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Colorlight SoftWare Download

Colorlight SoftWare Download


LEDVISION Software Download

  1. Flexible design concept, compatible with all Colorlight products.
  2. The debugging interface is clear and concise, supports a variety of playback and debugging functions, and has excellent performance.
  3. Suitable for 500+ models of driver ICs, and can debug different types of LED displays.
  4. Professional media playback solution. Able to play various file formats, perfectly meeting various needs in different occasions.

Video Processors

Video Splicer

X100 User Manual V1.2D16 Spefication V1.0
D9 Spefication V1.0D16?D9 User Manual V1.2

Super Processor

Z8tSpecificationV2.0Z8t/Z8i User Manual V1.0Z8 Specification V1.6
Z8 User Manual V1.0Z6 PRO-G2 Specification V1.3Z6 PRO-G2 User Manual V1.0
Z6 Specification V2.2Z6 User Manual V2.2Z4F Specification V2.1
Z5 Specification V1.0Z5UserManualV1.0Z4 Pro Specification V1.0

Professional Processor

X20 SpecificationV2.0X20 User Manual V2.0X16E SpecificationV1.1
X16E User Manual V1.1X12 Specification V1.2X12 User Manual V1.2
X7 SpecificationV1.6X6 SpecificationV1.6X6/X7 User ManualV1.4
X4s Specification V1.3X2s Specification V1.3X2s/X4s User Manual V1.3


iSet User Manual V5.0

LED screen Control System


S20 SpecificationV2.1S20 User Manual V2.2S20F SpecificationV1.1
S20F User Manual V1.1S6F Specification V1.2S6F User Manual V1.2
S4 Specification V2.3S4 User Manual V2.2S2 (Controller) SpecificationV1.2
S2 (Controller) UserManualV1.2S2 (Sending Card) SpecificationV3.2S2 (Sending Card) UserManualV3.2

Receiving Card

HC5 Specifications V2.0.0RV5000 Specifications V1.0.0i10 Specification V2.1.0
i9+ Specification V4.2.2i9 Specification V1.4.1i8 Specification V1.0.2
i5+ Specification V2.3.2i5 Specification V2.1.2K10 Specification V2.1.0
K9+ Specification V3.1.1K8SpecificationV1.0.2K5+ Specification V4.2.1
5A-75E Specification V8.2.2E320 Specification V2.3.2
E120 Specification V1.1.0E80 Specification V4.2.1


H10Fix Specification V1.2H10FN SpecificationV1.5
H10FN2 SpecificationV1.4H2F Specification V1.5
iM9-Specification V2.1SSR-TEMP-Specification V1.2
SSR-L29-Specification V1.3SSR-L29-Specification V1.2
SSR-L16-Specification V1.2

Calibration System

CCM6000 Specification V1.6


LEDVISION User ManualLEDUpgrade User Manual


Cloud Player

A200 Specification V2.1A100 Specification V3.1A200?A100UserManualV1.0
C3 Pro Specification V2.1.1C3 Pro User Manual V2.0A4K Specification V1.2
A4K User ManualV1.1A2K Specification V1.2A2K User Manual V1.3

Cloud Server



PlayerMaster User ManualV1.4

Media Server

Media Server

CS16K Specification V1.0CS20-8K Pro Specification V2.1CS4K Pro Specification V1.1


Grandshow User manual V2.0
Introduction to Colorlight


Colorlight is a company that provides customers with professional display control products in the video and image fields. The company takes video processing algorithms as its core, hardware equipment as its carrier, relies on advanced core technology, keeps up with technology and application development, and continuously reproduces related industries.

Colorlight has a group of senior experts and first-class software, hardware, and embedded technology teams, and the technical teams are all from prestigious universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University. In terms of academic attainments, it is unmatched by other LED control system companies.

With the iterative development of chip technology and video image technology, applications from 4K to 8K and even ultra-high definition in the future will become more and more widespread. Colorful Light will also keep up with technological trends and continue to launch products with world competitiveness.

In the display field, IPL provides a variety of comprehensive solutions for many users. Products have been widely used in various video images such as celebrations, exhibitions, monitoring and dispatching, television broadcasts, events, conferences, performance stages, commercial advertising, information release, creative displays, smart cities, virtual shooting, etc. around the world.

Colorlight ‘s service network spreads all over the world, with multiple R&D and marketing service centers in Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Chengdu, the United States, the Netherlands and other places, and hundreds of service outlets around the world, which can provide customers with services at any time. Professional and efficient technical services.

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