LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen

Product model:JYH3/JYH6

Pixel Pitch:3.91mm/6.25mm

The holographic invisible LED transparent screen has the characteristics of flexible, ultra-thin, high-definition, high-brightness, and high-transparency. When playing a video, the eye naturally combines the scenes in front of and behind the screen with the pictures in the screen to form a strong three-dimensional suspension.

Because the screen is a picture when the light is on, it is transparent when the light is off, and there is no sense of physical presence, and the screen uses a light-driven integrated LED to emit light independently, so it is named LED holographic transparent screen.

The feature is “thin and light”, easy to install, the whole screen is like a mobile phone film, the size can be customized according to the actual situation, directly attached to the glass, and the power is connected to the corner to achieve the playback screen of the LED screen Effect, and with its own naked-eye 3D technology, transparent video, ordinary video, holographic video and naked-eye 3D video can be seamlessly connected to present a more realistic picture, and it is fully transparent and invisible after the screen is turned off, without a sense of physical presence, presenting a high quality visual experience.


Product Features 1:

  • Transparent and invisible, see the shadow but not the screen
LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen

Product Features 2:

  • Equally spaced pixel arrangement,The picture quality is more high-definition!
  • Combined light and driver for static scanning, the picture is more stable!
  • Up to 16bit gray scale, rich and delicate colors!
LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen

Product Features 3:

  • Brightness:5000cd/㎡
  • Contrast: 9000:1
LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen

Product Features 4:

  • invisible display panel
  • Seamless large area splicing
  • Full screen transparent frameless


No keel design, thin and transparent

LED holographic transparent screen does not need structural fixing, just tear off the protective film and directly attach it to the glass for fixing to ensure stable display of the screen.

At the same time, the entire screen will not be gridded and can be completely transparent.

The thickness of the screen body is less than 1.8mm, and the weight per square meter is only 6Kg.

If the weight of the power supply is not included, it is even lighter and thinner. It can be bent, cut, and used flexibly. It is mounted on transparent glass as a whole.


Independent driver IC, high-definition

adopt self-developed IC, strong driving force, coupled with high-quality materials, high-standard technology, the sensory transparency rate of the whole series of products can reach more than 80%, and the pixels under the same area.

The number is 4 to 5 times that of the market, and there is no segmentation effect, and the pixels are invisible to the naked eye beyond 3 meters, and the real high-definition highlights are achieved.

LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen


Exquisite structure, immersive "magic" experience

The exquisite structure design with high transparency enables the three-dimensional fusion of the scenes in front of and behind the screen and the pictures on the screen.

The product can form a strong three-dimensional suspension feeling when displayed, which not only supports traditional video.

The ultimate 3D rendering capability ensures a large enough lighting angle.


Easy to install and easy to maintain

The entire screen can be assembled according to the customer’s needs by choosing the corresponding quantity, DIY splicing multiple modules, and connecting the control unit at the corner to complete the screen installation.

The operation is very simple. In addition, the screen can realize single-point single control.

If the A lamp bead is broken, it will have no effect on the B lamp bead. Therefore, maintenance is very convenient, just replace the bad lamp beads with good ones.

Production size and parameter

Pixel pitch  (mm)Equal spacing : P3.91 / P3.91Equal spacing : P6.25 / P6.25
Pixel Density (dot/ m²)6553625600
Module Size (mm)250×1000 / 250×1200250×1200 / 250×1500
Module Resolution(dot)64×256 / 64×30040X192 / 40X240
Weight (Kg/ ㎡)65
Brightness (cd/ m²)≥ 4000≥ 5000
Encapsulation FormLight driver integrated encapsulation
Scan MethodSingle point single control, static drive
Lamp working life≥ 10 Hours
Gray scale65536 (bit)
Max. Power Consumption800(W/ m²)
Average Power Consumption200(W/ m²)
LED Control systemSynchronous or Asynchronous
Input VoltageAC100~240V 50/60 Hz
Module working voltageDC 4.2V ± 0.2V

Installation Array Draws

LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen installation array draws

List of assembly parts


What is led holographic invisible transparent screen?How to correctly choose led holographic invisible screen and led film crystal screen, what are the advantages, disadvantages and differences between them?What kind of installation environment and scene are suitable for each.

