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Rental LED Display

Rental LED displays feature unique, customizable cabinet designs that can flexibly cater to your event’s various needs. These large, ultra-clear LED displays add an unforgettable atmosphere to events.

Key function

  • High-resolution video and images
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Integration with systems possible
  • Lower installation costs

Rental LED displays are your best choice in any situation

Whether for trade shows or event competitions, rental LED displays are always your best choice. When used at booths or conferences, rental LED screens focus participants’ attention with high-resolution image and video displays, amplifying the impact of your presentations.

Compared to issues like inadequate brightness or poor display due to viewing angles with traditional display devices, rental LED displays can achieve brightness of up to 5000 nits and a viewing angle of up to 170 degrees.

You don’t need to worry about insufficient brightness or viewing angle issues affecting the display quality, making it the most effective way to achieve the desired display effect.

Whether indoors or outdoors, rental LED displays always deliver astonishing effects that other display devices cannot match, thanks to their unique characteristics.

Common Models of Rental LED Displays

Rental LED displays can help your business grow. Here are some common models for you to choose from.

P2.9 Rental LED Display
P2.976 Rental LED Display

Among the commonly used rental LED displays, the P2.976 rental LED display has the smallest pixel pitch and highest clarity, making it ideal for viewing distances of 3–5 meters. We often see it in places like trade shows and museums where close-up displays are needed.

P3.91 Rental LED Display

The P3.91 rental LED display is one of the most commonly used models in the rental series. It is suitable for small to medium-sized events and can often be seen at stages, concerts, and similar venues.

P4.81 Rental LED Display

With higher brightness, the P4.81 rental LED display is often used in outdoor settings to enhance the atmosphere of events.

P5.95 Rental LED Display
P5.95 Rental LED Display

The P5.95 rental LED display is commonly seen in large-scale events such as major parties and stage performances. Due to its larger pixel pitch, it is more suitable for larger venues and longer viewing distances.

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Types of Rental LED Displays

  • Indoor Rental LED Dispaly

    Many indoor events require audiovisual equipment. These devices enhance the event experience, with LED screens being an essential part of the setup.

    Whether it’s a party, birthday celebration, or other indoor event, the ambiance is greatly enhanced with an indoor rental LED display, creating a joyful atmosphere. Additionally, assembly and disassembly are straightforward, taking up minimal space when not in use.

  • Outdoor LED Rental Display

    Since outdoor events often take place in bright environments, ordinary display devices may not provide satisfactory results due to insufficient brightness. Outdoor LED displays, equipped with high-performance LEDs, ensure brighter and clearer video quality at all times.

    Outdoor rental LED displays come with convenient, portable flight cases, allowing screens to be set up anytime, anywhere along roadsides. Additionally, the design of outdoor rental LED display cabinets considers various environmental factors, eliminating concerns about waterproofing and heat dissipation.

Features of Rental LED Displays

Easy to install icon
Easy Installation and Disassembly

Each rental cabinet weighs only 8kg, making installation and disassembly effortless. The clever cabinet design allows for seamless screen splicing.

Multiple shapes icon
Durable Quality

Before leaving the factory, rental LED displays undergo rigorous aging tests, ensuring they can withstand thousands of assembly and disassembly cycles without damage to the cabinets or components.

Product Customization icon
Customizable Splicing

Rental LED displays can be spliced according to on-site requirements, whether you need a larger or smaller display.

Airbox packing icon
Flight Case Packaging

Rental LED displays are packaged and transported in professional flight cases, ensuring screens remain operational during long-distance transport and facilitating movement to different event venues after disassembly.

Rental LED Displays Deliver Powerful Visual Impact

Regardless of the shape or size you desire, JYLED rental LED displays always provide the most powerful visual impact.

As an essential component of various events, rental LED displays not only integrate seamlessly with other audiovisual systems but also continuously deliver high-definition images and an ultimate visual experience, leaving a memorable impression on event attendees.

Rental LED Displays Deliver Powerful Visual Impact
Customization To Meet Any Scene Requirement

Customization to Meet Any Scene Requirement

While using some display devices, you often need to consider the size of the scene to choose the appropriate size. However, rental LED displays allow you to freely customize the size, making them versatile for various scenes.

Additionally, rental LED displays allow you to customize shapes and logos according to your preferences.

JYLED Rental LED Display Manufacturer

JYLED is the foremost manufacturer of rental LED displays, capable of enhancing the appeal of various events such as concerts, weddings, and sports events with the perfect rental LED display.

Stage Rental LED Display

How to Install Large Rental LED Displays?

