All-in-One LED Display

Pixel Pitch: 1.5mm

“All-in-One” LED display is a comprehensive, multi-functional LED screen that combines multiple functions into an integrated system.

It is a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates LED panels, control systems, power distribution and other components into a unified display unit.

No worries about installation, simple to use, powerful functions, clear images



Multi-functional integration

This LED display uses high-resolution LED panels to present vivid and lifelike images and videos, ensuring excellent image clarity and color restoration, providing viewers with more shocking and high-quality visual experience.


High-quality images and videos

All-in-One LED Display integrates multiple functions into one system, integrating LED display, control system, power distribution and other components.

This integrated design simplifies the installation and maintenance process and greatly improves the convenience of operation.


Flexible content management

All-in-One LED Display is equipped with a built-in control system that can easily manage, schedule and play content without external equipment or software.

Users can easily set and control various display parameters, and flexibly configure and switch display content.


stable operation

This LED display is carefully designed and manufactured for excellent durability and stability.

maintaining excellent performance whether in the scorching summer or cold winter.


Customizable design

All-in-One LED Display provides a wealth of customization options to meet the needs of different customers and the special requirements of the scene.

Users can customize the size, shape, installation method and appearance design of the display based on their own brand image, display needs, space constraints and other factors.

This customization ensures that the display is perfectly integrated into the environment, enabling personalized brand presentation and optimal visual effects.

At the same time, customized services also mean that manufacturers can provide specialized solutions according to customer needs to meet the special needs of different industries and application scenarios.


TitleAll-in-One LED Display
Pixel Pitch1.5mm
Screen Size130”
Screen Resolution4K
Pixel Density444,444(dot/㎡)
Encapsulation TechnologySMD
MaintenanceFront and Rear
InstallationWall Mount/Hanging Suspension/Floor Stand/Mobile Stand/etc.
Max. Power Consumption600w/m²
Average Power Consumption200w/m²
Cabinet Weight37kg
Cabinet MaterialAluminum
IP RateIP31
Refresh Rate3840Hz
Frame Change Frequency50/60Hz
Horizontal Viewing Angle>140°
Vertical Viewing Angle>140°
Best Viewing Distance>1.5m
Input VoltageInput Voltage AC110V – AC220V
Module Max. Current6.0-7.5
Humidity-operatingHumidity-operating 10%~90%
Life Span≥100,000h


Product Document


All-in-One LED Display is an integrated design that integrates LED display, control system, power distribution and other additional functions into one system, providing users with more convenient, intelligent and customized LED display solutions.

Installation and maintenance of All-in-One LED Display usually requires professionals. Especially for the installation and debugging of large displays, technicians are required to have relevant experience and expertise to ensure correct installation and operation.

Yes, All-in-One LED Display usually supports remote control and management. You can use specific software or applications to remotely control and manage your display over a network connection, allowing you to centrally manage and update content remotely.

The pixel density of All-in-One LED Display depends on the specific model and specifications. Higher pixel density means higher resolution and clearer image display. Such products typically provide detailed images and clear text display to meet demanding visual experiences.

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