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Kystar LED control SoftWare Download

Kystar LED Control SoftWare Download

Kystar Kommander Z1

Kommander Z1

Kommander Z1 can be used with the multi-port output graphics card of the server to achieve automatic multi-channel splicing output, and there is no restriction on channels during the splicing and fusion process.

We provide the latest Kommander broadcast control video tutorial. If you encounter related technical questions when using it, you can contact us.
Technical service support phone number: +86-18194008015

Kystar Software & Manual Free Download

Kystar KS600
KS600 supports 3 channels of high-definition video signal input, dual network ports with a load capacity of 130w, a maximum width of 1920, and a maximum height of 1200. JYLED provides the latest KS600 user application manual for download.
On the basis of KS600, KS880 increases the load capacity of network ports, with a load capacity of 260w for 4 network ports.JYLED provides the latest KS880 user application manual for download.
The difference between KS910 and KS880 is that it has a new three-screen arbitrary layout, which can more easily complete the centralized control of the stage main screen and side screen, and supports 4K ultra-high-definition signal processing. JYLED provides the latest KS910 user application manual for download.
KSV2 supports 1 HDMI signal and 2 DVI signals. The dual network ports carry 130w, with a maximum width of 4096 and a maximum height of 4096.JYLED provides the latest KSV2 user application manual for download.
KSV2U supports point-to-point display, and supports synchronous and asynchronous modes and U disk playback. The dual network ports can carry up to 130W. JYLED provides the latest KSV2U user manual for download.
It supports 4 channels of high-definition video signal input and 4 channels of network port output, and supports configuration retransmission and configuration readback, and can be maintained without a host.JYLED provides the latest KSV4 user manual for download.
Kystar LED Control
Pandora Editor

Pandora Editor

Pandora Editor is an excellent LED display software launched by Kystar, which has the following functions:

  • Multi-screen special-shaped reorganization and splicing, simulating the actual layout, what you see is what you get
  • Multi-screen layout can be divided into any split-screen layout, and can be switched at once
  • Splash screen/border special effects overlay to achieve running screen effect and render atmosphere
  • Light library/MIDI/timecode and other methods to achieve sound, light and electricity linkage

Video Processor Software

Supports the debugging of Kstar all-in-one video control equipment, sending cards, receiving cards, and multi-function cards.
The unique wizard screen adjustment method, combined with the LED controller software, allows for quick and easy debugging in the set environment.

Video Processor Software

kystar logo

Beijing Kystar Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional ultra-high-definition video display and control integrated solution provider and operation service provider, dedicated to the technological innovation of professional video processing chips and display and control integrated management platforms, and provides professional display Control products and technical solutions.

The company’s core competitiveness is strong technology accumulation and sustainable R&D capabilities; perfect product line and industry solution capabilities; significant scale competitive advantages and a global marketing service network.

Founded in 2011, the company has three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Hunan Bowan Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Leader Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and Leader Vision (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.

At present, 34 service outlets have been set up at home and abroad, and several outlets in North America and Europe are under preparation. Independent research and development of Kommander broadcast control system, LED video processing equipment, LED full-color control system, etc., to provide professional software and hardware products and complete system solutions for global users.

Keystar Technology has three R&D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Changsha. The core R&D personnel are all graduated from domestic first-class universities (Tsinghua University, Beihang University, and other 985 colleges and universities), and have obtained doctoral or master’s degrees in video image processing. , electronic design, and other fields with decades of research and development experience. The company has obtained some domestic and foreign certifications such as 3C, FCC, CE, and Rohs, and obtained some invention patents.

Kystar, a prominent company specializing in LED screen solutions, offers a wide range of software options for debugging and controlling LED screens. Two popular software packages provided by Kystar are Kommander and the KYSTAR control system, which are extensively utilized on a daily basis.

Kommander is a user-friendly software designed to simplify the debugging process of LED screens. It provides comprehensive functionality for users to fine-tune the performance of LED displays, allowing them to efficiently identify and address any technical issues or anomalies.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Kommander empowers users to optimize the visual quality, color calibration, and overall performance of LED screens, resulting in enhanced viewer experiences.

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