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Rental LED Display Manufacturer in China

High-definition presentation, creating a shocking visual feast!

Rental LED display are compared to fixed LED displays, which means that the LED display screen can be disassembled and transported to other places through a special flight case, while fixed LED display screens cannot be moved after installation.

Product introduction

Cabinet Size:500×500mm & 500×1000mm

Pixel Pitch:2.604mm |2.976mm |3.91mm |4.81mm

Brightness: 4500cd/㎡

  • It can be quickly assembled and disassembled, and can be easily completed by one person.
  • It can be flexibly configured according to your own budget and needs, and can be perfectly spliced from 2 square meters to 200 square meters.
  • Suitable for different types of concerts, weddings, churches and other places.

All products of rental LED display

music festival LED rental background

Renting an LED wall is a common way to build a stage. It is mainly used as a stage background to enhance the stage effect.

The indoor rental LED display was used at the press conference

Indoor rental is an LED display product specially used for some indoor scenes, such as press conferences, course lectures, etc.

outdoor rental LED display

Outdoor rental has all the features of indoor rental, except that outdoor rental has enhanced waterproof and dustproof effects.

Outdoor rental display

The P3.91 model has a moderate distance and high cost performance. It is the most commonly used model in the rental LED series.

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Product Feature Box

stage LED icon
Fit For Stage

Rental LED display screen is a type of display screen specially designed for stages, weddings, churches and other places. Therefore, rental LED display screen is also called stage rental display screen.

Product Customization icon

The size of the entire screen can be customized by selecting the model, size and other parameters according to the customer’s actual needs, which is very flexible.

Airbox packing icon
Airbox Packing

The rental LED cabinet is placed in a precise airbox box to ensure that the LED display will not be damaged due to bumps, impacts, etc. during transportation.

Easy to move icon
Easy To Move

We can follow up the customer’s needs for special customization, matching the most reasonable and cost-effective method.

Lightweight Cabinet

The total weight of a single rental LED display cabinet is only 7.5 kilograms, which is one-half lighter than an ordinary LED iron cabient, and can be easily picked up by one person.

The rental box weighs 7.5kg
Alloy material

Alloy Material

Made of die-cast aluminum alloy, it is not prone to deformation, damage and other problems after long-term use. It can be used with confidence whether indoors or outdoors.

Seamless Splicing

Existing technology cannot effectively eliminate the gaps created during LCD splicing, but rental LED displays can create a picture without gaps at all.

Seamless splicing through the buckle

Introduction To Rental LED Display Installation

structural steel
A display screen hangs above the steel structure

Step 1: Understand the location and size of Rental LED screen installation

Before purchasing and installing a rental LED display, you need to know the location and size of the display. Rental LED displays are generally hung on steel structures or walls, so the site requirements are more flexible than fixed LED displays.

Step 2 :Rental LED Cabinet installation

The installation of the rental LED display is as simple as a puzzle. You only need to lock the buckles between the displays in a certain order, and they will be well arranged together, allowing you to install them in a short time. Complete the installation within.

Power Cable And Signal Cable Connection Draws
Step 3: Lease LED Display Network Cable Connection Diagram

The connection method of the network cable is very simple. Basically, you just need to insert the plug according to the corresponding position.

What needs to be noted here is that the order of the network cables must be arranged in a square or rectangular shape, otherwise the screen may not be displayed normally.

LED display debugging and sending program
Step 4: LED Display Debugging And Sending Program

After completing the connection of the LED display signal line and AC line, we need to use the control system (Novastar, HD Play, Linsn, Colorlight, etc.) to configure the LED display.

Usually the LED display manufacturer has configured the single box and the file is solidified on the receiving card, so during configuration, the screen connection can be directly configured or the rental LED display connection configuration file can be imported.

Rental LED display for Different Scene

stage rental LED display

Because many stages are temporarily constructed and need to be dismantled and transported to other places after use, the stage is the most commonly used scene for rental LED displays.

indoor wedding LED display

Many wedding venues, like stages, need to be customized according to customer requirements. Renting a detachable screen like an Rental LED display can solve this problem.

Church LED display

In scenes like churches, because the number of viewers is not fixed, sometimes it is not necessary to display such a large screen, so you can use rental LED displays to flexibly splice the display.

If the number of people is large, the splicing will be larger, and if the number of people is small, the splicing will be smaller.

rental LED display background image
The Most Cost-Effective Rental LED Display Manufacturer In China

JYLED has a complete production chain, from rental LED display cabinet to the assembly of the LED display, it can be completed independently.

Pixel PitchP2.604P2.976P3.91P4.81
Module Size250mm x 250mm
Module Resolution96dots x 96dots84dots x 84dots64dots x 64dots52dots x 52dots
Color ConfigurationSMD 3in1 1R1G1B
Pixel Density147456 dots/㎡112896 dots/㎡65536 dots/㎡43246 dots/㎡
Driver Mode1/32 Scan1/28 Scan1/16 Scan1/13 Scan
Refresh Rate1920Hz/3840Hz
Controlling systemNovastar
View AngleHorizontal 140° Vertical 140°
MTBF>10,000 hours
Life Span≥100,000 hours
IP RatingIP31
Warranty Time3 years
  • “It’s incredible, the effect of the rental LED display on the stage is outstanding!”

    Blake Richard
  • “When using the rental LED display screen, I encountered the problem of incomplete display. Fortunately, JYLED engineers solved the problem for me through remote debugging.”

    Ellie Morrison
  • “We have been looking for a reliable rental LED display manufacturer, and after many transactions, we have established a good cooperative relationship.”

    Romina Gibbs

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What Is Rental LED Display?

Venues such as concerts and weddings are temporarily arranged, and everything needs to be taken away after the event. Therefore, the quick disassembly feature of rental LED display is very suitable for these places.

What Is The Difference Between Rental LED Display And Fixed LED Display?

There are some differences between rental LED displays and fixed LED displays, mainly in the following aspects:

Installation method: The rental LED display adopts a die-cast aluminum cabinet with an easy-to-assemble structure, which is easy to disassemble and transport, and can be flexibly installed and disassembled in different locations. Fixed LED displays require long-term installation at a specific site and are generally more solid and stable.

Mobility and flexibility: For rental LED display, it has high mobility and flexibility and can adapt to the needs of different venues and various activities. It can be easily set up and dismantled, suitable for temporary activities and rental needs. Once installed, fixed LED displays are less mobile and require more time and labor to dismantle or move.

Pixel pitch and display effect: Usually, the pixel pitch of LED rental screens will be larger because the audience viewing distance is farther during live events, so there is no need for very high pixel density. Fixed LED displays generally require smaller pixel pitch and higher display effect due to close viewing by the audience.

Cost and maintenance: Due to the need for flexibility and mobility, the cost of LED rental screens is usually relatively high because it requires more means of assembly and disassembly.

In addition, rental LED display may require more frequent maintenance and upkeep to ensure stability and reliability during multiple transportation and installations. The cost of fixed LED displays is relatively low, and maintenance work is relatively simple.

To sum up, there are some differences between LED rental screens and fixed LED displays in terms of installation methods, mobility and flexibility, pixel pitch and display effect, cost and maintenance, etc. The choice should be based on specific needs and site conditions.

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