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DJ LED screen

Have A Passion For Hotel KTV Club dj led wall

Engaging your customer is imperative to create a unique and unforgettable hospitality or bar experience that drives revenue.

JYLED dj led wall will also provide customers with customized size design and stage appearance designs according to the physical volume of the bar space and the overall decoration style.

Hotel digital signage displays demand attention and increase overall customer traffic, while reinforcing your brand identity

DJ LED screen

Dj Led Wall Creative!

We strive to help make these digital experiences a reality by creating immersive environments and adding architectural elements that can transform an entire space and reinforce brand connection with customers through the use of custom led video wall.

KTV Club dj led wall

LED Poster Video Display

Our experienced team creates dynamic audio- video- and light productions that enhance the event experience.

Do you want to live stream your concert? No problem, we have customized packaged solutions.

Our technical dj led wall solutions help create tempo, proximity and variation. Our talented project managers and technical experts can help you build the kind of magic need to captivate your audience.

DJ LED screen Shape customization (4)

  • DJ booth Shape customization

    We can customize different shapes according to your bar position. The common shapes are owl shape, Rubik’s cube shape, horn shape,W shape, honeycomb shape, etc.

  • A variety of shapes mixed together

    The seamless splicing of the DJ booth LED screen uses precise assembly processes to ensure that the gaps between each module are as small as possible, thereby achieving image synchronization and color consistency between multiple displays.

  • DJ booth LED screen SeamIess splicing technology

    The seamless splicing technology used in strip LED displays can achieve smooth and seamless connections between multiple LED displays, presenting a larger and more coherent picture.

  • Optional connection components

    The left and right connecting parts are suitable for some regular square edge shapes, such as honeycomb DJ LED displays, and the edges are all flat hexagons. Curved connection components are suitable for some corners and strange edges, such as DJ speaker screens, DJ owl screens, etc.

DJ LED Display Common Shape (4)

  • DJ booth LED screen

    The DJ booth is the center of a bar, and it is also the place where people pay the most attention.

  • dj led screen

    The honeycomb shaped DJLED display can bring stunning visual effects and a more immersive atmosphere.

  • led dj booth rental

    From the initial simple design to the perfect fit of LED display stage and lighting, combined with fashionable dance music,

  • led pixel dj booth

    it brings extraordinary nightclub entertainment enjoyment, and also has an impact on the stage. Shining starts from this moment!

The application prospect of dj display screen in the market

The psychedelic lights that move with the changing rhythm of the movement, the fascinating music and wine, the hot and unrestrained graceful dance, and the ultimate combination of many elements evoke people’s high emotions.

The intimate interaction between people is carried out unscrupulously amidst all kinds of sensory stimulation, and the friction between the shuttle dances arouses people’s desire for fun and intoxication. The stage is not only the place where the mood of the bar spreads but also the soul of the bar business.


Stage design services are characterized by practicality, artistry, and science. The service content includes bar stage space design, stage appearance design, and stage advanced customization services.

dj display screen Catering to market needs In first-tier cities where human resource costs are relatively low under pressure, we tend to choose large-scale lifting stages or T-shaped stage designs with greater atmospheric influence and use Dancers’ hot singing and dancing to drive the atmosphere of the bar. For second and third-tier cities with relatively obvious shortcomings in human resources, it is more sensible to set up small lifting stages or DJ stations, because even if the investment is reduced, the interactive effect can still be guaranteed.


Incorporating information technology to be at the forefront of the times, we continue to incorporate controllable information mechanical design into the bar stage design, using programmed LED equipment to create a 3D visual space, creating different lights, shadows, and patterns to make consumption The person seems to be in the firmament of space, feeling the interlacing of time and space. Or use the modern screen on the wall to match the sound effects and illusion patterns of the night scene to show the trend and make the stage a place for people’s souls to relax.

In the aesthetic design that presents the rhythm, we boldly change the lines and graphics and cooperate with the lighting to create a complex and beautiful dazzling effect, making the bar stage full of fashionable and blurred visual charm, and allowing consumers to move with the rhythm of the music.


The price composition of dj led screen price

Dj bar background indoor LED display, P4 LED display manufacturer/quotation, JYLED is a manufacturer specializing in outdoor and indoor high-definition full-color LED displays, with 10 years of experience in production and large-scale installation of screens.

Every piece of screen from production to installation height embodies every effort of the league people. For indoor LED displays such as DJ bars, many people come to inquire every day.

Here we take the P4 DJ bar LED display as an example to talk about the general composition of the LED display.

