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Module presentation

At present, the indoor 3D display screens on the market can be divided into right-angle corner screens (L-shaped screens), arc-angle corner screens and curved screens according to the size of the included angle.

JYLED’s seamless corner module technology can make corresponding angle layout design according to the actual needs of customers, so that the wall can fully meet the technical requirements of naked eye 3D. 

Arc LED Module
CAD drawings of 3D LED modules

Basic project parameters

面板像素(Panel Pixels)P2/P2.5/P2.6/P2.97/P3.91
模块尺寸(Module Size)Any Custom
箱体尺寸(Cabinet Size)Custom
刷新率(Refresh Rate)≥3840HZ
防护等级(Protection Class)IP30
灰度(Gray Level)65536
产品特性(Product features)

Indoor Small Space Display

indoor LED display 3D project from around the world

Indoor 3D LED display installed in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Aosuo Future City

Indoor 3D LED display 1800 sqm in Shanghai

The indoor 3D LED display was installed in the Future City of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.

In addition to a giant 700-square-meter LED TV wall at the airport exit, 40 display screens are used to form 8 cubes, all of which are used to simultaneously display vivid, cyberpunk-like 3D video content.

A kitten is playing with a ball in a box

Indoor 3D LED display 960sqm in Italy

In a mall in northern Italy, a 3D indoor LED display is being used on the wall to show a kitten playing with a ball. The shape is vivid and lively, lifelike

P2 indoor 75sqm in Shenzhen

P2 indoor 3D LED 75sqm in Shenzhen

The 3D indoor LED display with a height of 5.3 meters shows us a number of cultural relics such as the four seasons landscape map turn-neck bottle, the multi-colored fish and algae pattern lid jar, and the splendid patterns on the porcelain are presented digitally, which can be experienced even in the physical exhibition. Details, feel the stunning beauty of ancient porcelain up close.

Our product advantages

3D led display

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About Indoor Small Space 3D LED Display

As a leading LED display application and solution provider in the industry, JYLED believes that promoting the development of smart education with advanced LED display technology and educational application solutions can allow more people to enjoy the convenience brought by technology.

Driven by this concept, JYLED actively deploys the field of smart education. With technological innovation and product innovation as its core strength, it has successively developed a series of 3D LED display products and corresponding solutions suitable for indoor use, which can be widely used in conferences. Room, lecture hall, monitoring room, studio, bulletin board, stadium and other indoor places.

With the continuous development of the urban construction process, 3D stereo vision will become a hot spot of recent research in the industry. In order to achieve a better display effect, a 3D naked-eye display is used as a display carrier. In order to achieve the best display effects such as seamless right-angle display and smooth display, the JYLED R&D team has launched LED Show+ after several rounds of design and verification.

With the vigorous development of the 3D glasses-free industry, 2022 will be the second market growth curve. Commercial value, corporate technical strength, and policy support will become the three major drivers of the 3D glasses-free industry.

With the help of 3D naked eye technology, the market value and commercial value of LED outdoor display are further released. However, the industry needs to think deeply about the relationship between creativity, display screen and users, give full play to technical advantages, prevent the “red explosion” phenomenon from flashing by, and win a broader development space.