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LED Sphere Display

LED Sphere Display Manufacturer in China

LED sphere display, also known as an LED ball screen or LED video ball, is a creatively designed type of LED screen product. With its spherical shape, it can provide a 360-degree viewing angle effect.

This LED display is different from traditional LED screens because of its unique 360-degree spherical appearance. Due to its distinctive design and visibility from any angle, it stands out among various LED displays.

JYLED LED Sphere Display

JYLED has a warehouse of 80,000 square meters and is one of the largest LED sphere display manufacturers in China. It has a large number of 1-meter, 2-meter, and 5-meter indoor LED spherical screens. After placing an order, the goods can be received in as soon as one week.

If it is an outdoor LED sphere display or you need additional customized dimensions and sizes, please contact us 15–20 days in advance, and we will prepare it for you as soon as possible.

LED Sphere Display Type Introduction

  • spherical display price
    Spherical Display Price

    The price of LED sphere display screen varies greatly depending on the size and the environment in which it is used. Generally, the larger the LED sphere display, the more expensive it is. Please fill out the form below to contact us.

  • sphere display stand
    Sphere Display Stand

    Usually, the LED sphere display cannot be placed alone and needs a chassis for support. Another way to install it is to suspend it from steel bars.

  • diy spherical display
    Diy Spherical Display

    Since the LED sphere display screen is maintained by magnetic suction, after purchasing the materials, you can manually splice it yourself and experience the fun of DIY.

Three Major Ways of Producing the LED Sphere Display

Due to the unique shape of the sphere LED display, the manufacturing method is different from the direct patching method of conventional LED displays. The following are three methods of producing and manufacturing spherical LED displays.

  • Watermelon Peel
    Watermelon Peel

    It is composed of a watermelon rind-shaped PCB. Because there are fewer modules, its advantages are intuitive structure and faster production time. It is an earlier production method of spherical LED display.

  • Triangle

    The spherical screen composed of a flat triangular PCB overcomes the shortcomings of the early use of watermelon rind-shaped spherical screens that caused the inability to play images at the north and south poles, and improves the integrity of the picture.

  • Hexahedral Panoramic
    Hexahedral Panoramic

    The LED sphere display composed of a quadrilateral PCB has the advantage of being closer to a flat LED display. The minimum dot pitch is similar to that of a flat LED display. There is little or no restriction, so the effect is much better than that of a triangular PCB.

LED Sphere Display Advantages Introduction

sphere icon
Free Sphere

Can be made into any spherical shape, such as football shape, basketball shape, volleyball shape, etc.

Creativity icon
Strong Creativity

The LED sphere display does not display content in a regular manner like a fixedly installed display. Instead, it displays content in a special spherical state, which can better attract people’s attention.

customization icon

LED sphere displays can be customized according to needs and can be made into spherical displays of different sizes, pixel densities and shapes.

Specifications icon
Specifications Optional

There are two types of LED sphere displays: indoor and outdoor. Outdoor LED spherical displays are more difficult to produce and usually take 10–20 days longer than indoor LED spherical displays.

Principle of LED Sphere Display

The LED sphere display is made up of several components, including a core control module, a rotating display module, a wireless module, a font module, a motor drive module, and a power supply.

The fan blade is designed in a circular shape, with a circle of LED lamp beads on it. The LEDs can emit monochromatic or multicolor light.

When the fan blade rotates around the central axis, it creates a spherical surface. The entire surface consists of LEDs, which can be controlled using the font software. By lighting up the corresponding points on the spherical surface, the display content can be controlled and displayed accurately.

Spherical Display Shaped Like An Octopus
Steel Structure For Spherical LED Display

Steel Structure for LED Sphere Display

Our common LED displays are composed of a quadrilateral cabinet, but LED sphere displays are usually composed of two hemispheres or multiple small hexahedrons.

When transporting larger spherical screens, they usually need to be dismantled into several parts for transportation and then reassembled after arriving at the site.

Things to Note when Customizing Spherical LED Displays

  1.  Unlike conventional LED displays that can be customized in size, spherical LEDs cannot expand the area at will. Once the area changes, additional design and production are required.
  2. Affected by market conditions, the price of each customized spherical LED display may be different.
  3. Choose different brands of lamp beads and control systems, and the prices vary greatly. Please communicate with us for detailed details.
Things To Note When Customizing Spherical LED Displays

JYLED: LED Ball Display Supplier

LED Ball Display Supplier
LED Ball Display Suppliers

The images and videos displayed by the LED sphere display have no image distortion and can immediately attract public attention.

These displays are typically hung indoors in shopping malls. Moreover, they are an excellent choice for large public places, such as museum halls, casinos, game halls, and airports, where fascinating images or videos need to be displayed and interact with audiences.

Full-color LED sphere displays are mainly used in museums, hotel lobbies, offices, art museums, science and technology centers, corporate exhibition halls, and other indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces, as well as for outdoor spherical video advertisements and unique spherical lighting projects. The following are some application scenarios for spherical LED displays.

Various Uses of Spherical LED Display

MSG Sphere Las Vegas


If the design of the spherical LED display is full of creativity, it can well serve as a landmark attraction, such as the world’s largest Las Vegas ball, which is the most eye-catching.

Creative Sphere LED Display
Art Design


The LED sphere display can be designed with other artistic shapes. For example, it can be used with a rental display to decorate the stage, and with an LED sky screen to decorate the ceiling.

Creative Spherical LED Display
Creative Display


The spherical LED display can not only cooperate with surrounding things, but also display various creative shapes, such as emoticons, cool videos, etc.

Sphere LED Display Background Image
Get a Custom Spherical Display Today!

