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Commercial LED Display

Commercial LED Display

Colorful pictures, clear and vivid images, commercial LED display, presenting the best visual enjoyment!

Commercial LED Display Manufacturer In China

As a dedicated commercial LED display manufacturer, our management system complies with ISO9001 standards and is certified by CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC, TUV and BIS. 3-5 year warranty, allowing you to purchase and use with confidence.

In order to increase the life of commercial LED displays, we inspect them multiple times through strict quality control to ensure that it is 30% more durable than its peers.

All products of commercial LED display

3D LED Display

3D LED display can attract customers’ attention through realistic three-dimensional display effect, thereby increasing the passenger flow of shopping malls.


LED video wall panels are a common solution used in the indoor field, where they can place company promotional information and play corporate culture.

Small pitch display in the meeting room

Fine pitch LED displays are mainly used in indoor scenes such as monitoring rooms and conference rooms, and are the best solution to replace traditional display equipment.

Mall Transparent LED display

The transparent LED display is a commercial LED display with a stronger sense of fashion and technology. Its unique transparency is not available in other LED displays.

floor LED display case

Floor LED display is an LED display product specially created to beautify the floor. The mask used is specially customized and is stronger and non-slip.

how to display posters on wall

LED poster display is an important facility for advertising in stores. It is very convenient whether it is playing promotional advertisements or displaying new products in the store.

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The characteristics of commercial LED display

Fashion icon

There are many different types of commercial LED displays, with fashionable shapes and suitable for use in different places.

Creativity icon

It can be creatively designed with stores in shopping malls to form eye-catching creative shapes.

Energy icon
Energy Saving

Since commercial LED displays use more power-saving LED lamp beads as the light source, they consume less power when displaying images. Not only does it save energy, it is also more environmentally friendly.

interaction icon
Has Many Uses

No matter what type of commercial LED display it is, it can be used in many different scenarios. For example, interactive floor tile displays can be used in shopping malls and hotels.

Excellent Advantages, Suitable For Various Scenarios

You may see a variety of commercial displays used in a shopping mall, thanks to its many advantages.

  • Ultra-thin design: There is a small-pitch type of commercial LED that adopts an ultra-thin design, takes up less space, has a beautiful appearance, and displays high-definition images.
  • Various installation methods: Commercial LED displays have various installation methods, such as hanging, embedded, column, vertical and ground brackets, etc. to adapt to different scene needs.
  • Interactivity: Among commercial LED display types, there is an interactive LED floor display that supports screen interaction functions with customers and provides customers with a richer interactive experience.
High definition small pitch LED display mounted on the wall of the mall
Indoor fixed LED display used in shopping malls

JYLED Commercial LED Display Projects Designer

The commercial LED display produced by JYLED display manufacturer is a kind of LED display used in commercial occasions.

It has the characteristics of high brightness, high definition, energy saving and environmental protection. It also has a variety of sizes and installation methods, providing diversified display solutions for commercial advertising, information release, conference display, stage performances and other occasions.

At present, a total of 20,000 commercial display projects have been installed in different countries and regions around the world, winning a good reputation for JYLED.

JYLED Is a Leading Manufacturer of Commercial LED Displays

SMT production line
SMT production line

JYLED display manufacturer has persisted in the research and development and product innovation of commercial LED technology for many years. In just 4 years, it has continuously broken through technical barriers, accumulated dozens of driving technologies, and won a number of core invention patents, promoting the industrialization process of LED display technology with practical actions.

As a leading company in the commercial LED display industry chain, JYLED understands the market best and understands the actual needs of customers best. Based on the current status and prospects of industry development, we will make products that are more suitable for practical applications.

Automatic LED module assembly

Under the current technological conditions, JYLED display manufacturers have gone a step further in the application of commercial LED and adopted COB packaging to achieve color uniformity and maintainability of commercial LED displays.

Workers are testing LED modules

In the past 4 years, JYLED has worked hard to strive for excellence. While constantly breaking through itself, every process and progress represents JYLED’s speed and strength in the LED display industry.

The Application of Commercial LED Display in Different Scenarios of Shopping Malls

LED floor tiles used in shopping malls
Mall Floor

The floor of the shopping mall can be decorated by laying LED floor tile screens among commercial LED displays, so that customers will be attracted by the scene on the ground as soon as they step into the shopping mall door.

3D LED display
Inside The Mall

Inside the mall, LED products such as 3D LED displays and flexible LED displays can be produced or played with unique shapes to attract customers to come and watch, thereby increasing the passenger flow of the mall.

Malls use small pitch LED displays to display Black Friday ads
Shopping Mall Wall

The walls of shopping malls are an indispensable and important location for advertising display. Whether they are passing customers or customers entering the store to purchase, they can see the advertisements at a glance.

Outdoor shopping mall LED large display
Commercial LED display screen delivers the most exciting advertising!
  • “The commercial LED display has greatly increased the traffic of my store. This is due to the fact that the content of the commercial LED is very convenient and can be controlled using a mobile phone.”

    Bill Stewart
  • “There are many different types of commercial LED displays. I chose a transparent display to install in the store. The stylish display effect attracted the attention of many people.”

    Nevada Palmer
  • “Since the LCD was removed and replaced with a commercial LED display, the display effect of the screen has been greatly improved, and there is no patchwork like LCD.”

    Hendrix Burns
What Is the Commercial LED Display?

Commercial LED displays are worth using LED displays to engage in some commercial activities, such as advertising, background decoration, creative design, etc. Commercial LED displays are indispensable and important items in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other scenes.

Are Commercial LED Displays Waterproof?

Since most commercial LED displays are used in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and other scenes, which are basically indoors, commercial LED displays are not waterproof by default. If you need to use it outdoors, you can make a note for outdoor use when submitting your order information.

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