Which company is best for LEDs?

We all know that the products produced by well-known LED brand manufacturers are very good in terms of quality control and materials used, and their durability is much better than that of ordinary products. So, what are some of the more well-known LEDs? What about brand manufacturers? Let’s take a look.

2022 Best LED Display Company List (Top 10)

  • Liard
  • Shanghai Sansi
  • Lianjian Optoelectronics
  • Unilumin Technology
  • Absen
  • Ledman Optoelectronics
  • Alto
  • Loop

What is the gross profit margin of the above top ten LED manufacturers? Let’s take a look at:

Gross profit margin ranking of top ten famous LED display manufacturers


Liard: 40.48%

Leyard logo


Alto Electronics: 38.10%



Absen: 36.37%



Lianjian Optoelectronics: 36.08%



JYLED: 33.78%



Lope: 31.78%



Lehman shares: 30.07%



Alto: 29.71%



Unilumin Technology: 29.52%



HOLA-LED: 28.75%


Sources of the above data: public annual reports, third-party information, news reports, expert interviews and QYR analysis and research,

When the data was adopted: November 2018

From the above information, we can see that the brand effect will cause LED display manufacturers to earn more. Although this may also involve a small amount of technical or service differences, in general, it is far inferior to the latter. Product price is reasonable.

We also learned from some public data that in the next ten years, a market strategy plan that major LED displays will try.


1. Based on small spacing, from the commercial market that replaces projection and LCD wall, to the personal consumption market, such as the cinema market and the large TV home market.

2. The night travel economy is in the ascendant. Liard only accounts for about 10% of the market recently. The next step is to expand the market to more than 700 prefecture-level cities, more than 2,000 county towns and more towns across the country.

3. New formats of cultural tourism, such as the renovation of old city cultural tourism, the improvement of scenic spots, cultural performance experience, cultural business tourism complex, etc., are the focus of the development of various scenic spots in various cities. The projects have bloomed all over the country, and the market blowout is in sight;

Unilumin Technology

1. The sales model is mainly based on distribution and supplemented by direct sales

2. Application areas, in addition to professional control rooms, shopping malls, education, corporate conference rooms and other fields, LED displays began to enter the cinema market in 2017

3. In terms of business model: the company provides customers with a package of services on light environment management, including lighting design, construction, installation, operation, maintenance, etc.

Lianjian Optoelectronics

1. In 2018, the digital equipment sector will focus on the implementation of three major strategic plans while realizing the collaborative sharing of resources of subsidiaries within the sector in R&D, production, sales, management and other links. Technology, over-coding technology innovation and product innovation, vigorously promote breakthroughs in visual solution capabilities, and at the same time increase research and development and manufacturing upgrades for small-pitch products, increase production capacity, and further increase market share.

The second is to establish a domestic channel sales model, build a channel sales division, and achieve a breakthrough in the scale of channel sales throughout the year. The third is to lay out sales and service points in overseas markets, build a number of overseas branches and offices, and improve localized services.


Accelerate the scale expansion of hotel operation business and increase the layout of overseas key cities. Add franchised stores and technical support services in places where sales account for a relatively high proportion. Through cloud services, open up an integrated online and offline operation strategy to achieve Multi-channel and multi-site coverage of the whole network.

Alto Electronics

On the basis of continuation of last year’s sales strategy, the company has increased the strategic synergy of each business unit of LED application, which has effectively improved the conversion rate of internal resources, thereby better enhancing the overall profitability of the business segment. The company actively adopts a large-scale marketing strategy, focuses on strengthening the construction of overseas marketing service platforms, and recruits excellent marketing service talents. At the same time, upgrade the company’s high-density LED display products, relying on its own advantages in the LED display control system, increase the expansion of the outdoor high-density LED product market, and increase market share.

Lehman shares

Continue to pay attention to exploring the development opportunities of the sports industry, integrate the advantageous resources of the industrial chain, and optimize the strategic layout of the company’s sports industry. Upgrade the existing LED display screen to enter various countries in the world with higher quality and lower prices, so as to seize more market share.


(1) The company will pay close attention to the domestic macroeconomic situation and policy changes, adjust domestic marketing strategies in a timely manner, expand domestic sales channels, and minimize the risks that the domestic market may face.

(2) The company will continue to innovate in response to the needs of the domestic market. Keep improving in technology, win with technology and win with product quality. Use better products and better services to meet the severe domestic market challenges.


In the future, the company will still develop in parallel with the domestic and foreign markets. It is expected that the number of foreign dealers will reach 32 in 2017, to further expand the international market share, and intensively cultivate and lease a series of products in the domestic market to ensure new profit growth points.

Sources of the above data: public annual reports, third-party information, news reports, expert interviews and QYR analysis and research,

When the data was adopted: November 2018

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