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LED Totem Advertising Machine Background

LED Totem

LED Totem is a completely independent digital signage display. Its interior, through sophisticated design solutions, provides viewers with high-definition images, effectively conveying information.
On the outside of the LED Totem, there is a sturdy shell that can effectively protect the internal LED modules from external environmental interference, making it more durable to use.

High quality LED totem information display solution

For various existing advertising forms, JYLED configures mature information display solutions through high-quality LED totem, which can help advertisers establish overall planning, thereby improving advertising profitability.

In terms of material configuration, LED totem adopts imported IC and high-protective shell, which enables the product to run stably and efficiently for a long time. If you need to configure the best solution, our professional engineers will also provide you with the greatest help.

LED totem of feature introduction

Led Display Totem

It can be used flexibly according to the scene, can be fixed in a certain place, or can be moved to other places with rollers.

Totem Signage Meaning

The use of anti-glare glass can avoid the problem of blurry information or advertisements when customers watch them.

Totem Led Screen

Lightweight metal shell design, the body is only 15cm thick, which is more beautiful than conventional LED displays.

Outdoor LED Totem Display

The interior adopts modular design principles and maintainability design. In case of failure during use, it can be easily maintained and replaced.

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LED Totem by Application

  • Indoor LED Totem
    Indoor LED Totem

    Indoor LED Totems are composed of indoor LED modules, available in three models: P2.5, P3, and P4. With moderate brightness, they provide softer display images and are suitable for indoor scenarios such as banks, stock halls, and clothing stores.

  • Outdoor LED Totem
    Outdoor LED Totem

    Outdoor LED Totems use waterproof P4 modules, thus possessing high brightness, strong waterproof performance, and clever design solutions that can effectively prevent outdoor rain and dust erosion of the screen.

Advantages of LED Totem

Cluster Control
4G Control

4G control solutions support the digital information or advertisement updates of single or multiple LED Totems simultaneously, making it very suitable for scenarios that require simultaneous control of multiple LED Totems.

Wide Viewing Angle
Wide Viewing Angle

Special LED module panel splicing makes it different from traditional displays in terms of viewing angles. High-definition images can be enjoyed from any angle when viewing the LED Totem.

light adjust icon
Tempered Glass Protection

To enhance the protection of the LED Totem, we add tempered glass to protect the display module, further enhancing the product’s durability.

Wifi Control Icon
Ease of Use

LED Totems are shipped as a complete set. Customers can use them without manual assembly upon receiving the goods; they just need to unfold the bracket hidden in the LED Totem cabinet.

A Brand-New Design Concept for Optimal Advertising Effects

The LED Totem display screen adopts a brand-new design concept, which allows for simpler and easier replacement of advertisements compared to traditional display racks. It helps advertisers, store managers, and design teams showcase more creative advertisements.

Whether used as creative displays in stores or for advertising purposes, it can excellently help you accomplish your tasks.

LED Totem
LED Totem Advertising Machine Front Details

Flexible Display Methods to Enhance Store Atmosphere

LED Totems allow you to freely splice. You can splice up to six LED Totems together to form a larger picture. Of course, if you want each of the six LED Totems to display different images independently, it’s completely feasible.

This flexible display effect can not only be more comfortable and free to create their own perfect display form, but also better enhance the atmosphere of the store, thereby increasing the sales of the store.

Dynamic Content Display for Quick Highlights Communication

With its enormous visual impact, LED Totems can quickly catch people’s attention. Additionally, they have the following features:

  • Replace traditional poster displays with dynamic content presentations.
  • Quickly replace displayed advertisements without frequent manual operations.
  • Enhance the atmosphere of scenes through dynamic displays.
Led Totem Display

LED Totem Makes The City More Intelligent

Outdoor Led Totem
Totem Led

In outdoor media, advertising has become a part of people’s lives. Advertisers display advertisements by playing wonderful pictures. When the eyes of people passing by are caught, the effect of advertising is achieved.

Traditional advertising methods cannot meet personalized needs, and each event must be reorganized, which requires a lot of financial and material resources.

And because the themes are different, previously used promotional materials can only be discarded, which is also unfavorable from an environmental point of view.

New advertising is no longer limited to paper promotion and LED light box display. Advertisers have been exploring simple and environmentally friendly promotion methods. It is against this background that LED totems were used.

Totem Screen
Intelligent cluster management and control

Through the intelligent cloud control system, batch content replacement can be achieved, eliminating the need to manually replace content as before.

It embodies an intelligent and humanized operation method and solves the pain points of content replacement in the past.

Totem Led
Multi-cascade screen unified playback

The LED totem display can not only implement a variety of different playback methods on a single product, but can also combine multiple LED totem displays for display.

This is a feature that other similar display devices do not have.

Suitable Scenarios for LED Totems

Totem Led Screens

LED Totems have great potential in information dissemination. They can be moved to any street to synchronously display the latest news information and real-time data such as weather and temperature.

Outdoor Totem Display

The platform is not only a place for people to rest and wait for the bus, but also needs to pay attention to the departure and arrival time of the vehicle in real time.

The LED totem only needs to be connected to the vehicle dynamic query system to display the vehicle’s departure time and arrival time in real time, providing great convenience to people waiting for the bus.

Outdoor Totem Displays
Waiting room

Placing LED totems in the middle of the seats in the waiting room can attract the attention of passengers waiting to board the bus through wonderful video images, thus achieving good advertising exposure.

Trade Shows
Trade Shows

Display your latest products and corporate culture information with high-definition and high-brightness LED Totems, making your booth stand out at trade shows. After the trade show ends, while others are busy dismantling and building display racks, we can either push them away directly or collect and relocate them.


With a stylish and modern appearance and customizable display images, LED Totems can be placed in stores to decorate them and make them look more beautiful and atmospheric.

Led Screen Totem
LED totem display application solution

Consult us today for the latest application solutions.

Cabinet materialAluminum / glass / iron
Appearance colorwhite/red/black / silver and support customized
Memory typeUSB/ HDMI / DVI
Playback type9:16
Internal memory4-8GB
Range of useOutdoor & indoor
Resolution2K & 4K
Brightness2000-5500 CD/m²
NetworkLAN, Wi-Fi, 4G
Autostart functionSupport
  • “The LED totem advertising machine is a very ideal way of advertising. By adding rollers on the bottom, I can easily move it to many different places.”

    Agnes Davy
  • “I run a chain of shopping malls and have many stores that need to display some promotional advertisements simultaneously. The use of LED totems allows me to publish advertisements in batches through Wi-Fi, which is very convenient to use.”

    Derrick Bill
  • “After using many products, I still feel that LED totem is the best because it is of good quality and can display different contents on a split screen, a feature that other products do not have.”

    Candice Luke
What is a LED totem display?

The LED totem is a new generation of intelligent display equipment. It forms a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and carries out advertising through multimedia materials such as pictures, text, and videos.

How to Install LED Totems?

If you choose the wheeled style, it usually can be used directly without installation. If you need to fix it in a specific place, you can use screws to fix it through the holes reserved in the base.

Can I Wifi Control Multiple LED Totems?

Yes, we can control multiple LED totems via Wifi based solution.

How Are LED Totems Transported?

The weight and height of LED Totems make them more suitable for transportation by sea, which is also more cost-effective.

Can LED Totems Display on Both Sides?

By default, LED Totems display on one side only. If you want them to display on both sides, additional customization is required. Please contact us for suitable customization solutions.

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