What’s special about JYLED’s rental display

For the LED display, it is impossible to use only one or two days or one or two months in terms of service life. However, the LED display screen has more and more problems with the prolongation of use time. Due to the long-term use, the brightness and chromaticity are not as good as before, and color spots appear; some cabinets are damaged, and the color display is uneven; high-speed shutter camera shooting situation The bottom screen has black lines, rough and not delicate; the large screen cannot be loaded, the screen is shaken, and the frame is skipped; the hot backup often keeps the screen flickering or even black; in the case of low brightness, the grayscale loss of the ordinary control system is serious, and the receiving card is prone to occur. malfunction, etc. JYLED’s rental display uses JKEC pivot technology, which can solve this problem very well.

Stage rental display screen display effect

The industry-leading JKEC pivot technology also offers several features that other rental displays do not have.

  1. Renovation of old and new

The use of point-by-point chromaticity correction HD LED Displays can make the brightness and chromaticity of the display highly consistent, the image is soft and delicate, effectively prolong the service life, and significantly improve the commercial value. It can effectively alleviate the problem of inconsistent screen brightness after a period of use.

  1. Mixed use of multiple batches of cabinets

The color gamut matching technology can perfectly solve the problem of mixing multiple batches of cabinets, ensuring the image quality of the display screen.

  1. True color reproduction

JYLED’s rental display is a real full-color display, which can achieve a 1:1 restoration of the real world, so not only does the Create Streets picture have a compelling color, but also brings a fresh and natural visual experience.

4. high grayscale, high refresh

The high-gray and high-brush technology ensures that the picture has no black lines, no bright lines, and the picture is smooth and delicate when shooting with a high-speed shutter camera. Test conditions: 1/8 sweep, 1/1000 second shutter. System: 14-16Bit, grayscale 3840Hz refresh.

  1. Low light mode, high grayscale and high refresh

In the case of low light, the grayscale loss of the ordinary control system is serious. But this is not the case with JYLED’s rental display, and the system can maintain a perfect grayscale display regardless of the brightness.

  1. Hot backup

The hot backup of common control systems often keeps flickering. With mature hot backup technology, if any system component fails, the hot backup will automatically switch, and the display will not flash or black.

Summary: Through the six characteristics of JECK technology, the problem of the long service life of LED display can be solved with one click, and the service life of the display can be extended.

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