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What is a smart light pole?

The light pole display and the smart light pole are already indispensable supporting applications for each other, and the development of the smart light pole in the past two years is obvious to all.

The supporting applications that are closely related to the pole also have great opportunities for development.In fact, when it comes to the market demand for light pole displays, everyone knows that it lies in smart light poles, and the current market demand for light pole displays is related to the current 5G fire.

Everyone knows that the most important thing for 5G application is the construction of base stations in the early stage, and after many rounds of observation, smart light poles will become a more suitable industry for loading 5G base stations.

And this is taking into account the natural advantages of smart light poles, power supply, coverage, management, space rate and so on.Based on this, smart light poles have taken advantage of the trend and 5G construction to catch the same “development train”.

At the same time, smart light poles can also take advantage of their own application advantages, and help the city to realize public services, emergency warning and other information release functions, and become the fulcrum of leveraging urban wisdom. Among them, the LED light pole display is used as the realization of the information release function.

The carrier can be driven by demand.In addition, the LED light pole display is a carrier of information dissemination, so it can also release emergency information for the government in time or remind citizens of daily weather changes, environmental monitoring data, traffic guidance, parking space occupancy, and emergency warnings It has brought many conveniences to the construction of smart cities and citizens’ lives, and has become a fulcrum for leveraging urban smart services.

Therefore, at present, smart light poles and LED light pole display screens have been interconnected to form a huge smart network, and have become the carrier of information construction, and have also become a necessity for smart light poles, 5G base stations, and smart city infrastructure.

It is also because of this that the competent government departments at all levels have issued various policies to support the development of the smart light pole industry, proposing to vigorously develop the demand for wisdom, and the LED light pole display has also attracted the attention of all parties as a new information carrier.

The application of LED light pole display is inseparable from the light pole project.In general, the smart era and 5G era have brought more market and application demands to the LED light pole display.

Therefore, as long as this era is not outdated, the LED light pole display will stand in the tuyere of the construction of the era and the popularization of information technology.

With the application of LED light pole screen, more and more urban construction will involve the use of LED light pole screen.

How to distinguish high-quality LED light pole screen manufacturers among many LED light pole screen manufacturers?At present, there are more than 4,000 LED display companies in China. There are more than 2,000 LED display companies in Shenzhen alone, and they provide 80% of the world’s LED displays.

At the same time, the LED display is also a mixed industry, and the light pole display is very different from the LED display, but it has a certain relationship. Many LED display manufacturers think that the LED light pole screen is very simple and easy, and the box and offline card can easily complete a product, resulting in insufficient brightness, high temperature resistance, no energy saving, no intelligence, no beauty, no waterproof. Heavy and other problems, so in the past two years, many LED light pole screen projects have “died away” because of this.

In fact, after receiving the LED light pole screen project, some LED display companies in the industry regard the LED light pole screen as a conventional LED display because of the low price and inexperience. If you don’t answer the phone, the customer’s project cannot be accepted, and even some projects will cost money to re-do in the follow-up. Therefore, how to choose a high-quality LED light pole screen provider is an objective question, but the answer is very realistic: this manufacturer must have spare parts for LED light pole screens, and it is a series of spare parts.

How to distinguish high-quality LED light pole screen manufacturers

1. There are spare parts for LED light pole screen, indicating that the design drawings of this style have been perfected, and each functional module (power supply, control card, photoresistor, audio, power-off products, power amplifier, camera, lock, wiring) is finalized The installation has been confirmed, the waterproof has been tested, and the software has been debugged many times. If there are no spare parts, then the drawings will have to be redrawn, and the probability of problems is extremely high, and there is no guarantee what kind of problems will occur.

2. There are spare parts for LED light pole screen, indicating that the supply chain is mature and certain.

In fact, the supplier determines 50% of the quality weight of LED light pole screen products, and the price is not inflated. If there are no spare parts, the suppliers are still not sure, and the goods delivered to the customers will be sure that they are not good, so how can they cater to the market?

3. There are spare parts for the LED light pole screen. When the project is urgent, you can respond to the customer as soon as possible. The product model and appearance of many projects need to be based on a visible object as a reference, and then improve and adjust on this basis, which is of great help to the customer’s project advancement.

If there are no spare parts, it will take at least two weeks to make a prototype, and during this period, business opportunities may have been missed, and the loss will be immeasurable.

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