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Why can JYLED become the leader in the LED industry?

Since late October 2021, the search popularity of Micro LED has been on the rise, and they have made headlines on major technology pages.

As a core member of the Micro LED concept, JYLED has attracted more and more people’s attention.

JYLED is the leader in the global LED display application industry. From 2016 to 2021, JYLED has maintained the top five in the global LED display product market for five consecutive years, and the market share of small-pitch products has remained in the top 10, making it a well-deserved brand.

On December 15, 2021, Ms. Zhang, sales director of JYLED, introduced the current situation, future development plan and growth logic of the company’s display business and Micro LED business in an interview.

The general feeling conveyed to the outside world is that JYLED, which has been through for more than 10 years, has encountered a bumpy road and encountered technical difficulties, but its deep cultivation in the market has made it enter a situation of “the stronger is stronger”.

Decades as a day reflect three “depths”

According to the latest financial report, in the first three quarters of 2021, JYLED’s total revenue increased by 30.03% year-on-year and 65.09% month-on-month. In the capital market where profits are “on heroes”, JYLED has undoubtedly become a phenomenal business case.

But in essence, the rocket-like growth of revenue and profit is just a result, and the three “depths” behind it are the truth that it has gone through ups and downs for decades.

The first is to deeply cultivate display technology and participate in the construction of the industrial chain. In 2020, with the accelerated commercialization of Micro LEDs, the display industry will explode. Taking advantage of its technological advantages, JYLED built the world’s first MicroLED mass production base in Wuxi. In addition, JYLED has begun to deploy in the Micro LED related industry chain, participating in different links of the Micro LED industry chain.

With a global user base of nearly billions, JYLED’s deep cultivation of Micro LED technology is no longer as simple as opening a situation but trying to become an industry pioneer. This also means that JYLED, which has been in existence for a long time, needs to be more open and closed in Micro LED technology and become more proficient in the positioning of the product market.

Second, the service is more in-depth. From the perspective of technical service, many LED manufacturers in China are actually unable to keep up with technical services. Some of them were only doing business abroad before, and there are many aspects that need to be improved for domestic services. This means that if a technical service wants to establish a relationship with different markets, it is not just simply copying the service, but tracking and solving customer problems at any time.

After years of service exploration, JYLED has shortened the average customer response time from 7 hours to half an hour in addition to providing technical “one-to-one service”, and has also settled a 24-hour technical service hotline into the system to achieve national and even global technical services Interoperability, the service to customers is not only empowerment but also achieves fit from the technical level.

Third, there is more room for industrial depth. According to the latest financial report: JYLED continues to make efforts in the four major sectors, of which the revenue of the smart display sector continues to account for 78%, the night travel economy sector accounts for 11.99%, and the new cultural and tourism business sector accounts for 6.33%. , the VR experience sector accounted for 3.80%, and the rest were other sectors. Relevant partners involve the government, and hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign companies such as TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics, JD.com, and Huawei.

From a macro perspective, JYLED has expanded production in three production bases this year: one is Shenzhen Southern Industrial Park, which is undergoing rectification planning to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The second is the new Changsha factory, and the third is the Lijing factory. These three factories organically combine the JYLED industry, complementing and improving the four major business sectors.

Domestic and foreign production bases and R&D centers work together to escort JYLED’s market development

A technology-oriented enterprise is essentially a matchmaking role, and the gathering of industrial belts is the basic platform and confidence of the platform. This also shows that Leyard’s layout on the industrial belt has shifted from the “shallow water area” to the “deep water area”.

The success of JYLED is inseparable from the continuous R&D investment. JYLED takes Micro LED as its ultimate goal and has been making unremitting efforts around Micro LED. In 2020, JYLED will mass-produce Micro LEDs for the first time in COB mode or POB mode. There are various indications that the future JYLED will expand in the direction of COG or other quantum dot technologies.

JYLED has publicly stated that the development plan in the next few years will still take display as the main business, and the proportion of LED displays will be further increased.

First, on the R&D side, JYLED will continue to maintain its leading position in Micro LED products and technologies and continue to invest.

The second is to transform into a product-based company and launch standardized display products. JYLED’s TXP, iAT two series of Micro LED conference all-in-one machines and other commercial all-in-one machines are the top priorities of the company’s profits.

Recently, JYLED released official data. New orders in 2021 will exceed 10 billion yuan, an increase of 42% over the same period of the previous year, which is close to the annual order target. Among them, the newly signed orders from domestic channels exceeded 1.8 billion yuan, and it has taken the lead in fulfilling the annual order target.

The third is to develop high-end manufacturing. With the standardization of LED products and the optimization of cost performance, high-end manufacturing has become one of the core competencies of LED companies.

The fourth is cost control. As the prices of upstream and downstream raw materials at home and abroad continued to rise, Leyard responded quickly. First of all, it adjusted the structure and focused on scenario-based applications such as conference all-in-one machines, education all-in-one machines, and advertising machines in the commercial display application market.

Secondly, deploy new technologies and new fields. Due to the high threshold for new technologies and new markets, the added value of its products and projects is very high, and the pressure of rising raw material costs can basically be ignored.

Fifth, the coordinated development of talents at home and abroad. As an excellent high-end manufacturing multinational enterprise, how cooperating with employees of domestic and foreign enterprises is very important for JYLED. JYLED has set up a collaborative innovation leadership group for this purpose. In accordance with the concepts of talent sharing, resource sharing, platform co-construction, and common problem solving, the center strives to build a communication platform such as centralized services for domestic and foreign engineers, integration of innovative intellectual resources, and precise docking of technology supply and demand, so that domestic and foreign employees can enjoy technology sharing and collaboration. A problem-solving platform.

In fact, JYLED has a clear goal for the next step: it will continue to transfer domestic production bases and even other countries’ production bases to high-end manufacturing. In the future, JYLED will make its own world in the high-end intelligent field.

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