Why do monitoring rooms mainly use HD small-pitch displays?

According to the research data of Luotu Technology, the scale of display equipment in China\’s overall security market in 2021 will be 21.4 billion yuan, of which the market scale of monitoring and visualization large-screen equipment (LCD splicing screen, HD small-pitch displays) is the largest, accounting for 69%. Among them, the high-definition LED small-pitch display is slightly higher than the LCD splicing screen.

Why is there such a large-scale high-definition LED display in use in the monitoring room? This is to mention the development background of high-definition small pitch and its advantages.

Monitor room LED small spacing display
Monitor room LED small spacing display

Security visualization, and application requirements promote display technology upgrades

The scale of the security display application market continues to expand. It can be seen that the terminal display demand in the security market has been growing at a high level, which has also injected impetus into the display technology upgrade of LED displays.

Small-pitch display screens are favored by security terminal displays, and their growing demand has also accelerated the upgrading of LED display technology. Ultra-high-definition technologies such as 4K/8K and COB packaging are also gradually being applied to LED display products.

Achieve ultra-high-definition picture quality 4K/8K

Under the background of the ultra-high-definition display era, security terminal display is the starting point of ultra-high-definition video technology. With the acceleration of smart city management and the development of the ultra-high-definition era, the security market has higher requirements for high-definition displays in monitoring, command and dispatch.

For ultra-high-definition small-pitch LED displays, the smaller the dot pitch, the easier it is to meet the display requirements of 4K and 8K full high-definition resolution for display terminals in the market. Enjoy more comfort. As a result, Mini/Micro LED technology has also entered the security display.

Judging from the performance of various screen companies at the 2021 Security Expo, LED displays have achieved ultra-high-definition image quality technology, and the application of Mini/Micro LEDs has become more than capable. Hikvision, Leyard, JYLED, and Absen all combine Mini/Micro LED technology layout display products to provide visual smart security solutions, further improve the overall display effect and operability of the security command center, and create smart security, smart City, improve the level of urban management services, and realize scientific, refined and intelligent urban management.

The addition of 3D and 8K visual effects allows LED small-pitch screens to realize “detail recognition”, which improves the “transmission and display” performance requirements of the security display system, and is conducive to the high-quality development of security display.

intelligent interaction

In the context of smart cities, interaction has become a mainstream trend, especially human-screen interaction. The demand in the commercial display market and other fields continues to explode. The innovation of human-computer interaction technology and models will surely bring great opportunities to the LED display industry.

In recent years, the LED display industry has put forward the concept of a “software-defined large screen” and applied it to the layout of security display products. It not only pays attention to the development and production of terminal display hardware equipment but also realizes interconnection in software applications. Control the hardware operation of the large screen through the software of the small screen, and realize one-to-one management in an intelligent and efficient interactive way.

From the initial “technical melee” to today\’s “small-pitch home”, the security display market has also experienced many collisions and exploration stages between technology and the market. With the entry of Mini/Micro LED technology, LED displays can also be combined with face recognition technology, video processing technology, sound source positioning, VR, AR, and other new technologies to help intelligent and high-definition security display.

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