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Indoor Led Display

Indoor Fixed LED Display

Indoor fixed LED display is an important way of advertising and publicity, the future development prospect is very broad. Indoor fixed installation LED screen in the development and use, more and more advantages are gradually presented.

  • Slim and lightweight, very easy to install and dismantle, easy to transport
  • High refresh, high grayscale, high brightness, to meet the use of different scenes
  • Seamless splicing, ultra-clear display of images and video advertisements
  • Screen size customization for a variety of installation locations

JYLED Indoor Fixed LED Display

JYLED indoor fixed installation LED display has been certified by CE, ROHS, ISO9001, and many other international standards, which meet the product requirements of each country.

JYLED indoor fixed LED display is very easy to install and control, you can change the advertisement content at any time, not affected by time.

At present, JYLED indoor fixed LED display applications are also very wide, mainly used in superstores, stadiums, store entrances, television stations, sales centers, conference centers, and other locations.

Products Related to Indoor Fixed LED Display

Indoor Rental LED Display

This is one of the best-selling JYLED products, which is made of the latest die-casting aluminum case, which is thin and light, not easy to deform, and easy to transport. It can also be quickly installed and removed to enhance efficiency.

GOB LED Display

This is one of the latest indoor module protection technology, only very few professional LED display companies can do it. This GOB LED display from JYLED has the advantages of being waterproof, impact-resistant, dustproof, moisture-resistant, and so on.

4K LED Display

JYLED’s display, the cabinet is very thin and light, weighing only 6-8 kg. 4K LED Display can do seamless splicing, support playback of 4K ultra-high-definition pictures and videos, and the horizontal viewing angle can reach 160 °.

Flexible LED Display

The module of this display is different from the conventional display module, which is composed of a flexible module that can be bent and customized cabinet, which can be customized in different shapes according to the requirements of customers, which adds fun to the broadcasting of advertisements and is more attractive to people’s eyes.

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What are the advantages of indoor fixed displays?

Ultra HD Display
Ultra-HD Display

Indoor fixed display can achieve a very small pixel pitch so that the playback screen reaches 4K standard and the picture quality is clearer.

Easy To Install And Dismantle
Easy to Install and Dismantle

Indoor fixed display using an ultra-light, ultra-thin cabinet can be installed on the wall at will, does not need to spend a lot of manpower and material resources is also a more time-saving installation.

Wide Viewing Angle
Wide Viewing Angle

JYLED indoor fixed installation LED display, horizontal viewing angle up to 140 ° – 160 °, which is on the market many LED manufacturers can not reach.

Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

using the latest technology and materials, compared with the traditional LED screen, the power is greatly reduced, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the service life is getting longer and longer.

Why choose JYLED display manufacturer?

Professional facilities and services

JYLED has a professional production team and product line, which can guarantee production speed and product quality.

At the same time, JYLED also has a professional sales team and after-sales team, which can provide customers with consulting, quotation and installation guidance, screen debugging and other support, rapid response to customer needs, and timely problem-solving for customers.

Professional Facilities And Services
JYLED's Objectives

JYLED's Objectives

JYLED adheres to the “customer first” purpose, and continuous innovation, and strives to provide customers with better quality services and products, but also to enhance their competitiveness. JYLED has also gained the praise and trust of customers.

JYLED is a professional indoor fixed display manufacturer

Issuance Of CAD Drawings

After receiving your project information, we will have professional senior engineers to make CAD drawings for your project for free.

Confirmation Of Project Details

After completing the production of CAD drawings, we will send you to confirm the program and details.

Specific Program Budget

After confirming the project details and program, we will have professional staff to make a complete offer for your project and project installation details for you.

Screen Installation After Sales

After you receive the screen, our engineers can guide you to install and debug the screen remotely for free.

What kind of scenes can an indoor fixed installation LED display be installed in?

Shopping Mall
Shopping malls

Shopping malls have very high traffic, and indoor fixed LED displays can be used to display advertisements, so that consumers receive relevant information promptly, expanding the benefits of brand advertising and increasing sales.


As important transportation hubs, stations have a very high density of people. Installing indoor fixed displays in the station can timely deliver information such as train times to those who need it, helping people to know more about the train information and get ready in time.


Installation of an indoor fixed LED display in the showroom can not only deliver a large amount of information to visitors quickly but also can be combined with lighting sound, and other products to give visitors a better visual experience.

Airport Led Display
China’s Best Quality LED Display Manufacturer - JYLED

JYLED has the most advanced product line and the best technical talents, which can escort your LED display and let you have no worries when using it.

  • I feel very comfortable working with JYLED, every one of them is very professional

  • It’s been 5 years since I’ve worked with JYLED, and they’ve helped me with many projects that have gotten rave reviews from my clients

  • Nancy was very patient in answering every question I had, I learned a lot about LED displays and made my first buying experience perfect

Do I need to install air conditioner for indoor fixed LED display?

The indoor fixed LED display cabinet is light and has low power consumption. What’s more, basically the indoor temperature is not too high temperature or under direct sunlight for long time. Therefore, indoor fixed LED display do not need to install air conditioning cooling.

What are the installation methods for indoor fixed LED display?

Indoor fixed LED display has inlaid, wall-mounted, column and other installation methods, according to the different places of use to choose the installation method that suits you.

Is there any size requirement for indoor fixed LED display?

No,its size can be customized according to customer needs. The smallest unit of the cabinet size is the size of the module.

How many years can an indoor fixed LED display be used?

General indoor fixed installation LED display service life is 3–5 years, but JYLED production of indoor fixed LED display can reach 8–10 years.

How to control indoor fixed LED display?

Usually, there are two kinds of control methods for indoor fixed LED display -synchronous control and asynchronous control. You can choose the most suitable control methods according to your needs.

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