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What is a jumbotron? Detailed introduction of jumbotron

Origin of the term “Jumbotron”

Jumbotron was initially a trademark registered by the Japanese company Sony. At the same time, Sony was also the developer of the world’s first giant display, which was manufactured and used for the first time during the 1985 World Expo held in Tokyo, Japan.

The World's First Jumbotron Made By SONY
The World’s First Jumbotron Made By SONY

Current meaning of Jumbotron

By 2001, sixteen years later, Sony had exited the large-screen business. Now, the term “Jumbotron” has become a generic term used to describe any large or giant screen.


A Jumbotron is a type of large screen or display used to show videos, images, or other types of content. It may also be applied in some programs, such as frameworks like Bootstrap.

Due to its exceptionally large size, giant screens are suitable for venues with high ceilings and high levels of foot traffic, such as sports stadiums, concert venues, and other large public spaces where people gather to watch live events.

How do jumbotrons work?

The internal structure of jumbotrons is quite complex, but the principle of operation is simple. Jumbotrons available on the market today are made up of LED screens, which are composed of numerous LED modules.

Workers Are Installing Jumbotrons
Workers Are Installing Jumbotrons

Inside each LED module, there are various small components, such as LED modules, LED power supplies, receiving cards, sending cards, and so on.

These modules are controlled by a machine called a video processor, which centrally processes the video signals. This ensures that the display quality remains consistently clear regardless of the screen’s size.

What are the benefits of using jumbotrons?

Broader Audience Reach

Jumbotrons are typically installed at heights exceeding 30 meters, allowing more viewers in the vicinity to see the spectacular images displayed on them, thus reaching a wider audience.

Outdoor Jumbotron Are Playing Advertisements
Outdoor Jumbotron Are Playing Advertisements

Clearer Display of Content

while smaller screens can be forced to display as much content as jumbotrons, the content displayed on small screens will inevitably be proportionally reduced and may not be as clear. In contrast, giant screens can display content clearly, enhancing the audience’s visual experience.

Outdoor Jumbotron Is Showing A Singer Singing
Outdoor Jumbotron Is Showing A Singer Singing

Increased Revenue for Advertisers

Since jumbotrons can be divided into different zones for displaying content, advertisers can place ads in prominent areas, increasing their exposure and enhancing brand recall among viewers, resulting in a win-win situation.

Outdoor Jumbotron Are Playing Advertisement
Outdoor Jumbotron Are Playing Advertisement

Displaying More Content

In any case, the bigger the screen, the more content it can display. In this way, we can flexibly match regional content and display the information that can capture the audience’s hearts in a more prominent form, thereby maintaining the enthusiasm and participation of the audience.

A Giant Screen In New York's Times Square
A Giant Screen In New York’s Times Square

Long-term Durability

Jumbotrons are composed of environmentally friendly and durable LED screens, surrounded by heavy-duty steel structures, making them capable of lasting 7–8 years without any issues. Even after 7–8 years, if some screens develop faults, they can be dismantled and replaced with new modules.

Common Applications of jumbotrons

The characteristics of jumbotrons determine their application scenarios, which are ideally suited for spacious areas with dense crowds. Here are some common applications of jumbotrons :

Sports Industry

Conceptual Image Of The Large LED Screen At Four Winds Field
Conceptual Image Of The Large LED Screen At Four Winds Field

The jumbotron is an indispensable and important facility in the sports industry. Just imagine, if you are sitting at the back of the stadium with a very small screen in front of you, you can’t even see the stadium clearly. You can also imagine its popularity and scale.

Through the giant screen, every move on the field is presented to the audience. No matter where you sit, you can experience the refreshing feeling brought by the giant screen. That’s what the jumbotron is for.

Entertainment Events

Jumbotrons Are Used As Background Walls At Car Shows
Jumbotrons Are Used As Background Walls At Car Shows

All large-scale entertainment events are indispensable without the participation of the jumbotron. Because the giant screen is an important background board for entertainment events, it can provide different background images according to the atmosphere of the event, thereby well promoting the atmosphere on the field and achieving stunning visual effects.

Shop Mall

Shopping Malls Use Giant Screens To Display Advertisements
Shopping Malls Use Giant Screens To Display Advertisements

The jumbotron is an important marketing tool to attract the attention of the masses. It allows the masses to be attracted by wonderful advertising images or promotional information from a long distance, thereby promoting better conversions.

Some places have even become local tourist attractions due to the installation of large giant screens, attracting many tourists to come for sightseeing.

Tourist Attractions

Large Ceiling LED Display Mounted On The Top Of The Playground
Large Ceiling LED Display Mounted On The Top Of The Playground

As we mentioned earlier, some supermarkets can become popular on the Internet through jumbotrons and become tourist attractions, not to mention a specialized tourism industry. If jumbotrons are cleverly integrated into tourist attractions, it can not only bring an extraordinary experience, but also enhance the sense of fashion and technology in tourist attractions.

Cost of jumbotrons

According to publicly available information online, Sony initially installed the first batch of jumbotrons at the former Tampa Stadium in Florida. The screen was 30 feet long with a visual resolution of only 240*192 pixels. This screen was phased out after about 5 years due to its inability to keep up with technological advancements.

Before discontinuing production in 2001, Sony also installed a jumbotron at the SkyDome in Ontario, which cost a staggering $17 million.

Today, with the rapid advancement of LED display screen technology, a giant screen that once cost $17 million can now be obtained for approximately $3 million. If lower-end materials are used, the cost may be even lower.

Based on some past cases, a jumbotron used for high school football fields may cost around $20,000 to $30,000. Larger screens, such as the Carthage Jumbotron in Texas, are estimated to cost between $60,000 and $85,000 for construction and installation.

Meanwhile, jumbotrons used in professional sports venues or large-scale concerts may cost millions or even tens of millions of dollars.

For instance, the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, spent $40 million to build the broadcast screen. The SoFI Jumbotron manufactured by Samsung is the world’s largest video scoreboard, and although its cost is undisclosed, we estimate it to be at least $400 million.

The final cost of giant screens is highly complex and depends on factors such as the model of the display, the size and resolution requirements for installation, the complexity of the LED control system, and the location and installation requirements.

Rent a jumbotron or buy it?

Generally, jumbotrons are customized for long-term use and are rarely rented out. We consulted several giant LED screen rental companies on the market, and they provided quotes ranging from $4,000 to $35,000, depending on factors such as the size, resolution, and application scenario (indoor or outdoor) of the giant screen to be rented.

For short-term use, you can consider leasing, but if it is used frequently, this approach is unwise. The main reason is that the price of direct purchase may be more cost-effective than the price of frequent rental.

If you want a quick price estimate for Jumbotron, please contact us and our professional quotation team will provide you with a free quote.

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