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Outdoor Rental LED Display

Outdoor Rental LED Display

Outdoor rental LED displays are specifically designed for outdoor events, whether they’re a few square meters or several thousand square meters. These high-resolution, large-screen displays provide viewers with a perfect visual experience and have become the primary choice for outdoor events such as weddings, exhibitions, and concerts.

Key Advantages

  • Seamless splicing
  • Easy assembly
  • Fine craftsmanship
  • Sturdy and durable

The Perfect Companion for Outdoor Events - Outdoor Rental LED Display

When organizing outdoor events, creating an atmosphere is essential. What would you choose? Balloons, ribbons, potted plants, or flowers? How about opting for a giant outdoor LED rental display? What effect would it have on the participants of the gathering or event?

Certainly, many people attending the event would be attracted by the effect of the outdoor LED rental display. With a brightness of 5500 nits, even in bright daylight, the display remains clear and visible. Its high image quality enhances the overall atmosphere of the outdoor event.

Common Models of Outdoor Rental LED Displays

P2.604 Outdoor Rental LED Display
P2.604 outdoor rental LED display

Among the commonly used models, P2.604 has the smallest pixel pitch, suitable for viewing at relatively close distances (3-8 meters).

P3.91 Outdoor Rental LED Display

P3.91 is the most commonly used outdoor rental LED display model. It offers a moderate viewing distance and is ideal for creating a small LED backdrop.

P4.81 Outdoor Rental LED Display

Similar to P3.91, this model is also widely used and offers high cost-effectiveness within a viewing distance of 10 meters, making it popular among buyers and users.

P5.95 Outdoor Rental LED Display
P5.95 outdoor rental LED display

With a larger pixel pitch, it allows for a longer viewing distance after splicing, making it suitable for medium to large concerts or stages.

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Advantages of Outdoor Rental LED Display

Pixel Pitch icon
Seamless splicing

Two or more LED cabinets can be seamlessly spliced to form a larger screen.

Product Customization icon
Easy assembly

The assembly of outdoor rental LED displays is straightforward, requiring only the connection of power and network cables.

Sturdy Icon
Excellent flatness

Thanks to JYLED’s excellent craftsmanship, the modules fit perfectly into the cabinets, resulting in no protrusions during splicing.

Sturdy and durable

Outdoor rental LED displays can be used for a minimum of 8-10 years with minimal maintenance required during this period.

High-Quality Outdoor Rental LED Displays for Better Business Operations

JYLED is a Chinese manufacturer of outdoor rental LED displays, offering high-quality, fault-free outdoor rental LED displays. After purchasing outdoor rental LED displays, you can rent them out to other customers or use them for grand events or conferences.
By utilizing both rental and self-use scenarios, you can flexibly conduct your business.

Outdoor Rental LED Displays For Better Business
Outdoor Rental LED Display Flexible Configuration Solutions

Flexible Configuration Solutions - Choose the Most Suitable Way

When using outdoor rental LED displays, different scenarios require different solutions. Here are three common solutions:

  • For areas with strong sunlight, we recommend using high-brightness solutions.
  • For large stages with long viewing distances, high-refresh-rate solutions are recommended.
  • For areas with short viewing distances, solutions with high density and small pixel pitch are required.

Selecting the Coolest Screen for Stages and Events

Outdoor rental LED displays feature stylish and cool cabinets that are lightweight, highly protective, and contribute to creating a more attractive stage.

In terms of design, we’ve considered that some venues aren’t entirely square, so we’ve introduced curved locks to create more complex and varied shapes.

Outdoor Rental LED Display Lightweight Box
What Do I Need to Know Before Purchasing Rental LED Displays?

You need to determine the usage scenario, viewing distance, and screen size. With these basic parameters, we can recommend a more accurate solution.

What Are the Benefits of Having Outdoor Rental LED Displays?

Having an outdoor rental LED display is like having a movable big screen. Whether you want to rent it out or use it yourself, it’s very convenient.

How Can I Find Nearby Outdoor LED Display Rental Suppliers?

You can open Google Maps and search for “outdoor LED display rental suppliers.” Google will provide nearby outdoor LED display suppliers based on your location.

Maintenance Suggestions for Outdoor LED Rental Displays

Over time, outdoor LED rental displays may accumulate dust, stains, etc. In this case, you can gently wipe them with a towel dipped in alcohol.

Can Outdoor LED Rental Displays Stream Sports Events in Real-Time?

Yes, they can. Outdoor LED rental displays support various streaming media playback. After connecting to the network, you can stream sports events in real-time.

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