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Grid LED Displays Are Being Tested In Factories

Mesh LED Screen Manufacturer From China

The mesh LED display screen is specifically designed for large and extra-large buildings, serving as an LED display product.

It features a wide range of pixel pitches, ranging from as small as 16mm to as large as 150mm. Its primary function is to transform entire buildings into massive display screens, showcasing captivating visuals.
Key Features:

  • Super lightweight and ultra-thin.
  • Customizable shapes.
  • High protection rating.
  • Flexible control.

Customize Your Ideal Shape and Display with Mesh LED Display Screens

Mesh LED displays are characterized by their easy folding, flexibility, high transparency, and ease of content updates.These features allow you to effortlessly transform buildings into massive screens, displaying various desired visuals.

Whether you want to decorate a building or use it as a gigantic backdrop, it can meet your needs. You can even arrange it into various unique shapes for creative designs.

Various Models of LED Mesh Display Screens

Transparent LED Wall
LED Mesh Screen Outdoor

These screens are suitable for outdoor use and can be seen from a considerable distance, offering strong visual effects.

Transparent LED Film Display
P16 LED Mesh Screen

With a pixel pitch of 16mm, it achieves a brightness of up to 6000nits, ensuring excellent display performance even in bright sunlight.

P20 Flexible LED Curtain Screen
P20 Flexible LED Curtain Screen

This flexible LED curtain screen serves both as a mesh screen and a UV-resistant curtain, providing convenient usage.

LED Mesh Screen 37.5
LED Mesh Screen 37.5

A moderately sized product with high cost-effectiveness, commonly chosen for LED mesh displays.

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Advantages of Mesh LED Display Screens

Pixel Pitch icon
Long viewing distance

With viewing distances ranging from 50 meters to over 1500 meters, they offer the farthest viewing distance among all LED display screen series.

Flexibility icon
Highly flexible

Made of flexible materials, they can be bent, folded, or arranged into various shapes like waves, curves, or cylinders.

light weight icon
Ultra-lightweight and thin

Ranging from 1kg to 4kg per square meter, they are remarkably lightweight.

penetrate icon
Super transparency

Achieving transparency ranging from 85% to 95%, these screens hardly affect the appearance of buildings when not in use.

Simple Installation without Complex Structure Building

Unlike traditional LED displays, mesh LED display screens do not require sturdy steel structures for installation due to their lightweight nature.
Their magnetic design allows for quick assembly, significantly reducing installation time and effort.

Simple Installation Without Complex Structure Building
Mesh LED Display Individually Disassembled

Replacing dead pixels is no longer a headache!

Each node of the mesh LED display screen can be individually disassembled, allowing for easy replacement of faulty pixels.
Additionally, the entire screen can be powered on during operations, facilitating real-time observation and replacement of faulty pixels.

Choose a Professional Mesh LED Display Screen Factory for High-Quality Products

JYLED is a professional mesh LED display screen manufacturer, ensuring all products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee high quality.
Using high-quality materials for both products and accessories, such as standard fireproof aviation plugs, ensures durability and safety.

Choose A Professional Mesh LED Display Screen

Mesh LED Screen for Different Scene

Best LED Mesh Curtain Giant LED Screen
Get JYLED Mesh LED Screen Solution

Please fill in your needs, and we will develop the most suitable solution based on your requirements.

Specifications and modelsP41.7P62.5P83.3P100P150P50
Point sizeΦ19
Type of light sourceSMD3535
Light source angle120°
Pixel composition2RGB
Pixel density576 dots/㎡256 dots/㎡144 dots/㎡100 dots/㎡50 dots/㎡400 dots/㎡
Frame change frequency60FPS
Refresh frequency4000Hz
Input voltageDC12V
Maximum power300W/㎡150W/㎡100W/㎡50W/㎡25W/㎡200W/㎡
Weight5.5KG /㎡3.5KG /㎡2.5KG /㎡1.4KG /㎡1.2KG /㎡4.5KG /㎡
Protection levelIP55
Fire-proof levelV0
Concatenated pixels380px260px220px180px160px320px
Series length6m12m16m20m32m8
How much does a mesh LED display cost?

The price of mesh LED displays varies depending on the model. For example, the price of a P62.5 LED mesh display screen per square meter ranges from 3000 to 4800 CNY. For more information on pricing for different models, please contact us.

Which mesh LED display company is better?

Choosing a professional manufacturer like JYLED ensures product quality and long-term technical support services.

How bright can a mesh LED display achieve?

Brightness levels vary depending on the model. For example, a P50 screen can achieve 2000nits, while a P150 screen can reach up to 250nits.

Can Mesh LED Display Screens Be Used on Curved Buildings?

Yes, mesh LED display screens can be bent, allowing them to be used on curved or irregularly shaped buildings.

Which Offers Better Effects: Mesh LED Displays or Transparent LED Display Screens?

For viewing distances greater than 100 meters, mesh LED display screens are recommended. For closer viewing distances, transparent LED display screens may be preferred for clearer image quality, depending on customer requirements.

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