applications.

It can be seen that, under the trend of digital transformation, the naked eye 3D display screen has bid farewell to the single display carrier positioning, ushering in new development opportunities and becoming an innovative field of outdoor advertising that has attracted much attention.

From the net red card spot to the night tour landscape, the application scene of naked eye 3D has been newly explored, which not only adapts to the trend of user consumption upgrade, but also can create a new logo of the city and eventually drive the city business value. Finally, the external promotion is always temporary, the internal adaptive change is the key to make naked eye 3D become the “traffic code” in outdoor advertising.

In the past, the high requirements of the naked eye 3D large LED display screen made the various links of the industry chain face many difficulties and challenges, but now the development of technology has become the mainstream factor of its broken circle. Naked eye 3D display is to add some optical structure on the display, so that the image presented into the human left and right eyes respectively to produce parallax, in the case of not wearing any special glasses or other devices can see the 3D picture.

Therefore, as far as the current technology is concerned, the display medium of outdoor naked eye 3D is most suitable for using LED small-pitch display. And in recent years, the vigorous development of LED small pitch and even ultra-micro pitch has provided extremely favorable support for naked eye 3D display, followed by the progress of video source production technology and cost reduction, as well as the progress of supporting software and hardware technology, which also greatly promoted the explosion of naked eye 3D.

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