Poster LED Screen

The LED poster Series is engineered with Multi-Color LEDs that deliver industry-leading reliability and performance.

The A Series poster is the ideal solution for rental, retail, restaurant, transportation, and countless other applications.

Engineered with versatility in mind, the A series comes with a floor stand, wall mount, hardware for hanging, and multiple displays can be cascaded together.

LED Poster screen
LED Poster different Types
LED poster screen
iPhone-style LED Poster

  • Custom made & slim aluminum frame and high precision cabinet design
  • Only 1mm and 2mm for connecting together with good contents
LED Poster screen
Indoor Digital LED Poster
  • LED poster display is easy transport with wheels on bottom
  • The LED poster is also light weight design with 30kg per piece
LED Poster screen-
Outdoor Poster LED
  • High refresh rate and perfect visual performance
  • Built-in video processor for led poster display a 16:9 golden ratio screen
LED Poster Product Categories

Digital LED Poster, as a smart LED display, also called digital roll-up led display, is widely used in rental and commercial displays to replace traditional folding banners.

Our digital led poster series are designed to provide attention-grabbing, high contrast images at nearly any viewing distance with 3mm pixel pitch, which can delivers vibrant and colorful content visualization for viewing from 6-8 meters. We also offer P2 and P2.5 led poster to meet different applications.

There are more advantages in advertising campaigns based on displaying videos and dynamic content compared to traditional outdoor advertising media. In order to help you to get the best equipment, Visual Led has created digital poster screens to showcase high quality video and image advertising.

Latest LED Poster Projects We Finished
LED Poster screen case
LED Poster screen case
LED Poster screen case

Bright Colors Attract Viewers

LED Posters using high-Quality LEDs, the brightness reaches ≥1000CD/㎡, which is 4 times of LCD Digital Posters and LED rear projection; higher color saturation, making the screen video image clearer, more natural, delicate, visually impact more substantial, will be better at publicizing your product.

Digital LED Poster Bright Colors Attract Viewers


Simple Aluminum Alloy Design Cabinet

The high-end aluminum alloy material and ultra-thin design make the appearance of the whole machine more beautiful, the thickness is only 40cm; Active cooling, ensures the LED Poster Display can operate safely for a long time, which is more energy efficient than traditional screens; a variety of body colors and custom LOGO is available.

Simple Aluminum Alloy Design Cabinet


Various Control Methods

Update the built-in Novastar Control media player’s playback content via Wi-Fi, USB, and HDMI. Built-in 4G storage space, supports all video and image formats; wireless devices can be changed through the APP operation, anytime, anywhere.

Various Control Methods


Light And Thin, Convenient To Install In Various Ways

The weight of a single Mirror LED Display is only 35kg. It has a designed mounting hole position, which is convenient for installation and fixing, moving, or screen cascading. It also supports lifting, wall mounting, seat mounting, and diagonal bracing to meet the installation requirements of various application scenarios.

Light and Thin Convenient To Install In Various Ways

Multi-Screen Cascading For A Novel Visual Experience

Cascading LED Backlit Poster lights creatively launched the puzzle mode, mirror mode, and split-screen mode, colorful with a variety of scenarios, more novelty to attract customers.

Multi Screen Cascading For A Novel Visual Experience

Multiple Applications

Applicable to exhibition centers, shopping centers, catering industry, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, store window posters, chain stores, reception halls, led movie posters, real-time videos, etc., for advertising platforms; the release of urgent notifications and instant messages; the release of shopping guide information and supporting service information; promotion platform and brand demonstration window.

LED poster Multiple Applications

Video case show of LED poster screen

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