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Creative LED Display background

Creative LED Display

Colorful creativity, shocking visuals! Creative LED display, interpreting the brilliant light of creativity!

JYLED: Upside-Down Crystal Creative LED Display

JYLED has made bold breakthroughs in creative LED displays and won many awards. The most representative one is the flip-chip crystal creative LED display screen installed by JYLED in the Netherlands.

The screen has a total area of more than 1,200 square meters, with crystal texture and shape. After lighting up, you can enjoy shocking audio and video effects. It not only satisfies customers’ commercial consumption, but also brings an extraordinary visual feast.

Flip crystal creative LED display

All products of  creative LED display

Cube LED display

The Cube LED display can display images on 6 sides at the same time, or display different images on each of the 6 sides. It is a unique and creative LED display.

DJ LED screen

DJ LED screen creates atmosphere and attracts attention through creative shapes and special picture playback. It is mainly used in KTV, bars and other scenes.

Flexible LED Display Application Case

Flexible LED display is an LED display made of soft modules, which can achieve some strange shapes that cannot be spliced by conventional displays.

Creative LED Globe Display

Although sphere LEDs are similar to cube LEDs, the manufacturing difficulty of sphere LED displays is much higher than that of cube LED displays, so the price of spheres is higher than that of cubes.

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Creative LED display features

Creativity icon

Creative LED displays can be integrated with buildings to design highly creative display shapes.

Flexibility icon

The shape and size of the screen display can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual usage scenario.

Multiple shapes icon
Multiple Shapes

Creative LED displays can create a variety of strange shapes, such as Rubik’s Cube, logo, horns, honeycomb and other shapes can be easily created.

Eye-catching icon

The unique and shining shape is the most attractive, and it can bring a very good transformation effect to ordinary scenes.

Make your brand stand out!

The creative LED display brings a shocking visual impact to the audience with its eye-catching visual effects and unique shape. It can not only highlight your products or advertisements, but also play an important role in various occasions, such as conferences, displays, events, education, entertainment, etc.

Due to its versatility and flexibility, creative LED displays are customizable, detachable, and splicable, making them suitable for a variety of venues and needs. At the same time, it also has intelligent control and can be remotely controlled and managed through mobile phones, computers and other devices. Therefore, creative LED displays are one of the best ways to highlight your products or advertisements and can bring you excellent display effects and business benefits.

Creative LED display in gemstone shape
choose JYLED Creative LED Display

Why choose JYLED Creative LED Display?

JYLED has been deeply involved in the LED display industry for 14 years. It has created many amazing and creative LED displays in many countries and regions, which have won the appreciation and love of customers. Many creative styles have even become tourist attractions and holiday attractions.

High requirements for production and R &D: JYLED strives for excellence. Whether it is polygonal or irregular, it can achieve precise and seamless splicing to achieve the best screen effect.

Leading styling capabilities: JYLED is the first in the LED display industry to create multi-sided crystal shapes. With its creative breakthroughs in styling, it has won great attention from the industry and customers.

JYLED Creative LED Display

Creative LED display for exhibition
Creative LED display in the bedroom

Creative LED displays have a wide range of application scenarios and have the advantages of high brightness, high contrast, high definition, wide viewing angles, low power consumption, and long life. They are an upgraded substitute for traditional displays.

Creative LED displays not only have excellent display effects, but also have unique shapes and creative designs. It can be customized according to different needs, including size, shape, color, pattern, etc. Therefore, creative LED displays can be widely used in various occasions, such as conferences, exhibitions, activities, education, entertainment, etc.

Creative LED display installed in the square

A huge Rubik’s Cube LED display is placed on the square. It is not only used as a lighting device, but also plays the role of a creative ornament, bringing a sense of design and fashion to the entire square. The size of this LED display is very large, and the bright and soft light it emits can effectively illuminate every corner of the square.

Creative LED display in the community
Community Creative LED Display

The shape of the community creative LED display is unique and creative. It is inspired by letters and spliced together multiple LED screens to show a three-dimensional effect and unique text. This design is not only beautiful but also eye-catching, bringing a sense of style and modernity to the community.

Creative LED Display for Different Scene

stage Creative LED display

The stage itself is a place to display culture and art. Through the combination of actors and creative LED displays, the stage can produce unique landscapes and form the best viewing effect.

Square Cube LED display

Unique and creative LED displays are placed in the square, which can attract nearby people to come and take a rest or take photos and check in. It is very convenient whether it is playing advertising effects or promoting important information.

DJ led screen
DJ bar

Places like bars pursue a sense of art and fashion. Creative LED displays can perfectly integrate with places like bars to create a unique atmosphere.

Flexible LED display background
Creative LED displays make your ads unique!

If you want to customize a special shape tailored for you, please fill in your requirements and we will contact you as soon as possible

  • “The creative LED display screen performs well in terms of visual effects, display effects and response speed. If anyone needs it, I am willing to recommend it to them.”

    Honor Galindo
  • “The response speed of the creative LED display is very fast, and the image switching is smooth and without delay. This is very important for display advertising effectiveness, which is why I like this product so much.”

    Porter McCoy
  • “The operation and control of the creative LED display are very convenient. We can easily adjust parameters such as brightness, color, display content, etc. to achieve the effect we want.”

    Bear Thomas
What Is Creative LED Display?

Creative LED displays are special-shaped LED displays formed on the basis of traditional LED displays through customized shapes, different splicing angles of LED modules, cutting and other methods.

Can creative LED screens be customized for branding purposes?

Yes, creative LED screens can not only customize the form or content of any brand, but can also be customized into various shapes for display.

What is the viewing distance of the creative LED display?

The viewing distance of a creative LED display depends on the size of the screen and the model of dot spacing. Generally speaking, the smaller the screen, the smaller the dot spacing and the closer the viewing distance.In turn, the larger the screen, the larger the dot spacing, and the farther the viewing distance.

If you use P2.5 or P3 module spliced creative LED display, then the best viewing distance is recommended to be between 2-5 meters.

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