Colorlight is a high-tech company that takes video processing algorithms as the core and hardware equipment as the carrier to provide customers with professional display control products in the field of video images. Relying on advanced core technologies, following the development of technologies and applications, and continuously empowering related industries.

The core team comes from top universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University. There are a group of senior experts and first-class teams in software, hardware, and embedded technology. They have core technologies and products in the fields of LED large-screen control systems, image processing, and cloud-connected playback.

With the continuous iterative development of chip technology and video image technology, 4K and 8K applications from HD to UHD are becoming more and more extensive. Colorlight combines optics, image processing, and cloud networking technologies to continuously launch world-competitive products.

Colorlight products are widely used in various video images such as celebrations, competitive events, conferences, exhibitions, monitoring and scheduling, TV broadcasts, performance stages, commercial advertisements, information releases, creative displays, smart cities, and virtual shooting all over the world. In the display field, it provides a variety of comprehensive solutions for many users.

Colorlight’s service network is all over the world, with multiple R&D centers, marketing service centers in Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Chengdu, the United States, the Netherlands and other places, as well as hundreds of service outlets all over the world, and hundreds of technical service engineers for all parts of the world. Provide professional and efficient technical services to customers.

Colorlight LED control SoftWare Download List

iSet V5.0 Release Notes
LEDVISION V8.0 Release Notes
iSet V4.5 Release Notes
Calibration Pro V5.2 Release Notes
PlayerMaster V1.4 Release Notes
LEDUpgrade V3.6 Release Notes
LEDAssistant_apk V4.3.5 Release Notes
CCloud_apk Release Notes
LEDVISION V7.2 Release Notes
LEDVISION V7.0 Release Notes
LEDVISION V6.9 Release Notes
LEDVISION V6.8 Release Notes
LEDVISION V6.6 Release Notes
LEDVISION V6.5 Release Notes
LEDVISION V6.0 Release Notes
LEDVISION V5.0 Release Notes
LEDVISION V4.2 Release Notes
PlayerMaster V1.2 Release Notes
iSet V4.2 Release Notes
iSet V4.1 Release Notes
iSet V4.0 Release Notes
iSet V3.6 Release Notes
iSet V3.5 Release Notes
iSet V3.2 Release Notes
iSet V3.1 Release Notes
Calibration Pro V4.5 Release Notes
LEDUpgrade V3.2 Release Notes
Calibration Pro V3.2 Release Notes