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Perimeter Led Display Manufacturer in China
Perimeter LED Display Manufacturer in China

Perimeter LED Display Features

The perimeter LED display is an impressive sight to behold. This high-resolution display spans the length of the stadium, providing clear and vibrant visuals that can be seen from every seat in the house.

It’s brightness and contrast can be adjusted to accommodate varying light conditions, ensuring excellent visibility even on sunny days. With its quick refresh rate, the display can show fast-paced sports action without any lag or blurring.

The perimeter LED display can be used for displaying live game action, replays, advertisements, and other important information to keep the fans engaged. Its customizable graphics and animation capabilities allow you to create dynamic and exciting visuals that enhance the game’s atmosphere.

It’s high resolution ensures that even the smallest details can be seen clearly, making it an essential tool for referees making crucial decisions.

Perimeter Led Display

Perimeter LED Display Manufacturer

Since there are so many perimeter LED displays involved in the stadium, a complete plan or solution is required, and this is the strength of our JYLED.

We have worked with many perfect solutions for large stadiums in Mexico, Australia, Germany, Panama and other countries. If you are interested, please contact us.

Perimeter Led Display Advantages

An Indispensable Partner For Stadium

The stadium involves various LED displays, including fence screens formed in a circle under the seats, funnel screens specially used for live broadcasts, and viewing displays fixed above the seats. This series of perimeter LED displays , became an indispensable partner in the stadium.

Perimeter LED Display Advantages (3)

  • The LED scoreboard used to record the score in the stadium

    perimeter LED display Slow-motion playback becomes the basis for the referee to make a correct referee, maintain the fairness and justice of the game, and reduce unnecessary conflicts.

  • P10 Outdoor LED Display Shows Wonderful Playback

    The high-definition perimeter LED display brings wonderful scenes, slow-motion playback, and close-ups, giving the audience a perfect visual feast.

  • Outdoor LED Display Installed In The Top Row Of Seats

    Perimeter LED displays in sports stadium enhance fans’ viewing experience, and their diverse functions make them an important tool for modern sports entertainment.

Perimeter LED Display Type

LED Scoreboard Screens
LED Scoreboard Screens
It can record the scores of the field in real time according to the players' goals, so that the audience will not miss the scores of their favorite teams.
Stadium Ribbon Screens
It can be made into the shape of a ribbon and hung above the stadium, which not only reflects the artistic shape, but also increases the viewing angle so that audiences from all directions can see a clear picture.
Large Fixed Stadium LED Screens
Large Fixed Stadium LED Screens
Large LED fixed display screens are usually fixed at the top of the seats or in the middle of the seats, allowing spectators who are slightly farther away to have a glimpse of the stadium.
LED Perimeter Boards
LED Perimeter Boards
The LED perimeter boards surrounds the entire venue and is usually placed under the seats, making it an indispensable and optimal exposure location for advertisers.
LED Fence Display
LED Fence Display
The fence display screen is usually placed in the middle of the seat or under the seat. Like the perimeter LED display screen, it surrounds the entire venue and is also a commonly used advertising exposure location.
LED Scoreboard
LED Scoreboard
Another form of LED scoreboard. The screen is placed in the middle of the venue by hanging. It is often used on football fields and basketball courts.Rendering of the atmosphere when athletes enter the stadium Replay the athletes’ wonderful moments.Interactive display for the stadium audience during the half-time period to enhance the atmosphere of the venue
Product ModelP6.67P8P10
SMD typeSMD2727SMD3535SMD3535
Physical density (dots/sqm)225001562510000
Module resolution48X4840X2032X16
Module dimension320X160320X160320X160
Module quantity (W×H)3X6/Per cabinet3X6/Per cabinet3X6/Per cabinet
Cabinet resolution (W×H)144X144120X12096X96
Cabinet size (mm)960X960X118960X960X118960X960X118
Flatness (mm)≤0.1≤0.1≤0.1
Maintenance modeRearRearFront & Rear
Brightness (nits)550060006500
Color temperature (K)3200-9300 optional3200-9300 optional3200-9300 optional
Cabinet weight363636
Viewing angle (V/H)160°/160°160°/160°160°/160°
Contrast ratio10000 : 110000 : 110000 : 1
Frame-changing frequently50/6050/6050/60
Drive modeStatic 1/6 scaleStatic 1/5 scaleStatic 1/2 scale
Refresh rate384038403840
Max power consumption (w/m²)700-800700-800700-800
Avg. power consumption (w/m²)200-300200-300200-300
Protection gradeIP65IP65IP65
Electric power requirements AC90-264V,47-63Hz
Working Temp/Humidity(℃/RH) -20~60℃/10%~90%
Storage Temp/Humidity(℃/RH) -20~60℃/10%~90%

What is the perimeter LED display type?

