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LED Poster displays
LED Poster Display

LED Poster Panel

The poster LED display is the ideal solution for rental, retail, restaurant, transportation, and countless other applications.

Designed with versatility in mind, the a series comes with a floor stand, wall mount, hardware for hanging, and multiple displays can be cascaded together.

poster LED display

LED Poster Product Categories

LED Poster, as a smart LED display, also called digital roll-up LED display and LED digital poster screen, is widely used in rental and commercial displays to replace traditional folding banners.

Our LED digital poster series is designed to provide attention-grabbing, high contrast images at almost any viewing distance with 3mm pixel pitch, which can deliver vibrant and colorful content visualization for viewing from 6-8 meters. We also offer P2 and P2.5 LED posters to meet different applications.

There are more advantages in advertising campaigns based on video and dynamic content display compared to traditional outdoor advertising media. To help you get the best equipment, Visual LED has developed digital poster screens to display high quality video and image advertising.

led poster frame

Poster LED Display Introduction

The poster LED display can realize multi-screen splicing and can be disassembled at will, making your advertising more flexible.

  • Multi-screen sharing
  • HD display advertising effect
  • Mobile WiFi control
  • Flight case packaging is convenient for transportation

LED Poster Different Types (3)

Poster LED display advantages introduction

Bright Colors Attract Viewers
Bright Colors
LED posters use high-quality LED lamp beads, and the brightness is 4 times that of LCD digital poster screens and LED rear-projection displays; higher color saturation makes the videos and images displayed on the screen clearer, more natural, and visually impactful Bigger and better to display or promote your products.
Simple Aluminum Alloy Design Cabinet
Simple Aluminum Alloy Design
High-end aluminum alloy material, ultra-thin design, the thickness of the whole machine is only 40cm, and the appearance is more fashionable and beautiful; the active cooling system ensures that the LED poster display is more energy-saving than traditional screens when running for a long time; a variety of body colors and customized logos are available for selection.
Various Control Methods
Various Control Methods
The built-in Novastar Control media player can be updated through data transmission methods such as Wi-Fi, network cable, USB and HDMI. Built-in 4G storage space supports a variety of video and image formats; it can be operated through the APP to replace wireless devices anytime and anywhere.
Light And Thin, Convenient To Install In Various Ways
Light And Thin, Convenient To Install In Various Ways
A mirror LED display weighs only 35 kg, and has multiple mounting holes reserved for easy installation, fixing, and movement. It supports ceiling mounting, wall mounting, seat mounting and diagonal support to meet the installation requirements of various application scenarios.
Multi-Screen Cascading For A Novel Visual Experience
Multi-Screen Cascading
The laminated LED backlit posters are available in different modes such as puzzle, mirroring, and split-screen. They are colorful and match a variety of scenes, making them more attractive to customers.
Multiple Applications
Multiple Applications
Advertising platform suitable for exhibition centers, reception halls, movie posters, shopping malls, catering industry, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, digital poster displays, shop window posters, chain stores, real-time video and other scenarios; used for issuing emergency notifications , instant messaging, shopping guide information and supporting service information, etc.


Where is the LED poster mirror LED screen mainly used?

LED poster mirror LED screens are usually used in commercial advertising, exhibitions, event promotions, interior decoration and other occasions. Here are some common uses:

1. Retail stores and commercial advertising

Mirror LED screens can be used to display product advertisements in stores to attract customers’ attention. In addition, it can also be used for advertising in public places such as shopping malls and shopping malls.

2. Exhibitions and events

LED poster mirror LED screen can be used as the background or display area of exhibitions and event venues. Exhibitors can use LED mirror displays to showcase their brands, products or services to attract the audience’s attention.

3. Interior decoration

Mirror LED screens can be matched with the indoor environment to display artwork, dynamic graphics or interactive content, enhancing the visual effect and atmosphere of the space.

4. Media advertising

There is an outdoor-specific product for the mirror LED screen. It has high brightness and good visibility. It can be clearly seen no matter day or night, and the display effect is particularly excellent.

In general, LED poster mirror LED screen has broad application prospects in various commercial and display situations because it can attract the attention of customers and pedestrians, convey information, and enhance brand image.

Are there outdoor LED poster screens?

