Will covid-2019 have an impact on the development of LED floor tile screens?

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2019, the world has devoted enormous human and material resources to the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. So far, it has not been able to achieve very good results. In the face of the crisis, major enterprises must not only walk on thin ice to defend against the epidemic, but also rack their brains for production and survival.

From the overall situation, not only LED floor tile screen manufacturers, but also other manufacturers have encountered problems such as blocked transactions, sudden drop in orders, rupture of upstream supply chains, and risks of employee gathering. Behind these problems are the upstream and downstream industries of the industry. The pain of the enterprise is transmitted.

Shenzhen JYLED Tenchnology Co., Ltd

To this end, “LED Screen Display World” interviewed Mr. Wu, the sales director of JYLED. What is the impact of the epidemic on the production and sales of LED displays? What is the development status of the LED display market in the post-epidemic era? and other issues were discussed in depth.

Actively respond to challenges, focus on both epidemic prevention and control and enterprise development

Mr. Wu, sales director of JYLED, believes that according to media reports, the epidemic situation in various countries is more serious than in previous years, almost everywhere. As of the current data, all countries have been exposed to have a large number of new coronary pneumonia patients, and In mainland China, there have also been serious epidemics in many provinces and cities, which have brought a lot of negative effects to LED display companies.

The decrease in order volume and the rise in raw material costs are also factors that affect the efficiency and survival of enterprises. In the face of the menacing epidemic, active action is the only way to deal with it, Mr. Wu added: “For this reason, we have adjusted the production plan in a timely manner according to the market situation. At present, the overall epidemic situation can be prevented and controlled, and now there are few cases of complete closure and control. Therefore, overall, the market conditions in the second half of the year are still relatively optimistic.”

For the overseas LED display market, JYLED still mainly relies on Google’s exposure and ranking, so that good products can be delivered to customers and serve overseas customers together. After only 2 years of data precipitation, the initial effect has been achieved; in the later stage, according to changes in overseas markets, we will increase expansion and involvement. Therefore, both domestic and foreign countries go hand in hand to maximize the company’s benefits.

Technology-driven change, innovative service channel market

Mr. Wu, the sales director of JYLED, said proudly: “In order to better serve the channel market and meet the needs of customers for product upgrading, JYLED has increased the technical upgrade of LED floor tiles and took the lead in overcoming two major technical difficulties in the industry: Chromatic aberration and heat dissipation issues.”

The chromatic aberration problem of the LED floor tile screens is common in the industry, and after all, the floor tile screen is usually used together with the wall display screen to achieve a three-dimensional display effect. Therefore, the color gamut of the floor tile screen and the wall screen must be consistent to ensure that Good interaction, the company’s team matches the internal structure of the module with the existing mature system, so that its own products and the interactive system are more suitable, so as to solve the problem of color difference between the wall and the ground.

Not only that, JYLED has also launched a “breathing” floor tile screen. The product adopts the “breathing valve” developed by JYLED’s exclusive patent, which is mainly aimed at the physical phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction of the LED floor tile screens, effectively avoiding heat dissipation and water seepage problems. The overcoming of the above two technical difficulties has enabled JYLED to stand firm in the fiercely competitive channel market.

Talking about the development of the follow-up LED floor tile screen, Mr. Wu of JYLED said that in any case, as a hard-connected product for advertising display, the demand for LED display screen will always exist. When the epidemic was severe, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics still brought us great surprises.

The LED floor tile screens of the Beijing Winter Olympics
The LED floor tile screens of the Beijing Winter Olympics

The LED floor tile screens of the Beijing Winter Olympics fully reflects the advantages of the LED floor tile screen with novel interactive methods, cool and stunning display effects, and an endless sense of experience. Mr. Wu said that with the rapid development of human-computer interaction technology, floor tile screen products are also constantly being upgraded, optimizing and innovating in the direction of high-definition and intelligence. He continued to add: “JYLED LED light pole screen, as an excellent company focusing on LED display, will use higher skills to create more core competitive floor tile screen products to better serve the market.”

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