What parts are included in the quotation of LED floor tile screen?

The LED floor tile screen is another new type of intelligent display device after the LED boardwalk special effect screen, which is suitable for attractions, playgrounds, shopping malls, bars, KTVs, stages, studio centers, technology halls and other places for increasing popularity and attracting consumption. , driving the atmosphere and driving consumption is very helpful.

In addition, the LED floor tile screen also has an excellent interactive experience, so many places where the LED floor tile screen is installed have become the check-in points of Internet celebrities, which also attracts more consumers to watch. Now, we can see it in many popular tourist attractions and large shopping malls.

Load-bearing test of LED tile screen
Load-bearing test of LED tile screen

It is expected that the development of LED floor tile screens will become more rapid in the next few years, and more and more people want to buy LED floor tile screens to add some different colors to their business premises.

However, each company’s expenses are limited, and how to maximize the benefits is the primary consideration for each company. Therefore, understanding the quotation of LED floor tile screen can also give us a bottom line. Know how to choose an LED display to decorate our business premises. Let’s take a look at what parts are included in the quotation of the LED floor tile screen.

  1. The LED floor tile screen accounts for about 60%-70%. The LED floor tile screens has been enhanced on the basis of the traditional LED display. The LED module is wrapped in multiple layers so that it can withstand scratches and wear for a long time. The LED floor tile screens module is also thicker than ordinary LED modules, so it can carry a force of about 1.5 tons.
Load-bearing test of LED tile screen
Load-bearing test of LED tile screen

After the LED modules with these features are added, the cost will naturally rise after the LED floor tile screen is spliced ​​together. In addition, all LED displays have the same characteristics, that is, there are many models of LED displays, and the prices of different models vary greatly. The smaller the spacing, the clearer the display screen, the more expensive the product.

  1. Control system, including control computer, receiving card, sending card, video processor, large screen playback control system, if it is an interactive LED floor tile screens, it will also include induction radar, etc. The computer must have a discrete graphics card, and the motherboard must have a discrete graphics card. PCI slot, LED floor tile screens only needs one sending card, and the receiving card should be calculated according to the area. In principle, the larger the area, the more receiving cards are needed. If the area is not clear, there is no way to judge the price of sending and receiving cards.
  2. Sound system, the price is not high.
  3. The frame structure (including power distribution cabinets, various cables, network cables and edges) are calculated separately.
  4. The cost of transportation and logistics, depending on the selected wooden box or air box, and the express method, such as sea, land or air, the price is different.

The above points are all factors that affect the price per square meter of LED floor tile screens. It should be noted that there are many types of LED floor tile screens, which are also divided into indoor and outdoor. It also depends on the size of the LED Display area.

The larger the area, the more favorable the price will be. So if you ask about LED floor tile screen per square meter, there is basically no exact answer to answer how many meters. Prices range from thousands to tens of thousands. A reasonable quotation can only be made after the area and use environment are determined.

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