Perimeter LED displays are very common in stadium LED displays. Do you know the difference between them and ordinary LED displays?Today, I will tell you about some differences between ordinary LED displays and perimeter LED displays.

Competitive sports have always been the favorite of many people. The passion and blood on the field can make the audience watching the game arouse their positive nerves. And these are all thanks to the large LED display screen. Whether it is the broadcast of the game, or the scoring and playback, you can see it.

In this regard, some spectators are also curious about the perimeter LED display in the stadium and do not know the difference between such a display and an ordinary display. Next, let’s talk about the differences between them.

To ensure the convenient and accurate use of the display screen for the multi-functional perimeter LED display, it should adhere to the requirements of high standards, high technology, and high quality in the design and manufacture, which can be analyzed from the following aspects.

1. High-standard material luminescent material

The luminescent material is an important material for perimeter LED display screens, especially full-color displays, and is the key to ensuring display effects, high reliability, and long life. The main reference indicators are brightness and uniformity.

The control driver chip is the guarantee of the key design of the display screen. Due to the high technical content of this part and the uneven level of manufacturers, the design of this part should be treated with care. Switch the power supply.

The switching power supply is a component with a high failure rate in the display screen, and a high-quality switching power supply must be used to ensure that it can meet the use requirements of the stadium display screen.

2. High-level control technology

The stadium display screen is a large-scale facility serving competitive events. Its control technology needs to integrate advanced technologies in the industry, such as static latch technology, white balance technology, nonlinear correction technology, high grayscale technology, color uniformity technology, Video processing technology, fast-moving image compensation technology, full braking control technology, etc.

3. Quality assurance of design and installation and commissioning

Any fault or error will have a great impact, so stable engineering quality is the objective requirement of users. To meet the requirements, ensure the stable and reliable operation of the display screen, and be foolproof, it is necessary to take quality as the guide in design, production, installation, commissioning, and delivery, and use an effective quality assurance system to ensure the entire production process.

With the rise of sports events and the accelerated construction of stadiums in recent years, professional LED displays have become an important facility for game information displays and live broadcasts of games in stadiums. There are many types of perimeter LED displays, which can often be seen in sports competitions and large-scale events. Below we briefly introduce several common perimeter LED display.

Sports perimeter LED display type

1. Live video wall

stadium LED screen applications

Live video wall is one of the common applications of perimeter LED displays. It is composed of multiple LED displays and has many different installation types. For example, ceiling type, curved type, independent type, etc. It has the advantages of wide viewing angle and high image definition.

It can either display the entire image or be divided into different windows to ensure that every viewer on site will not miss every highlight of the event live broadcast. At the same time, relying on the characteristics of high contrast, high refresh rate, and high color reproduction, it can truly synchronize the situation on the field and attract potential sponsors.

2. Stadium fence screen

stadium LED screen applications

Stadiums have fences underneath the stands, and these fences are the perfect way to advertise. The use of fence displays can not only replace the fences of stadiums, but also display and play advertisements on the displays, so that people can inadvertently see advertisements when watching events, thereby increasing brand awareness.

3. Center hanging LED display

Stadium LED Video Live

The central hanging (suspended) LED display can display game information, timing information, game scores, player technical statistics and other contents together. It can also be divided into multiple areas to display various statistical information, charts, animations, live broadcasts or replays. It can also manage, publish and update screens throughout the network within the system to interact with the audience and enhance the atmosphere of the scene.

4. LED strip shape display

stadium LED screen applications

As a supplement to the main screen of the stadium, the LED strip shape display is specially designed for playing videos, animations, and advertisements in the stadium. The entire cabinet is light in weight, easy to maintain, and can meet the requirements of different installation environments.

5. LED bucket screen

Basketball Court LED Display

The square LED display located in the center of the stadium is called a “funnel screen” or “barrel screen” because it is shaped like a funnel. It complies with NBA game standards and has a lifting (vertical movement) function to meet the needs of field information recording and player data display.

6. Small pitch LED display in coach lounge

The small-pitch LED display installed in the coaching lounge is an ideal solution for broadcasting fast-moving sports content at close range, and is suitable for coaches to control the layout of field tactics and game replays.

Taking JYLED’s small-pitch LED display as an example, it can be customized to any display size, with vivid colors, seamless high-definition images, and one-key switching of 2D/3D display, creating a professional-grade broadcast display system for the team.

Finally, let me give you a brief introduction. JYLED is a company specializing in R&D, production, sales, and installation of LED electronic displays and LED series application products. It has successfully cooperated with many companies and has a very good industry reputation. If you have LED display needs, you can get in touch with us through the contact information below.

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