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LED Poster Screen Background

LED Poster Display

The LED Poster display can realize multiscreen splicing and can be disassembled at will, making your advertising more flexible.

  • Multi-screen sharing
  • HD display advertising effect
  • Mobile Wi-Fi control
  • Flight case packaging is convenient for transportation

What is LED Poster Display?

LED Poster display is a smart LED display, also called digital poster LED display and LED digital poster screen, is widely used in rental and commercial displays to replace traditional folding banners.

Our LED digital poster series is designed to provide attention-grabbing, high-contrast images at almost any viewing distance with a 3mm pixel pitch, which can deliver vibrant and colorful content visualization for viewing from 6 to 8 meters. We also offer P2 and P2.5 LED posters to meet different applications.

There are more advantages to advertising campaigns based on video and dynamic content display compared to traditional outdoor advertising media. To help you get the best equipment, Visual LED has developed digital poster screens to display high-quality video and image advertising.

LED Poster Different Types

Smart LED Poster
Smart LED Poster
  • Custom made & slim aluminum frame and high precision cabinet design
  • Only 1mm and 2mm for connecting together with good contents
Indoor Digital LED Poster
Indoor Digital LED Poster
  • LED display poster is easy  transport with wheels on bottom
  • The LED poster display  is also light weight design with 30kg per piece
Outdoor LED Poster
Outdoor LED Poster
  • Outdoor LED poster high refresh rate and perfect visual performance
  • Built-in video processor for outdoor LED poster display a 16:9 golden ratio screen
Double Side LED Poster
Double Side LED Poster
  • Can display images on both sides at the same time, fully covering the crowd
  • Anti-glare design makes the display clearer and more natural
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Advantages of LED Poster Display

Plug And Play
Plug and Play

The LED poster display comes with a variety of different input interfaces. When we need to play content, we can connect to the USB input port and play the media information in the USB through the LED poster display.

Curved Led Display Wall Waterproof
Front Waterproofing

Regardless of whether it is an indoor series or an outdoor series of LED poster displays, the front has a certain degree of waterproof capability. However, the outdoor LED poster display is additionally customized, so it is more waterproof.

Active Icon
Flexible Control Methods

In addition to updating content through external devices such as USB and network cables, content can also be updated wirelessly through WiFi, 4G networks, etc.

Airbox packing icon
Flight Case Packing

The LED poster display is packaged through the flight case, making transportation more convenient and fast. When it is necessary to move to other places for use, it can be pushed away directly.

Step 1 - Determine your plan and frequency of use

Since the LED poster screen is a customized product, the customer’s plan will completely affect its final display effect.

Scene Selection

When used in different scenarios, the price will be different after the product is customized. For the same model, the price of outdoor LED poster screens will always be higher than that of indoor poster screens, so if you plan to use it indoors, you can give priority to indoor LED poster screens.

If it is semi-outdoor, outdoor or indoor or outdoor use, it is recommended to choose outdoor LED poster display directly.

Usage Frequency

LED poster screens, like LED rental screens, are very easy to install and move. If it is only for one-time use, you can choose to rent it from some companies that have purchased LED poster screens. For example, when supermarkets hold temporary events or temporary advertisements are played at exhibitions, it is more cost-effective to rent rather than buy.

Of course, if you want to use it for a long time or for a long time, the rental price usually exceeds the price of the product itself. At this time, it is obviously more cost-effective to buy it directly.

The Factory Is Testing The Effect Of LED Poster Display
LED Poster Display Module Introductions

Step 2 - Choose appropriate functions(cooling capacity, brightness) based on budget

After determining the usage scenario and frequency of use, the next step is to select appropriate parameters.

For example, if it is used indoors, but the highest configuration is selected, although there will not be much problem in using it, the point is that the cost of the highest configuration is too high, and the final price is difficult for customers to bear.

If we just want to use it indoors, we can choose a brightness of 800-1000 nits, and because it is used indoors, it generally does not require very high waterproof performance, so we can configure the most affordable product based on the environment.

If you want to use it outdoors, then there are many factors that we need to consider. The most important point is heat dissipation. Just imagine, it would be unbearable for a person to be exposed to the sun for a long time with a high temperature of more than 30 degrees Celsius, let alone a machine that needs to be constantly running.

