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Outdoor Media

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Show the beauty of details and restore true colors! Use fine pitch LED display to create excellent picture quality.

LED Screen Product For Outdoor Advertising Media

Outdoor Fixed LED Display

The outdoor LED display uses a precision waterproof cabinet and waterproof module, so it has a very good waterproof effect and is suitable for outdoor use for a long time.

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Product Feature Box

waterproof icon
Good Waterproof Performance

The LED displays used in outdoor media have good waterproof properties and can be placed outdoors for long periods of time.

Heat Dissipation icon
Good Heat Dissipation Performance

The outdoor media LED display has a built-in 220V high-performance cooling fan (optional) and can work in a high temperature environment of 70°C.

light adjust icon
Extremely Bright

Due to the strong sunlight outdoors, the LED displays used in outdoor media have high brightness, and the average brightness can reach 4500CD/㎡

Eye-catching icon
Far Viewing Distance

Generally, outdoor advertisements are installed in buildings or high places. The point spacing used is generally between P8-P10.If the screen is large enough, the viewing distance can reach 30-100 meters.

LED Screen Application Solution For Outdoor Advertising Media

Since outdoor advertising media has many fields and needs, JYLED has specially launched a number of different outdoor LED large-screen application solutions for these subdivided application fields.

Outdoor LED Display Installed On The Building
Outdoor Buildings

Outdoor buildings are the best scenarios for using outdoor LED displays. Not only because of the large building area, but more importantly, only display devices such as LED displays that can be infinitely spliced can carry it, and it is impossible to replace it with other devices.

Outdoor LED Totem Machine
Information Booths And Platforms

It mainly uses LED displays to replace traditional outdoor media communication equipment such as light box advertising screens and LCD splicing screens used in information kiosks and platforms. The LED display screen supports network cluster control. You only need to send a signal to change the display information in batches.

Building Grille Screen
Building Walls And Roofs

It mainly uses LED displays to replace traditional outdoor media communication equipment such as light box advertising screens and LCD splicing screens used in information kiosks and platforms. The LED display screen supports network cluster control. You only need to send a signal to change the display information in batches.

Louis Vuitton Beijing Daxing Airport Store LED Screen
Shop Windows

Shop windows mainly use transparent LED displays and small-pitch LED displays. Because these two products are lightweight and easy to install, they are very suitable for playing outdoor advertisements and are indispensable and important facilities for outdoor media.

Different Installation Methods Of Outdoor Media LED Display

What Is Outdoor Media
Fixed Installation

This type of outdoor LED display is usually fixed on the roof of a building or store, allowing people in the distance to see the advertising content at a glance, which is of great help in exposing the brand and increasing customer traffic.

OOH Advertising Services
Double Column Installation

In some places where there is no way to install it through a steel structure because it is relatively empty, two large pillars need to be poured out of concrete as a support for the LED display, and then the display screen is installed on this basis to play outdoor media advertisements.

Outdoor Advertising Examples
Standing Installation

It is mostly used in LED totem advertising, bus stop billboards and other outdoor media advertising.Compared with double-column installation and fixed installation, the standing installation method is simpler.

Outdoor Advertising Media
The large screen is visually stunning. For outdoor media, choose JYLED advertising LED display!

The impact of LED displays on outdoor media

LED displays have penetrated into every aspect of our lives, whether it is in sports events, any form of party, or in the streets and alleys, you can see it. It is currently the main way of information dissemination in outdoor media.

The application of LED displays in outdoor media is much greater than that of other display devices combined. According to incomplete statistics, outdoor LED displays account for 80% of the market share of outdoor media display equipment.

Outdoor Large Screen LED Display
Outdoor Large Screen LED Display

This dazzling achievement is inseparable from its functional characteristics. The LED display screen itself has the characteristics of energy saving, lightweight, miniaturization, and high integration. This is also the standard required by the world for demand products.

But who would have thought that 20 years ago, LED displays were unknown and almost abandoned.

A difficult history

LED display screens are spliced together from LED modules, and LED modules are composed of LED lamp beads. They are all solid cold light sources and are much more difficult to produce than LCDs. In the early 1990s, due to limitations in the use of raw materials and processes, as well as insufficient raw materials and high error rates in manual production, the cost was high and the popularity rate was very low.

However, LED manufacturers have not given up on improving LED displays. With the launch of Samsung’s first LED display, everyone has seen the opportunities behind LED displays. With the continuous improvement of technology, continuous improvement of processes and the development of raw materials, LED display devices have made rapid progress in terms of life and brightness indicators, and their costs have also been greatly reduced. LED displays suitable for various places and various applications have gradually There are more.

The conventional LED display we are familiar with is just one of the products that is widely used in outdoor media. There are also LED floor tile screens that decorate the floor, and canopy LED displays that decorate the ceiling.

At this point, the LED display is no longer just an extension of outdoor media communication. It has a larger creative space and broader application scenarios, can meet various personalized needs, has a communication concept in the digital age, and is a unique screen form. .

LED displays will be more fashionable and more comprehensive in the future

According to a senior R&D engineer at JYLED, LED displays are developing in a more lightweight and fashionable direction, and their functions are becoming more and more abundant. From the beginning, they could only be used as an ordinary display device, and now they can be integrated with various systems. Interactive functions can also be added, which greatly improves creativity and fun.

LED displays will be used in more scenarios in the future because of their high brightness, high definition, low loss, and rich colors. Development in lighting, advertising and other industries has become an inevitable development direction.

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