Yes, there is also an outdoor LED poster screen specifically for outdoor use, and the price will be higher than the indoor one.

Outdoor LED poster screens usually have the following characteristics:

1. Automatic brightness adjustment

Since it needs to adapt to day and night use, the outdoor LED poster screen has a built-in light sensor that can adjust as the light changes.

2. Waterproof and dustproof

The outdoor LED poster screen adopts special waterproof and dustproof technology to ensure that the equipment can work normally in rain, snow, dust and other weather conditions.

3. Strong durability

The outdoor LED poster screen adopts a closed structure and high-quality temperature control materials, which can withstand extreme weather conditions such as high temperature and low temperature.

4. Energy saving

The outdoor LED poster screen uses energy-saving LED lamp beads and energy efficiency optimization technology to reduce energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment.

What are the main types of LED poster screens?

There are mainly the following types of LED poster screens, which are suitable for different indoor and outdoor scenes:

1. Indoor: Indoor LED poster screens usually use smaller pixel pitch to provide higher resolution and clearer image effects. Common indoor LED poster screen pixel pitches are P1.2, P1.5, P1.9, etc., which are suitable for use in retail stores such as clothing stores and jewelry stores.

2. Semi-outdoor: Semi-outdoor LED poster screen is a type between indoor and outdoor. It has high brightness, but its waterproof performance is weak, so it cannot be used directly outdoors and requires a waterproof barrier. The pixel pitch is generally between P2.5 and P4, which is suitable for semi-outdoor billboards, shopping malls, sports venues and other places.

3. Outdoor: The outdoor LED poster screen has high brightness, strong waterproof and dustproof performance, durability and reliability, and can be used in various outdoor environments. Such as billboards, stations, sports venues, etc.

It is necessary to select the appropriate LED poster screen type according to the specific application requirements and on-site environment to ensure the best display effect and performance.

What is a smart LED poster display?

Smart LED poster screen refers to an LED poster screen that integrates intelligent functions. Traditional LCD poster screens are mainly used for static advertising displays, while smart LED poster screens incorporate various technologies to enable them to achieve more functions and improve user experience.

The main features of smart LED poster displays include:

Multimedia playback: Smart LED poster screens can support the playback of multiple media formats, including pictures, videos, audio, etc., and can play dynamic advertising content to attract the audience’s attention and improve advertising effects.

Data statistics and analysis: The smart LED poster display can collect data through integrated sensors and software systems, such as the number of views, viewing duration, etc., for data statistics and analysis. This helps advertisers understand the effectiveness of their ads and audience response, so they can make further optimizations and improvements.

Remote management and control: The smart LED display can be remotely managed and controlled via the Internet. Advertisers can update advertising content, monitor device status, adjust brightness and volume, etc. through network connections to manage content conveniently and quickly.

Targeted Advertising: Some smart LED displays can serve targeted ads based on the viewer’s characteristics and interests. This provides a more personalized advertising experience, increasing the effectiveness and return of advertising.

The launch of smart LED poster displays makes advertising displays more intelligent and personalized, bringing better experience and effects to advertisers and audiences.

How much is the price of LED poster display?

The price of an LED display poster varies based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the following:

1. Size: The digital led posters price is related to its size. Generally speaking, the price of the large-size LED poster display is relatively high, and the price of the small-size LED poster display is relatively low.

2. Pixel pitch: The pixel pitch determines the resolution and image quality of the led poster lights. Smaller pixel pitch usually means higher resolution and clearer images, but it will also lead to an increase in digital led poster price.

3. Brightness: The brightness level of the led wall poster will also affect the price, and the high-brightness LED poster display is usually more expensive.

4. Functions and features: If the LED posters display is equipped with more smart functions, touch screen functions, remote management functions, etc., it will also have an impact on the price.

5. Brands and manufacturers: Different brands and manufacturers of poster LED screen prices may vary.

The specific price of the poster LED screen will be affected by the above factors. However, based on three years of sales data, we have calculated a price range. Taking the P2.5 LED poster display price as an example, its led poster price is between Between 2055-2740$(When the exchange rate of RMB to USD is 7.3).

If you have specific needs for LED display posters, it is recommended to contact JYLED LED display manufacturer for consultation and quotation.

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