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Outdoor Fixed LED Display

Outdoor fixed LED displays have become the mainstream of outdoor advertising displays. Everyone who wants to promote their products outdoors will immediately think of outdoor fixed displays.

  •  Long life span
  • Ultra-high brightness, ultra-clear experience
  • Waterproof, dustproof, lightning protection
  • Super high exposure rate, make your advertisement well-known

Application of outdoor fixed LED display

At present, outdoor fixed LED display have basically been spread in every corner of major cities, especially in public places such as squares, stations, and commercial centers with high traffic flow.

Outdoor fixed LED display are widely used, not only for the promotion of outdoor commercial advertising, but also for cultural communication, and even play a certain role in traffic information promotion.

Products related to outdoor fixed LED display

Outdoor 3d Led Display

Create a three-dimensional dynamic picture and give people a strong visual impact. The refresh rate of outdoor 3D led display is as high as 3840hz/s and the resolution is as high as 4K. The video effect is excellent, attracting passersby to watch and leaving a deep impression.

Outdoor Flexible Led Display

Each module of the Outdoor flexible led display can be bent and stretched at will. It has strong flexibility and can adapt to different installation positions. It also has the waterproof and dustproof effect of an outdoor display.

Outdoor Transparent Led Display

Generally installed outside the glass wall of a building, it has a high light transmittance effect and does not affect indoor lighting. It can hide itself well when not lit and will not affect the appearance of the building.

Stage Background Led Display

The cabinet is made of die-cast aluminum, which is light and thin, easy to install and disassemble. The screen can be seamlessly spliced according to needs. After use, it can be transported to the next stage location in an air box for installation and use.

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Outdoor Fixed Led Display Feature Introduce

Long Life Span
Long life span

The normal working life span of the outdoor fixed LED display is 100,000 hours. Even if it works 24 hours a day, it can be used for more than ten years, which is several times that of LCD.


As an outdoor LED display, the outdoor fixed LED display is waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosive, and can prevent common natural weather changes.

High Cost Performance
High cost performance

Compared to large outdoor displays, fixed outdoor LED displays are extremely cost-effective. They not only save costs in installation and operation, but also maintain long-term performance stability.


Outdoor fixed LED display are usually installed with ventilation equipment to cool down, so that the equipment can maintain a suitable operating temperature and operate normally even when working in a high temperature environment.

Advantages of outdoor fixed LED display in outdoor advertising display

In terms of outdoor displays, outdoor fixed LED display has more advantages than LCD.

First of all, in terms of splicing large screens, even if the LCD frame is minimized, there will still be obvious black edges when spliced into a large screen. However, outdoor fixed LED displays can be seamlessly spliced, and the visual effect is better.

Secondly, compared with LCDs that may experience reflections when viewed at a larger viewing angle, outdoor fixed LED display has a larger viewing angle, and the viewing effect is hardly affected by the viewing angle.

Finally, because the LCD can only run or stop working on the entire screen, while each lamp bead of the LED display works independently and can be lit and turned off individually, the power consumption of the outdoor fixed LED display is significantly lower than LCD power consumption.


Outdoor fixed LED display has become a highlight of the city

With the development of science and technology, LED displays have been widely used in outdoor advertising displays. Especially in large cities, you can see a variety of outdoor LED displays shining in the dark, becoming a beautiful landscape in the city. The more LED displays in a region, the more prosperous the region’s economy is.

Among these many LED displays, outdoor fixed LED displays account for the vast majority. And because of its excellent visual experience, ultra-wide audience group, and ultra-high cost performance, it is deeply favored by various advertisers.

JYLED customizes your outdoor solid LED display

Module Production

Every step in JYLED’s customized production of outdoor fixed LED displays is strictly controlled on quality and efficiency.

When your project is confirmed to be put into production, specialized personnel will send the materials required for the production plan to the factory.

After verification, the factory will start producing modules, cabinets, wires, and other materials required for LED displays.

More than 85% of our factory’s production is automated. The production machines are in production 24 hours a day, and more than 10,000 modules are produced every day. There is no need to worry about supply exceeding demand.


When the materials used to assemble outdoor fixed LED display is completed, the materials will be transported to a workshop dedicated to assembling LED displays, and the workshop administrator will arrange for personnel to assemble them.

Aging Test

When the outdoor fixed LED display is assembled, it will be aged and tested. This is the most important step before the LED display is shipped. Only after ensuring that the quality and procedures of the outdoor fixed LED display are qualified, it will be transported to your port.

Different installation methods for outdoor fixed LED displays

Wall Mounted Type
Wall-mounted type

For this type of installation, first consider the load-bearing capacity of the wall. Second, screen size must be considered. If the screen size is smaller, use a cabinet with a front flip-up cover and secure it with screws.

In this way, maintenance personnel can perform maintenance from the front. If the screen size is too large, a structure must be built to support the screen. Generally, there is space behind it to facilitate maintenance personnel.

Column Type
Column type

This installation method is to install the outdoor fixed LED display on the column. Engineers will build a steel structure above the columns to support the LED display.

The columns are made of steel structure and concrete. A small screen only needs one column, while a large screen requires two or more columns to support it.

Roof Type
Roof type

A key factor to consider with this installation method is the impact of the local wind environment. To ensure safety, engineers must design support structures that can withstand the maximum local winds.

The screen body is generally vertical to the ground to reduce the structural load-bearing.

When building a support structure, engineers will also consider whether the structure will damage the original roof structure.

Jyled Outdoor Fixed LED Display
Let JYLED's outdoor fixed LED displays light up your brand image

JYLED has more than 10 years of experience in the LED display industry and has always been trusted by customers for its reliable quality and excellent service. If you have any needs about outdoor LED displays, please consult us.

  • When I told my friend that I wanted to install an outdoor fixed LED display on the roof of the building, he strongly recommended JYLED to me.

    Because I trusted my friend, I chose Jyled. The result is that JYLED is as trustworthy as my friends in terms of quality and service.

  • I want an LED display to hang on the wall of my store to show my brand image. I wanted a good price and a good product, but after consulting multiple suppliers I couldn’t get a suitable solution until I found JYLED. JYLED gave me a very good project plan based on my needs and budget

  • JYLED is a very responsible supplier. They do a very good job in after-sales service and are very patient. They solved many questions for me. As a result, I also have a deeper understanding of LED displays.

What is the best viewing distance for outdoor fixed LED displays?

The best viewing distance of the LED display is related to the pixel pitch. For example, if the pixel pitch of the outdoor fixed LED display you purchased is 8mm, then the best viewing distance for people is 8m, and so on.

Can outdoor fixed LED displays be maintained from the front?

Yes, for LED displays with relatively large pixel pitch, you can use screws to fix the module on the cabinet, so that maintenance personnel can disassemble the LED module in front of the LED display for maintenance work.

What is the grade of outdoor fixed LED display?

IP65. Waterproof and dustproof, it can operate normally outdoors for a long time.

What is the difference between outdoor fixed LED display and outdoor rental LED display?

On the one hand, the outdoor fixed LED display is suitable for being fixed in one place for a long time, and the outdoor rental LED display is suitable for transportation to various places for installation and use.

On the other hand, the price of an outdoor rental LED display is higher than that of an outdoor fixed LED display. Customers can choose according to their own needs or consult us

Is the outdoor fixed LED display clear?

For the video played by the LED display to remain visible under strong sunlight, outdoor fixed LED displays usually feature high brightness. And it can automatically adjust screen brightness according to ambient light.

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