Next, let’s check out more information

LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen


LED Crystal Film Screen

Production Size And Parameter Compared

 LED Holographic Invisible Transparent ScreenLED Crystal Film Screen
Pixel pitch  (mm)Equal spacing : P3.91 / P6.25 FlexibleEqual spacing : P6.25 / P10 Flexible
Pixel Density (dot/ m²)6553625600
Module Size (mm)250×1000 / 250×1200   Height can be cut240×1000 / 250×1200  Height can be cut
Module Resolution(dot)64×256 / 64×30064*256/ 24*10
Module Thicknbess1.8mm3mm
Weight (Kg/ ㎡)67.2
Brightness (cd/ m²)≥ 4000-4500≥ 1500-2000
Encapsulation FormLight driver integrated encapsulation 
Scan MethodSingle point single control, static drive 
Lamp working life≥ 10 Hours 
Gray scale65536 (bit) 
Max. Power Consumption600(W/ m²)800(W/ m²)
Average Power Consumption200(W/ m²)430(W/ m²)
LED Control systemSynchronous or AsynchronousSynchronous or Asynchronous
Input VoltageAC100~240V 50/60 HzAC100~240V 50/60 Hz
Module working voltageDC 4.2V ± 0.2VDC 4.2V ± 0.2V

Production Thickness Size Compared


LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen

LED Crystal Film Screen

Production Transmittance Compared

LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen

LED Crystal Film Screen

LED Module Weight Compared

LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen weight


LED Crystal Film Screen weight


Brightness Compared

LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen Brightness

4000-4500 cd/ m²

LED Crystal Film Screen Brightness

1500 cd/ m²

The application scenarios of the LED holographic invisible transparent screen are more diverse, whether it is a general indoor scene, or even a glass window with direct sunlight, because its brightness is as high as 4000-4500cd/ m², and there is no need to worry about the direct sunlight affecting the LED.

The display effect of the screen If the brightness of the product is too low, when the sun shines directly on the window glass, the content on the LED screen will not be seen clearly when viewed from a distance, which will affect the visual effect. The purpose of product display is not achieved.

Power Consumption Compared

Name LED Holographic Invisible Transparent ScreenLED Crystal Film Screen
Max. Power Consumption 600(W/ m²) 800(W/ m²)
Average Power Consumption 200(W/ m²) 430(W/ m²)

Power Consumption Compared

LED Holographic Invisible Transparent Screen


LED Crystal Film Screen

After long-term direct sunlight on the LED screen, the LED crystal film screen will appear yellowing at the corners of the glass, and the corners are prone to warping and incomplete bonding.

However, the LED holographic invisible transparent screen has improved this difficulty, because it adopts the design of combining the lamp and the driver.

The flexible polymer material on the lamp bead surface and the 3M transparent epoxy resin glue can be completely bonded, and the material is resistant to high temperature. , resistant to ultraviolet light, so it is more suitable for direct sunlight scenes.

Table of Contents

1.What is an LED holographic invisible transparent screen?

LED holographic invisible transparent screen employs self-developed innovative drive mode and product architecture and, under the design concept of “daylighting” , “transparent” and ”environmentally friendly” , takes the drive design with ultra-low static power consumption as the core technological breakthrough, and is characterized by ultra-thin, high-definition, high brightness and high transparency. It can be directly adsorbed on a transparent glass in a modular way, with transmittance more than 80%.

When holographic video or 3D video is played, the holographic screen presents its own bare-eye VR visual effect. LED holographic invisible transparent screens are widely used in consumer electronics applications such as urban shopping malls, exhibition halls, conference rooms, and large brand store displays.

LED holographic invisible transparent screen is the latest transparent screen product at present. The advent of this product, new design schemes and solutions, have changed the display principles and driving methods of many traditional LED transparent screens, and solved the problems in the LED transparent screen industry due to installation, Pain points and difficulties such as transportation, after-sales, and debugging.

Recommendation index:★★★★★

2.What is an LED crystal film screen?

The LED crystal film screen adopts LED lamp bead bare crystal ball planting technology. The lamp panel uses transparent crystal film film. The surface is etched with a transparent mesh circuit. After the components are attached to the surface, the vacuum sealing process is used.