JYLED has rich experience in sphere construction and can help you customize the most perfect LED spherical display. If you already have an idea, please contact us today!

Full-color LED spherical screens are mainly used in museums, hotel lobbies, offices, art museums, science and technology centers, corporate exhibition halls, and other indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces, as well as for outdoor spherical video advertisements and unique spherical lighting projects. The following are some application scenarios for spherical LED displays.

The emergence of LED electronic displays not only brings great convenience to our lives but also adds beauty to our cities. With continuous improvements in LED display technology, designs have become increasingly artistic and aesthetically pleasing. LED displays of various shapes, such as “wave-shaped” and “spherical,” have appeared.

The LED sphere display, a fashionable, beautiful, and flexible LED display product newly developed in recent years, stands out from ordinary LED displays due to its unique process and craftsmanship.

There are two types of LED sphere display screens in terms of production: the first type is a full LED sphere display screen. This type is relatively small, about 2 meters in diameter, and can be viewed as a whole from close-up. The second type is a LED semi sphere display, which is typically larger and needs to be viewed from a distance.

LED sphere display

How to make LED spherical display screen:

For outdoor LED spherical displays with larger diameters, single pixel tubes can be used. Cut the sphere according to latitude, and place a row of LED pixel tubes at each latitude.

For indoor LED spherical displays with smaller diameters, you can use SMD three-in-one LED lights and use flexible PCB boards to make point-by-point controllable light strips. Then the light strips surround the LED light strips like the first form. Divide the sphere according to latitude.

For indoor screens, special LED unit boards can also be designed according to the point pitch. Special-shaped unit boards can be designed for triangular splicing or hexagonal splicing (just like a football, composed of multiple hexagons).

Advantages of LED sphere display:

  • Seamless splicing: Using ladder circuit design, seamless splicing can be achieved;
  • Uniform tapping: Supports uniform tapping technology, and the display screen will not be distorted;
  • Flexible control: compatible with synchronous and asynchronous, supports offline and online modes;
  • Good heat dissipation: Adopt aluminum structure heat dissipation solution;
  • Easy installation: supports floor installation, hoisting, embedded installation, etc.;
  • Convenient maintenance: supports pre-maintenance and post-maintenance;

LED Sphere display

 Features Introduction:

  1. The spherical full-color LED display can be used outdoors, indoors and semi-outdoor. Due to its special shape, it has a certain decorative effect.
  2. After special processing, the display unit can be assembled into special-shaped screens such as inner arc display surface, outer arc display surface, inner circle display surface, S display surface, and spherical display, which are not available in ordinary conventional displays.
  3. In order to ensure that the pixels have sufficient brightness in outdoor real-life projects, the front of the pixels is sealed with silicone for waterproofing. The color of the silica gel can be matched with the color card according to the engineering requirements to perfectly blend with the environment;
  4. The pixel outlet uses silicone wire with excellent high and low temperature resistance, combined with professional waterproof technology, and adopts a professionally designed and carefully crafted fully sealed waterproof structure. The protection level reaches IP67. It can adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environments, the working environment range can reach -20 and +80 degrees Celsius, and can work in rainy days;
  5. LED spherical display screen has strong visual impact and high safety factor;
  6. The viewing angle of the LED spherical display is 360 degrees, and the video can be played in all directions, without the viewing angle problem of the flat LED display;
  7. Multiple balls can be connected in series or parallel through cables, so that multiple ball-shaped displays can play video synchronously or asynchronously.
  8. The LED spherical display screen is equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, supports a variety of external signal access, and can realize live broadcast.
  9. The diameter of the LED spherical display can be designed and produced according to customer requirements. The spherical surface is precisely processed by CNC to ensure the uniformity of the overall curvature of the LED spherical display.
  10. LED spherical display has the advantages of light weight, good wind resistance, easy installation, good heat dissipation performance, easy front and rear maintenance, good waterproof performance, good earthquake resistance, low cost of auxiliary installation rack, fanless, quiet and so on.
  11. Like the rental LED display screen, it can be designed with an all-aluminum structure, which is lightweight and sturdy.
    The LED ball has a variety of installation methods and can be designed as mobile, ceiling-mounted or seated according to customer requirements;
    Tailor-made the most suitable LED spherical display solution according to customer requirements and on-site environment;

LED ball display

How to choose a spherical display?

The resolution design of a LED sphere display is the same as that of conventional LED displays, and it depends on the viewing distance. For example, if the display is viewed from 2.5 meters away, it is recommended to choose the P2.5 or P2 model. For viewing at 6 meters, it is recommended to choose P6 or P5. If budget allows, a higher definition model such as P4 or P3 can be selected.

For outdoor viewing at a distance of 10 meters, the P10 model is generally the best option, but this choice is more qualitative than quantitative. The specific installation environment, audience, and budget should be taken into account when making a decision.

Spherical LED display of starry sky image hanging in Science and Technology Museum

What Is An LED Video Sphere?

LED video sphere, also called LED video ball, refers to the ability to play videos and graphics after splicing LED modules into the shape of a ball.

Because the visual feel is hugely different from the square LED displays we usually see, the spherical LED display is more eye-catching.

What Is The Largest Sphere LED Screen In The World?

As of my knowledge up to 2023, the largest Sphere LED screen in the world is known as “The Dubai Mall Sphere”. Located in The Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest shopping malls in the United Arab Emirates, this LED screen Sphere measures a staggering 33 meters (108 feet) in diameter.

It is suspended from the mall’s ceiling and serves as a captivating centerpiece that showcases various multimedia content, including advertising, visual effects, and immersive experiences. The Dubai Mall Sphere is a remarkable example of cutting-edge LED display technology, designed to create an awe-inspiring visual spectacle for visitors.

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