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JYLED China’s Largest LED Display Manufacturer

We can supply various indoor and outdoor LED products. Because of our strict quality control and considerate service, we give you a better user experience.

You could need an LED display screen for a concert or the outdoor section of your office building. Regardless of your reasons, our catalog covers all. We have also participated in huge projects before, various national government projects etc.

If you are eager to order your first LED display screen from us, take a look at our product page. You’re sure to find the screen type you need!


Advanced Manufacturing Process

JYLED spent a lot of money to purchase SMD machines from South Korea for LED module placement, which can achieve a pitch of 0.9mm that is difficult to achieve in the industry.

It has been repeatedly rated by the media as one of the “Top Ten High-tech LED Manufacturers in the Country” and “Top Ten LED Displays in the Country” ,”Honorary LED Screen Production Manufacturer” and other titles.

factory equipment
SGS certification


JYLED factory has now passed international and domestic dual certification standards. In addition to having SGS, CE and RoHS certifications, we also have passed ISO9001, ISO9001:2015, AS9100D and other industry standard certifications.

JYLED is a professional LED manufacturer in China that can provide high-quality products and services at a lower cost.


Strict Quality Control

From the production to the delivery of the LED display to the customer, we will go through 32 strict testing processes, including the flatness of the LED module beads, the gray scale test of the LED display, the aging of the LED display, etc., to ensure that before leaving the factory. There are no dead lights or broken lights, allowing customers to buy with confidence.

LED module quality inspection

Overview of JYLED factory interior

JYLED has a complete manufacturing chain, including SMT production line, LED module testing, LED display aging, etc.

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