Which display is good for eyes?

With everyone’s attention to health, people have never stopped discussing Which display is good for eyes. If the common diseases of the elderly are coronary heart disease, three highs, etc., wait for our generation to get old After that, there should be a lot of people with eye problems.

A previous answer said that it might be better for the eyes to use a Kindle as a display, but in fact the E-Ink screen is not suitable for a display.

nike indoor led video wall
nike indoor led video wall

If the e-ink screen is really suitable for use as a display, it has long been produced by manufacturers. But in fact, due to the refresh rate of the E-Ink screen, it is suitable to use it as a reader, but it will definitely hurt the eyes if it is used as a display. And for dynamically rendered pictures, the effect of the electronic ink screen is also unsatisfactory.

As for “Which display is good for eyes”, I will tell you the precautions on how to choose a monitor from the principle of eye protection, which can be purchased according to the rules.

(Note: The “eye protection” here only refers to relatively little damage to the eyes.)

The Latest on Computer Screens and Eye Fatigue

This is a previous report on monitors and eye fatigue from EIZO (the world’s most professional monitor and medical monitor manufacturer). Although not very detailed, but the key points have been mentioned. Recommended reading.

Key influencing factors:

  1. Backlight

LCDs do not emit light on their own, so they all rely on a backlight. Backlight used to be CCFL, now LED. LED backlight can be divided into WLED, RGB-LED, GB-LED and so on. The mainstream (including the vast majority of displays, tablets, mobile phones, etc. in the current market) uses the lowest cost WLED.

oled phone
oled phone

From an eye protection point of view, CCFL is better than LED. Especially now the most mainstream WLED is the most eye-injuring LED backlight.

However, due to the high power consumption of CCFLs, China now prohibits the listing of LCD monitors with CCFL backlights in China. Of course, if you want to buy it, you can still buy it, but there is not much room for choice.

  1. Dimming method

Is BenQ’s non-flash-screen display really good for the eyes? How to achieve it?

The dimming method of LED is the way to adjust the light intensity emitted by the LED display, which can be roughly divided into two types: PWM dimming and non-PWM dimming.

To briefly explain PWM dimming, it can be understood as adjusting the brightness of the screen by repeatedly turning the LED tube on and off in a very short period of time. When in a cycle, the bright time is long and the dark time is short, the brightness of the screen will be relatively high. In a cycle, when the bright time is short and the dark time is long, the brightness of the screen will be lower.

brightness contrast
brightness contrast

Because the frequency of PWM dimming is higher than the 60 Hz of CRT, it is not easy to be noticed by people. Due to the working principle of PWM dimming, it will cause the display to flicker more obviously at low brightness. All people with sensitive eyes can also feel the flicker of the LCD display when turning down the brightness. Non-PWM dimming displays don’t have this problem.

In terms of quantity, PWM dimming displays are the mainstream. The familiar MacBook Air uses PWM dimming, while non-PWM dimming displays are relatively rare.

If you want to buy a high-end monitor because of work requirements, you should first meet the quality requirements of the monitor, and then consider whether it will hurt your eyes. If you just surf the Internet to play a game or something, and the color performance of the display is not high, you can give priority to the display with non-PWM dimming.

It is recommended to purchase a monitor with non-PWM dimming or hybrid dimming. (Hybrid dimming refers to using non-PWM dimming at low brightness and using PWM dimming at high brightness.)

The above two points are determined by the display hardware and cannot be changed. The following points can be adjusted on the basis of the existing monitor.

  1. A correct sitting posture + regular eye rest

When using the computer, please maintain a correct sitting posture.

When using the computer, please maintain a correct sitting posture.

When using the computer, please maintain a correct sitting posture.

The important thing is said three times, because I have seen other people use the computer in various unimaginable poses. Please keep in mind:

A good sitting posture is more useful than buying a high-end, high-end monitor. Also, give your eyes regular breaks.

  1. Appropriate color temperature

Most people have no concept of color temperature, let alone talk about color temperature. Turning the color temperature down a little can help improve the visual fatigue problem of using the computer for a long time.

  1. Appropriate brightness

Please get into the habit of adjusting the brightness of the monitor at any time according to the ambient brightness.

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