The price of P4 dj led screen price mainly includes the following parts:

Dj bar background indoor LED display manufacturer/quotation, LED display quotation includes several aspects:

  •  cabinet cost: that is, the price of our display screen is X yuan per square meter, and the price will vary greatly depending on the materials selected.This includes the cost of the screen composed of LED die, LED module, IC driver chip, module power supply, standard cabinet and module mask.The quality of these materials greatly affects the life of the LED display. Therefore, the finer the workmanship, the better the quality of the material, and the correspondingly higher price.
  • LED display control system cost: the number of receiving cards and sending cards on the display. This does not have an accurate algorithm.It needs to be calculated separately according to the actual usage, screen size and display method, so the customer is understanding the quotation At that time, we should provide us with more detailed information as much as possible.
  • auxiliary equipment cost: The general common display auxiliary equipment costs mainly include: distribution cabinets, computers, audio amplifiers, air conditioners, multi-function control cards, lightning arresters, etc., like some customers with special needs, they need to be matched.For example, if there are users who need to play TV channel programs simultaneously, they need to be equipped with a TV card and LED video processor (equipment that can be connected to a camera for photoelectric signal conversion for live broadcasting).Of course, some of these devices may have been prepared by the user before, and of course the devices that are not needed may not be purchased. This aspect is more flexible.
  • playback software: including computer system software, as well as LED video playback and debugging software needed for display screen playback and debugging, etc., all free of charge.
  • LED display steel frame structure cost: that is, the bracket used to fix the display screen. In addition to the material cost, this piece also includes the labor installation cost. The cost of a steel frame column structure is higher than that of a wall-mounted steel frame structure.This piece can also be provided by the manufacturer for free of steel frame structure design drawings, and the customer can find a local manufacturer to make it, which can save a lot of costs and is a good choice for customers.
  • transportation cost: According to different countries and regions and time arrangements, different transportation methods are generally used to transport items. The common ones are sea and air transportation. Generally, the air transportation cost is much higher than the sea transportation cost, but the time is also fast. Many are shipped by land transportation to a designated port by a logistics company that is docked by the customer.
  • installation cost: When the goods are delivered to the customer, our company will send 1-2 technical engineers to assist in the installation and commissioning for free.

There is no charge for installation, and the customer only needs to be responsible for the general board and lodging expenses and round-trip travel expenses of our technical engineers.

Have A Passion For KTV Club Video Displays

Production and quality assurance measures of bar DJ special-shaped screen

One. Raw material description:

Since its establishment, JYLED has been very cautious in the selection of raw materials, and all imported products and domestically famous products are used to ensure the quality of the display screen and long-term stable operation.

Inspection and testing:

1. General

Ensure inspection and experiment requirements in order to verify the extent to which the product meets the specified requirements, and formulate relevant procedures.

2. Purchase inspection and test

The engineering service department is responsible for the first purchase inspection and quality inspection. The inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the procedure document.

In case of urgent shipment, the products shall be marked and recorded accordingly, so that the products can be returned and replaced immediately if problems are found. Generally, products that fail the incoming inspection or test shall not be used.

Two. Production and debugging

The entire production process strictly implements a modern QC management system, from component selection, printed board production, small board testing, full-screen assembly and debugging, each process is strictly inspected and tested, and the finished product undergoes continuous 48-hour aging. Specific conditions extend the aging detection time, strengthen the system performance, and ensure the reliable operation of various devices.

Three.Reliability and maintainability:

The system’s average trouble-free running time is greater than 5000 hours

The service life of the system is greater than 100,000 hours

The system has good reliability and maintainability

Four. Factory inspection:

After the test of the screen body unit board is completed, the entire screen is burned in and simulated test run in the factory, the control, power distribution and software system are jointly adjusted, the entire screen is simulated and the system is pre-accepted.

Case Description

We have previously cooperated with a large customer of 800 square meters in Chengdu, Sichuan. The early customers visited many large manufacturers. After three months of communication with the customer, the plan design, modification, price negotiation, and subsequent sales Service communication. The customer finally chose JYLED, whose price and quality are absolutely guaranteed.

During the entire installation process, the customer gave a high degree of affirmation and evaluation to our engineers’ on-site work assignments, installation progress, and screen installation errors. After completing the entire project in 5 months, the customer was full of praise and reached a long-term cooperative relationship with us.

Yes, when the current LED display is in chaos, we insist on using stable quality and professional service to do a good job in every piece of LED display that the customer provides. Although sometimes it is inevitable to be taken over by low-priced customers, in the long run, developing enterprises with stable quality is the long-term solution.

What are the characteristics of the bar stage magic DJ booth?

What are the characteristics of the bar stage magic DJ booth?
1. The appearance is grand, cool, fashionable, with various materials,

2. Support customized size design, which is an essential marketing tool for bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues

3. Can be matched with lights and sounds to create different visual effects

4. Wide range of uses, suitable for rental performances and interior decoration needs.

The bar stage magic DJ booth has won the love of many consumers over the years, leading the fashion trend and becoming the most common decoration item in bars.

How to transport the bar LED display by air?

The bar LED display adopts LED air box, put the LED display in the box. The interior of the LED air box is pasted with shockproof buffer material, which can effectively protect the display screen from impact, and the air box can be equipped with casters, which is relatively more flexible and convenient; and it can also be customized according to customer requirements. Therefore, the bar LED display is the first Put it in the LED air box, and then airlift it to the customer by plane.

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