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  • Outdoor rental LED display
  • Outdoor rental LED display
  • The outdoor rental LED display is live broadcasting the event
  • The outdoor rental screen is showing the 2018 and 2019 Academy Awards
  • Outdoor rental LED display
  • Outdoor rental LED display
  • The outdoor rental LED display is live broadcasting the event
  • The outdoor rental screen is showing the 2018 and 2019 Academy Awards

Outdoor Rental LED Display

LED Display Series: Rental Display Series
Suitable Scene: Outdoor
Brightness: 3500-6000cd/㎡

  • High quality IC, long service life and high brightness
  • Install a waterproof rubber ring to prevent rainwater from penetrating
  • HD picture quality, enjoy beautiful colors

What is the Outdoor Rental LED Display?

The outdoor rental display adopts an outdoor-specific die-cast aluminum cabinet. The cabinet is lightweight and easy to disassemble and move, making it suitable for large-scale outdoor concerts, press conferences and other venues.

Technical Data

VOLTAGE110 – 230 V

Outdoor Rental LED Display Feature Introduction

Rental outdoor LED display is playing the concert picture

IP65 Waterproof

All outdoor products can reach the IP65 waterproof level, which ensures that the screen can be played without interference even on rainy days.


High Brightness

Because there is usually strong sunlight outdoors, the display screen of the outdoor rental series has a much higher brightness than the indoor one, which can reach a maximum of 6000cd/㎡.

Rental outdoor LED displays are being tested
The stadium is testing the installation of rental outdoor LED displays

High Quality IC

The lamp beads of the rental outdoor display screen use higher quality ICs to ensure that there will be no problem of lamp damage when playing high-brightness images for a long time.


Includes All the Benefits of Indoor Rental Displays

Rental outdoor LED displays include the advantages of easy movement and disassembly that indoor rental displays have, and are equivalent to an upgraded version of indoor rental displays.

Rental outdoor LED display is showing the event

More Product Information

Module Size(mm)250×250250×250
Module Resolution(dot)96×9684×8464×6452×52
Cabinet Size(mm)500×500/500×1000500×500/500×1000
Max. Power Consumption(w)400400400400
Average Power Consumption(w)200200200200
Cabinet Weight(kg/m²)30
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting Aluminum
IP RateIP65
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920/3840
Horizontal Viewing Angle140°
Vertical Viewing Angle140°
Input Voltage  AC110V-AC220V
Temperature-operating  -10℃-60℃
Life Span(H)100000

Product Document Download

Indian singers sing on a stage set up by outdoor monitors

Outdoor Rental LED Display Solution

Outdoor Rental LED display is the most commonly used display product for outdoor stages, and it is simple and convenient to use.

The singer is singing on a stage set up by an outdoor rental LED display
What is the difference between outdoor rental display and indoor rental display?

The outdoor rental display screen uses higher quality lamp beads to ensure that the picture is displayed brightly for a long time.

In addition, the outdoor rental display screen has added waterproof rubber rings and waterproof coatings to prevent rain, dust and other foreign matter from entering the screen body, so it can be used outdoors for a long time.

How to dissipate heat in outdoor rental LED displays?

For areas with an average temperature within 40°C and an area of about 10 square meters, there is usually no need to consider additional heat dissipation issues, because the indoor rental display cabinet has a built-in cooling fan that can take away the heat during operation.

If the average temperature exceeds 50°C and the area of the display screen exceeds 15 square meters, you can consider installing an air conditioner to assist heat dissipation.

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