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Why are there so many LED display manufacturers in Shenzhen, China?

LED display manufacturers

Shenzhen is the main import and export gathering place for LED display manufacturers in China and even in the world. The achievements cannot be ignored, but the situation is impermanent, and who knows how the future will develop. In recent years, due to human resources, factory rents, prices and local turmoil, Shenzhen LED display manufacturers are constantly facing continuous adjustments in industrial integration.

Give full play to your unique advantages, strive to improve your shortcomings and weaknesses, and make the market unbeaten. Small pitch Shenzhen LED display. Smart LED displays and LED TVs let everyone see another spring of LED displays.

1. The integrity of the industrial chain.

Shenzhen is a world-famous electronic city. Design capital. Advanced technology (compared to other cities). Hardware processing is also more complete than elsewhere. With these foundations, no matter what new industry is developed, there is this foundation. Manufacture.Buy.Sell transactions from parts and components are more efficient in Shenzhen.

2. The geographical advantage is good.

Adjacent to Hong Kong. Excellent port. land transport. Aviation and supporting facilities make the shipping industry more developed than in other cities.

3. Simplify administrative approval procedures. Flexible policy guidance.

Compared with other cities, Shenzhen is a young city with vitality. Shenzhen is chosen for every national reform initiation and experimental field. Since the guidance of all production activities is dominated by the market, compared with other cities, opening up the Shenzhen market is more informed and can facilitate decision-makers to better formulate guidance policies.

4. The capital market is more active.

As we all know, the rise of a new industry inevitably involves a lot of investment in the early stages. Shenzhen’s developed finance can help companies be more flexible in early financing, grow later, and enter the capital market more easily.
5. The market is broader.

Due to its favorable geographical location and developed shipping industry, Shenzhen has gathered 15 top 100 Chinese electronic information companies and more than 1,900 electronic companies, becoming the main force driving the growth of Guangdong’s electronic industry. In 2012, Shenzhen’s electronic product sales are expected to reach 1,162.7 billion yuan. Electronic product manufacturing plays an important role in China’s economic development, and its exports account for one-third of China’s total foreign trade exports.

6. Rich human resources.

Shenzhen’s mature technicians, engineers, designers, marketers and managers are more abundant, providing a good human foundation for the production of high-quality LED displays. According to statistics, by the end of 2010, the permanent resident population was 10.3579 million, of which the registered population was 2.5103 million. The total floating population is 13.22 million.

How to solve the screen Huaping of full color LED display?

There are many reasons why the screen of a full-color LED display does not display properly. Here is a summary of how to solve the screen blur of the full-color LED display.
Since the new screen will bloom when powered up, the settings scan for the control card may be wrong, or the ribbon cable is not plugged in (check the ribbon cable from the control card to the first board)
After using it for a period of time, I suddenly found this phenomenon. Except for the failure of the control card, the water entry chip and the power supply on the board are most likely to be burned.
You can also try connecting a monitor with a DVI connector to determine whether the DVI output port of the graphics card has a normal signal. For a general Lingxingyu card, the DVI interface resolution is 1024*768. The cause of the LED monitor screen may be the problem of the graphics card and the problem of the driver. Unplug the network cable of the receiving card on the back of the monitor, press the debugging button of the receiving card, and check whether the screen scanning is normal.
Also, please refer to other causes of full-color LED display screens.
1. The screen of the led display does not display
Solution: Confirm that the power supply of the electronic display is normal and whether there is a 220V strong power input.
2. The display of the LED electronic display is abnormal and the screen is displayed.
(1) Whether the parameter setting of the LED control card is correct, and whether the signal is transmitted to the electronic display LED control card
(2) Confirm whether the communication line communicates normally and whether there is signal input on the LED control card.
(3) Is the 5V power supply of the LED control card normal?
3. Some screens of the electronic display abnormally. For example, black screen, blurry screen.
Solution: Confirm whether the abnormal screen power supply is working properly. The fault screen single module of the signal transmission line is faulty.
a. There is a problem with the output
1. Detect whether the line from the output interface to the signal output IC is connected or short-circuited.
2. Check whether the clock latch signal of the output port is normal.
3. Detect whether the cascaded output data port between the last driver ICs is connected to the data port of the output interface or there is no short circuit.
4. The heat dissipation of the chassis is not good, which is caused by the temperature rise of the graphics card.
Solution: Eliminate the heat dissipation problem.
Check whether the fan is working normally, add oil to the fan, remove the dust inside the case, and solve the problem after the heat dissipation problem is solved.
5. Reinstall the system because the card or monitor does not support high resolution.
(1) Restart the computer, press and hold the F8 key, select Enter “Safe Mode” in the Advanced Start menu to return to the login system, enter the display settings in Windows, select the 16-color state, and click the “Apply” button, ” Sure”
(2) Restart the computer, in the normal mode of Windows, enter the device manager, delete the graphics card driver, and restart the computer.

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