Rental LED Display For Flight Cases And Accessories
structural steel

When customers receive our rental LED displays, they may face an installation challenge: how to assemble multiple rental LED cabinets into one display. Here, we provide a systematic solution to help novice buyers tackle this issue.

A display screen hangs above the steel structure

Installing JYLED rental LED screens is as simple as assembling building blocks, requiring no complex technical knowledge. In fact, many customers have successfully assembled displays after merely examining various cables and connectors.

Lease LED display network cable connection diagram

However, some customers may encounter confusion when connecting cables to certain cabinet interfaces. Not to worry, we provide detailed instructions for assembly and disassembly. Once you’ve built the structure, connecting power and signal cables is a quick task.

Power Cable And Signal Cable Connection Draws

For more complex display effects, you need to connect the rental LED display screen to a video processor and select the appropriate menu for different display effects.

LED display debugging and sending program

As a professional video processing device, if you encounter problems while using the video processor and find the manual insufficient, you can contact our engineers for assistance.

Rental LED Display Applications in Different Scenes

indoor wedding LED display
Weddings, Birthday Parties, and Adult Ceremonies

As significant moments in life, we can incorporate rental LED displays into these scenes. They can help showcase your journey, videos, photos, etc., during the event.

Alternatively, you can set a photo or video as the background wall of LED screen, making you the highlight of the entire event.

The indoor rental LED display was used at the press conference
Parliaments and Press Conferences

While projectors may have a slight edge in cost, their display quality often falls short. A crucial facility to keep the audience highly engaged is rental LED displays.

Through large LED screens, all attendees can clearly see the speaker’s content, allowing for questions or summarizing points based on the speaker’s remarks.

Trade Show Video Displays
Trade Show Exhibitions

Exhibition spaces are always changing, and after the event, everything needs to be dismantled. This makes LED displays, which can be quickly installed and removed, ideal.

Not only does it provide the joy of assembly, but it also ensures your booth stands out among many with attractive visuals. Over the years, we have assisted many brands like Honda, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc., successfully organize trade shows.

JYLED specializes in event planning and can help design solutions for different scenarios, maximizing your effects through our LED screens.

rental LED display background image

JYLED specializes in event planning and can help design solutions for different scenarios, maximizing your effects through our LED screens.

Pixel PitchP2.604P2.976P3.91P4.81
Module Size250mm x 250mm
Module Resolution96dots x 96dots84dots x 84dots64dots x 64dots52dots x 52dots
Color ConfigurationSMD 3in1 1R1G1B
Pixel Density147456 dots/㎡112896 dots/㎡65536 dots/㎡43246 dots/㎡
Driver Mode1/32 Scan1/28 Scan1/16 Scan1/13 Scan
Refresh Rate1920Hz/3840Hz
Controlling systemNovastar
View AngleHorizontal 140° Vertical 140°
MTBF>10,000 hours
Life Span≥100,000 hours
IP RatingIP31
Warranty Time3 years
  • When I was searching for an event solution online, I stumbled upon JYLED. Their sales team was very professional, not only patiently explaining many details about LED displays but also providing me with many inspirations during the installation process. As a result, I successfully installed a 23-square-meter rental LED display in Los Angeles.

    Blake Richard
  • Rental LED displays are perfect for events! They can be temporarily installed whenever needed and easily dismantled and stored in flight cases when not in use. Plus, they can be moved to other locations, making them incredibly convenient!

    Ellie Morrison
  • If you ask me to recommend a professional LED display manufacturer, I will definitely recommend JYLED. Their quality is very reliable. I purchased a rental LED display for events from JYLED five years ago, and it’s still running perfectly without any issues.

    Romina Gibbs
How waterproof are your rental LED displays?

Outdoor rental LED displays are suitable for outdoor use with waterproof ratings up to IP65, and they have high brightness, making them usable even in bright sunlight.

What video and audio inputs do you support?

Video inputs: including 2 AV, 1 VGA, 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 1 optional SDI;

Audio inputs: XLR input interface, speaker terminal output interface, support stereo, parallel, and single-channel bridging modes.

Can I use rental LED screens to live broadcast sports events?

Absolutely! Rental LED displays support streaming media, allowing you to connect TV boxes or apps to watch sports events live online.

What pixel pitch is more suitable?

Common models include P2.976, P3.91, P4.81, and P5.95. For close-range viewing scenarios like exhibitions or birthday parties, we recommend choosing P2.976 and P3.91. For outdoor or larger screens, P4.81 and P5.95 are better options.

Should I rent or buy?

Compared to direct purchasing, renting can be significantly more expensive. If you only use it occasionally 1-2 times, renting is more cost-effective. However, if you need long-term or recurring use, buying is the better choice.

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