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Frequently Asked Question About JYLED

General Questions

What does "P" in the LED display mean?

The letter P is an abbreviation for “pixel pitch“, also known as dot pitch and pitch.

It refers to the distance from the center of one lamp bead to the center of the adjacent lamp bead in the LED display, in millimeters.

How to calculate the price of LED display?

Just like assembling a computer, LED displays involve many details. For example, some are installed outdoors and must be waterproof, while others are installed indoors, and waterproofing is not so important, but the price of the two is very different.

Therefore, there is no way to directly give a specific price, you need to discuss in detail, you can send your needs to us by email: sale20@sz-ledscreen.com

About JYLED LED display manufacturing

How big is your factory?

We have a factory area of 80,000 square meters, with a complete production line from PCB to module production to the entire LED screen assembly.

How many employees do you have in your factory?

Our factory has a total of more than 320 people from assembly to sales, including 20 R&D and production personnel and 50 sales personnel.

After Order

What is the delivery time of your products?

Depending on the product, it usually takes 3-7 days for routine products and 15-20 days for customized products.

How are products shipped?

We usually use sea transportation, but if the customer’s needs are urgent, we can also use air transportation.

About After Sales Service

How long is the warranty of your products?

All our products have a 2-3 years warranty and 100,000 hours lifetime maintenance.

What should I do if I want to debug the LED display?

You can contact us online and we will provide remote assistance and telephone guidance.

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