The product is light, transparent, thin, bendable and cuttable. The main advantage is that it can be directly attached to the glass curtain wall without damaging the original structure of the building. When not playing, the screen is invisible and does not affect indoor lighting.

When viewed from a distance, no trace of the screen installation can be seen. The light transmittance of the crystal film screen is as high as 95%, which can present bright and bright image effects, making the product’s image more eye-catching. The super colors create an excellent visual experience for users.

However, this product has received a lot of attention on the market and has few applications. The most common feedback from the market is that after installation, problems such as corner warping and weak pasting will occur within a certain period of time. Moreover, many customers have reported that the product is not exposed to direct sunlight. There is yellowing at the corners.

Recommendation index:★★★

3.What is an LED film screen?

LED film screen is a transparent  LED display that can be directly pasted on the glass. It cancels the keel structure of the ordinary transparent screen and replaces it with an acrylic transparent plate.

The display module and the acrylic plate are fixed with screws to form a Products with characteristics such as lightness, thinness, and high transparency can enhance the sense of technology and modernity in the business environment, enhance the atmosphere, and attract crowds; creating a high-tech intelligent display and playback platform has huge commercial value.

It is mainly used in application scenarios such as shops, banks, real estate, car 4S stores, subway entrances, lighting projects, riverside guardrails and other glass showcases.

However, because of the following attributes, it gradually fades into people’s sight and is considered an excessive product.

  1. The module design has a single size;
  2. The weight is too large;
  3. Non-bendable and non-foldable,Few application scenarios;
  4. It is attached to the glass and fixed with adhesive, which affects the appearance.

Recommendation index:★★

4.What is an LED transparent screen?

LED transparent screen is similar to LED glass screen. It is a product of LED display screens that reduce or change materials in pursuit of better transparency. This kind of screen is mostly used in places where glass is installed, so it is also called a transparent screen. Initially, outdoor screens were equipped with conventional LED displays. However, LED displays are composed of modules. Installing an LED display is like a thick wall, which will block the scenery and light.

Due to the shortcomings of conventional screens, LED manufacturers have added hollow designs to conventional screens to increase transmittance.

Transparent LED display
Transparent LED display

LED transparent screen displays often refer to hard light bar transparent screens, which are thin, transparent, and playback images are transparent and brilliant. It is another major category of LED display products, often used in building glass curtain walls, showcases and other scenes.

LED transparent screens work on the same principle as conventional LED displays, so the required assembly materials are also the same. However, unlike conventional LED displays, the external frame and assembly accessories require additional customization.

The transparent LED display screen is fixed by the PCB board and the bottom shell mask into a complete LED transparent screen unit, which is what we call a cabinet. The light strip is designed into a hollow structure, like a louver structure, making the screen transparent.

his product is one of the earliest and most common LED display products in the LED display industry. The product mainly consists of a cabinet, a module, a drive power box, a control card and wires. The cabinetmaterial is divided into iron cabinet, profile aluminum and final aluminum. Different material designs and combinations have different weights and prices, which are mainly recommended and customized based on the customer’s needs, budget and application scenarios.

In addition, the LED transparent screen can see the keel and distribution of the cabinet with the naked eye from the front and back, which affects the visual sensory effect and experience to a certain extent.

There are three main installation methods for this product: hoisting, base support installation and fixed installation.

  1. Hoisting: The hanging beam is fixed on the ceiling or wall as a support and force-bearing point. The uppermost box is fixed to bear the force, and then the left, right, upper and lower boxes are arranged in sequence, and then the boxes are passed through. It is fixed with the box body with locks and screws.
  2. Base support installation: The base is mainly fixed from the ground as a support point. The stress point is mainly borne on the bottom ground. Arrange and fix the LED transparent screen boxes in sequence.
  3. Fixed installation: In some installation scenarios, because there are no reasonable stress-bearing parts at the top and bottom, it is necessary to make a structure to support and fix the LED transparent screen like a conventional LED display. Therefore, the material and labor costs of this method will increase relatively.

The three installation methods require a reasonable installation method based on the actual needs of the site.

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