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Mobile LED Display

Mobile LED Display

Choose JYLED mobile LED displays to make your advertising stand out!

JYLED Mobile LED Display Manufacturer in China

Do you want to capture exciting promotional content or unexpected opportunities? Mobile LED display can meet these two needs at the same time, allowing your information to be conveyed to the target audience instantly.

Whether for video playback or as a stage backdrop, JYLED’s mobile LED display manufacturer can meet your needs and adapt to various scenes. Don’t hesitate, order now! Let the mobile LED display screen attract and hold the audience’s attention as quickly as possible.

All products of mobile LED display

Truck LED display

The mobile LED advertising truck display is to install LED displays on both sides of the truck, and then continuously display the advertisement in the eyes of everyone through the movement of the truck.

Taxi Roof LED Display Advertising Car

The taxi roof LED display advertising car is to fix the LED display on the top of the taxi, so that passengers on the taxi can see the advertisement on the LED display at a glance.

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Introduction to the characteristics of mobile LED display

Truck icon

Since mobile LED displays are installed on taxis, buses and other vehicles, the advertisements played can be displayed along the road as the vehicles move.

Flexibility icon

Not limited by space or venue, the vehicle can be driven anywhere to display advertisements.

Diverse Shapes icon

Mobile LED displays can be used in different situations depending on the type. For example, truck LED displays can be used for small stage construction, and bus LED displays can be used to display arrival information.

High Resolution icon

Although the mobile LED display screen is relatively small, it uses high-quality lamp beads, so the displayed image quality is very high-definition, and the photo taking effect is also very good.

Advantages of JYLED mobile LED display

High Cost Performance: Compared with traditional paper advertisements, mobile LED displays are very efficient and practical, whether it is changing content or disseminating information in real time.
Wide Spread Range: There is no limit to the spread range of mobile LED displays. Advertisements can be spread from one area to another along the road through this mobile carrier.

JYLED mobile led display
JYLED mobile led display

Why Choose JYLED Mobile LED Display?

Stable And Reliable: As a professional LED display manufacturer, JYLED Display has produced more than 1,000 mobile LED displays. The first delivered customer has been using it for 3 consecutive years without any problems.

Quality Assurance: If you have any problems with the JYLED mobile LED display, please contact us as soon as possible. We will help you solve the display problems as soon as possible.

JYLED Mobile LED Display Manufacturer

Mobile LED display with length 3.5 meters and height 2.3 meters
A mobile LED display parked outside the factory

JYLED always insists on using advanced production technology and high-quality LED displays to manufacture mobile LED displays, ensuring that product performance is always stable and consistent, and the visual effects are outstanding.

In addition, our company can customize mobile LED displays according to the size, pixels and display effects provided by users, so as to meet the needs of advertising or screen playback in different scenarios.

LED display factory
Customized Services

JYLED can provide a full range of customized services according to different customer needs. From the design and production of advertising content to on-site construction and maintenance, we can provide the most comprehensive services.

LED display after-sales service
After-sales Support

Our after-sales service team has many experienced engineers who can undertake full services and provide full and considerate services from installation to debugging, maintenance and after-sales service.

Mobile LED Display for Different Type

Taxi roof LED display

Taxi Roof LED Display are usually placed on taxis, so they are also called taxi roof LED displays. Passengers can see the advertisement as soon as they look up before boarding the bus. When we usually wait for traffic lights, we can also see advertisements displayed on the roof of the car.

Car Window LED Display

There is a mobile LED display product that is placed in the back seat of the car. Its function is similar to that of a car roof, both of which disseminate more advertising information through LED displays.

Slightly different from the roof display screen, because it is placed at the back of the car, passengers generally cannot see the information on the display screen.

Truck LED display

The mobile LED display can also be inlaid with LED displays on both sides of the car body, so that pedestrians passing by can see the good effect at a glance.

Flexible LED display background
Mobile AdvertisingMakes Your Information Appear Everywhere!

Mobile LED display brings your advertisement close to users and reaches the target audience instantly

  • “The mobile LED display is combined with the car. Whether it is a temporary event or an occasion that requires frequent transitions, I can easily display wonderful images. This is really cool.”

    Honor Galindo
  • “The mobile LED display has excellent picture display effects, which adds special advantages to the effect of the event. It has become an indispensable and important item for me.”

    Porter McCoy
  • friends! Today I would like to recommend this mobile display product to everyone. Whether it is a business event or outdoor advertising, it can be the icing on the cake for your event!

    Bear Thomas
What Types Of Mobile LED Displays Are Waterproof?

There are three types of mobile LED displays: taxi roof LED displays, car window LED displays and truck LED displays. These three types are all waterproof, so they can still be used normally on rainy days.

Does Advertising On Mobile LED Displays Comply With Policy?

Policies promulgated by different regions are different. Taking China as an example, the use of mobile LED displays to play advertisements in China requires reporting to the local government. Other areas can also seek help from their local governments.

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