Therefore, outdoor LED poster screens usually have multiple heat dissipation holes on the back, which can effectively dissipate the heat from the cabinet under the operation of the internal high-power fan. Secondly, the LED modules of outdoor LED poster screens are waterproof and high temperature resistant, so the price will be relatively more expensive than outdoor ones.

Step 3-Whether to install auxiliary accessories

The LED poster display has some auxiliary accessories that can be selected according to customer requirements. For example, when we want to display the current temperature, humidity and other information in real time, we need to install a temperature sensor, which can update the displayed temperature in real time based on the current temperature.

Generally, there will be a layer of protective glue on the surface of the LED poster screen, such as acrylic board, glass, etc. You can also choose whether to install it or not. If it is an outdoor LED poster display, it is not recommended to install glass. Although the surface is more waterproof, it may affect the heat dissipation of the screen.

Factory Placed LED Poster Screen

Poster LED display advantages introduction

Multiple LED Poster Displays Are Connected

Digital LED poster display has excellent image display effect, greater bright colors, and brightness is 4 times that of LCD digital poster screen and LED rear projection display, making the display effect more powerful.

Outdoor P3 LED Poster
Waterproof Die-cast Aluminum

JYLED digital poster display is made of waterproof die-cast aluminum alloy material, with strong waterproof performance, ultra-thin design and stylish appearance. The thickness of the whole machine is only 40cm, and it supports customization of color and back cover.

Different Installation Methods Of LED Poster Display

LED posters have three different installation methods: floor-standing, wall-mounted, and ceiling-mounted. If it is wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, it is recommended to use an LED poster screen with a die-cast aluminum box, which saves time and effort during installation.

Supports Multiple Splicing Methods

The LED poster display has reserved a lot of interfaces and supports a variety of different creative splicing methods, such as multiple side-by-side splicing, creative shape splicing, etc.

LED Poster for a Variety of Application Scenarios

LED Poster Screens Placed In Retail Stores
Retail Stores

Retail stores are high-frequency places that use LED poster displays, which can not only play advertisements repeatedly. If you need to play special product or promotional product information at a specific time, you can change it at any time via mobile phone or Wi-Fi.

LED Poster Screens Placed In Hotel
Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels or restaurants usually require larger LED displays to display content. Although the area of a single digital LED poster display is not large, we can splice multiple digital LED poster displays to form a larger screen.

The LED Poster Screen Used At The Exhibition Plays Company Advertisements
Trade Show

The LED poster display has reserved a variety of screw hole positions, and we can choose different installation methods to attract the attention of potential users at the exhibition.

LED Poster displays
Fully customize your exclusive LED poster display

JYLED specializes in customizing and producing LED displays for various application scenarios. Submit your request online, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • In the past, I had to change the content of the poster display rack every time I needed to do promotional activities. Now I can easily control the content display using my mobile phone.

    Earl Valentine
  • After I used LED poster screens in my store, the store looked more beautiful and fashionable. It has become a decoration in my store.

    Burke Susanna
  • I didn’t pay attention to the model when I bought it. I bought it a little larger. When I look closely at it, I can see the tiny lamp beads, so for indoor use, you must buy a smaller model.

    Curitis Felix
Is the LED poster display easy to install?

Yes, the difference between the LED poster display and other LEDs is that the LED poster display comes as a complete set. After you receive the product, you can plug it in and use it, without the need for additional assembly.

What is the energy-saving effect of digital LED poster ?

Digital LED posters use self-illuminating LED lamp beads, while LCDs rely on backlights to emit light, so they consume less energy.

In addition, the digital LED poster uses a low-voltage DC power supply. Compared with display devices that use high-voltage current, low-voltage current is definitely more energy-saving than high-voltage current.

Where are LED poster mirrors mainly used?

As a new segmented product in LED, LED poster screen can meet the needs of supermarkets, specialty stores, exhibition halls, corporate halls, performance venues, and events with its slim design, flexible screen display, intelligent cluster control, and other characteristics. Scenario needs such as conference venues and digital cinemas.

Are there outdoor LED poster screens?

Yes, there is an outdoor version of the LED poster screen, which has better waterproof performance and higher brightness.

What control system does the LED poster display use?

Currently, JYLED poster display uses a Huidu control system. We can click on the Huidu software to download the corresponding control software to debug the display.

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