Why does HD LED display become first choice for in the security market?

In 2023, under the background of artificial intelligence and big data informatization, the technology of the Internet of Things will continue to rise, and the use of HD LED displays in the era of the Internet of Everything will become a new wave.

After years of development, the security market has grown into a trillion-dollar market, and intelligent security has become the main theme. Its application scenarios involve public security, parks, buildings, finance, transportation, culture and education, health and other scenarios. The diversification of terminal display scenarios makes LED display The screen has been widely used in its field.

In this process, various display technologies compete fiercely in the security field, but in the end only small-pitch displays stand out. Why? To know this question, we have to start with the display demand of the security market.

HD LED display
HD LED display

What kind of display screen does the security market need?

The most common LED display screens in the security market are used in the fields of security monitoring and command and dispatch. The application of security monitoring in all walks of life has become more and more frequent and indispensable, and the video monitoring system is an important part of the security system of each unit.

As a terminal for video information output, video monitoring display terminal equipment Completely display all the monitored pictures clearly on the screen, and can also switch between large and small pictures flexibly, conveying accurate, real, intuitive, effective and rich content. As an important part of the security chain, the video surveillance display terminal has a long-standing requirement for clarity.

The modern command and dispatch center is the hub of centralized data. The screen of the command center is considered to be the top application of the industry pyramid. The ability to display details on the screen directly affects the success or failure of the work of the command and dispatch center. From this point of view, the security market’s demand for terminal display equipment focuses on high-definition.

From the past history, the display terminal of the security industry has experienced the CRT era, and then to the visual impact brought by liquid crystal display to the industry, and then to the emergence of DLP and LED splicing technology, the market is constantly accepting new technologies and constantly Eliminate outdated production capacity. Until 2016, terminal display devices in the security market ushered in an iterative turning point.

Before 2016, the LCD splicing wall almost monopolized the public security market, but in 2016, the price of small-pitch LED screen products continued to decline, and some products have entered a level comparable to 3.5mm LCD in the price range, and the display effect is basically the same. To meet the needs of the security market;

Compared with other display screens, the HD LED splicing screen has a series of advantages such as high-definition, high brightness, high color saturation, low power consumption, and long service life, which makes it quickly favored in security monitoring.

On the other hand, the demand for large-screen security displays is also changing. With the development of intelligent technology and the increase of intelligent applications, the value of the security system is changing from a simple “viewing screen” to an “information center”. This change has increased the gold content of large-screen security screens, and also enabled some customers to bear the “higher” construction costs of large-screen security screens. The latter is not good news for LCD splicing, which has long relied on price advantages to win.

On the whole, with the acceleration of the national informatization process, the large-scale construction of infrastructure, and the government’s high attention to the field of security monitoring, as a terminal display device for security monitoring, small-pitch LED splicing screens have also gained unprecedented development opportunities. And with the decline of prices and the advancement of technology, small-pitch display screens gradually occupy the large-screen security market, while LCD displays with slightly inferior display performance in the same price range gradually fade out of the security market.

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