Why is LED transparent display more and more widely used?

Fixed Outdoor Display Screen is derived from the LED display. After its birth, it has always shown strong vitality and has opened up its own world in the highly competitive LED display application market.

From the original shopping mall window to the bar entertainment at the back to the large-scale dance performances and other scenes, the transparent LED screen also shows that the performance of the transparent LED display is getting stronger and stronger, showing a hot attitude, which once again makes people feel Feel the unique charm of the transparent screen.

Wal-mart use transparent awning display screen
Walmart uses transparent awning Fixed Outdoor Display Screen

Many people may be curious, why the transparent LED display, which has not been heard much before, is becoming more and more widely used.

The main reason is that the widespread use of LED transparent displays is inseparable from the support of the state.

The LED transparent screen appeared around 2012. After a period of obscurity, it rose strongly in 2017 with the characteristics of transparency, thinness, fashion and beauty. The reason for this rise is inseparable from an important national policy.

In 2017, the country vigorously promoted the construction of smart cities. The development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing” continued to deepen. Concepts such as big data, Internet +, and Internet of Things will give new connotations to future smart cities. , the construction of new cities came into being, and more and more LED transparent display products appeared in every corner of the city.

Half outdoor door screen
Half outdoor door screen

Smart city construction, building glass curtain wall lighting, LED transparent screen with its light and thin, no need for steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good permeability and other characteristics, it can be said to be a hit with a glass curtain wall. The use of the wall is also due to its fashion and beauty, high-definition and high transparency, full of modernity and scientific and technological flavor, which adds a special beauty to urban architecture.

With the construction of smart cities, some traditional display advertisements have become outdated and replaced by LED transparent screen advertisements. LED transparent screens have become the first choice for many advertisers to advertise. LED transparent screens emerged in 2017, and have achieved little success so far. However, LED transparent screens still have a long way to go in order to continue to gain market recognition in the future.

From the case of the rise of LED transparent displays, it can be found that as long as the country is willing to support which piece, which piece will achieve vigorous development. This is also true for the 3D LED display which has grown rapidly in recent years.

The previous 3D LED display, like the transparent LED poster display, has always been unknown, but since the government departments in mainland China invested heavily, 3D LED displays have sprung up all over the country.

Even in such a sluggish economic environment, it can still be seen from time to time that many cities have introduced large LED displays in shopping malls and tourist places with high traffic in response to the call of the state.

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