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Outdoor Led Display

Shopping Mall LED display

Shopping mall LED display is a screen used in large shopping malls and shopping malls. It is divided into two types: indoor LED display and outdoor LED display. At present, Shopping mall LED display is becoming more and more important for customers to participate in new shopping methods.

  • Versatile and customizable
  • High durability and low maintenance costs
  • Energy saving, environmental protection, low energy consumption
  • Increase brand awareness and customer attraction

What are the uses of Shopping mall LED display?

Generally speaking, large shopping malls and shopping malls are mostly located in prosperous areas of the city, where there is a large flow of people and many consumers, which is very suitable for advertising and commercial promotion. Compared with traditional advertising forms, LED displays are welcomed by more companies and merchants.

Compared with traditional static advertisements, LED displays are more attractive to customers. This helps customers learn about the latest brand information and promotions more quickly, and increases customer participation in merchants and brands. Better retain customers and improve customer experience.

LED displays can display more types of content, such as pictures, text, videos, etc. At the same time, the high brightness and high definition of LED displays allow customers to see the content played on the screen even from a distance, making businesses The advertising scope is wider and the coverage is larger.

What are the products related to Shopping mall LED display?

LED Poster Display
LED Poster Display

With an independent appearance design, it can be placed in various locations in the mall to display store product information and promotional content. The high contrast and wider grayscale make the images and videos played more high-definition, maximizing brand advertising exposure and attracting customer’s attention.

Soft LED Display
Soft LED Display

Any shape and size can be customized according to customer requirements, personalized design, coordinated with the installation environment, high definition, richer playback colors, unique and changeable shapes, stronger artistry, attracting more consumers to stop and watch.

Transparent LED Display
Transparent LED Display

The transparent LED display produced by JYLED has a transparency rate of up to 85%. It is installed indoors but can achieve outdoor viewing effects. It has a simple structure, a lighter cabinet and no need for air conditioning for heat dissipation. It is more energy-saving than conventional LED displays.

Floor LED Display
Floor LED Display

Control the screen at the same frequency, making the operation easier. It has strong impact resistance. The screen has a load-bearing capacity of about 1.5 tons and can be stepped on directly. The display cabinet has a built-in sensor chip and an external radar, and can be used with customized videos to enable interactive scenes. experience, increasing the interactivity and participation of the experiencer.

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What are the characteristics of Shopping mall LED display?

Enhance Brand Awareness
Enhance brand awareness

Customize special LED display shapes and increase brand promotion efforts to create a unique brand experience for shoppers.

Strengthen Advertising And Promotion
Strengthen advertising and promotion

Connect to the screen via mobile phone or computer and promptly update customers with brand information, product promotions and other preferential activity information.

Flexibility And Customization
Flexibility and customization

According to the installation environment and installation location, customize the appropriate shape and size, select the appropriate pixel pitch and usage method.

Increase Brand Revenue
Increase brand revenue

Compared with traditional advertising methods, LED displays combined with special shapes and video content are easier to attract customers and increase brand revenue.

What are the advantages of Shopping mall LED display?

Compared with traditional advertising methods, Shopping Mall LED display screens have the characteristics of full-color display and dynamic video advertising display, which can enhance the brand advertising effect, cover a wider group of people, and attract more consumers to watch advertising content. At the same time, the special customized shape and size of the Shopping Mall LED display will also attract passers-by to stop and watch. In order to achieve better advertising communication effect.

Improve Visual Appeal For Viewers
Timely Content Updates And High Flexibility

Timely content updates and high flexibility

Shopping Mall LED displays can connect and control screen display content through mobile phones and computers, including text, sound, images, animations, etc. Enterprises and merchants can change advertising content and screen promotion content in real time, allowing them to establish direct contact with consumers and increase Consumers’ sense of participation and experience can provide customers with better services and further increase brand revenue.

What are the application scopes of Shopping mall LED display?

Advertising And Event Promotion

Shopping mall LED display is widely used in shopping malls for product advertising, services and brand activities and other promotional content. It is crucial for brand sales and can ensure that consumers in the mall can receive brand and merchant advertisements in a timely manner. content, keep abreast of brand information, and increase the chances of customers entering the store.

Game And Entertainment Live Streaming

Shopping mall LED display can also be used for entertainment purposes. For example, interactive LED displays are installed in game parks in shopping malls to increase consumers’ interactive experience and enhance the sense of game entertainment. They can also be used for broadcasting Live events, live concerts and other content to maintain consumer engagement.

Merchant And Brand Promotion

Shopping mall LED display can play text, pictures and videos combined with sound to increase the attractiveness of the LED display content. Repeated playback in shopping malls with huge traffic can achieve the purpose of increasing the image of merchants and brands. , while also leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

Wayfinding And Other Information
Wayfinding and other information

The new Shopping mall LED display can be used as a professional wayfinding and navigation tool in the mall. The LED display with interactive touch function can help consumers efficiently and quickly check store locations and navigation routes in the mall. Lead consumers to find their desired destination in a timely and accurate manner.

What are the types and installation locations of shopping mall LED displays?

Outdoor Fixed LED Display
Outdoor fixed LED display

often installed on the outside of shopping mall walls or on the roof. The large screen size can better play advertising content. At the same time, outdoor LED display has the advantages of waterproof grade up to IP65, brightness up to 6000nit, ultra-clear display, etc. At the same time, the 3D LED display can also be customized with customized 3D video materials.

Shopping Mall Rental LED Display
Shopping mall rental LED display

This type of LED display is mostly installed in the center of the mall and is used by merchants to temporarily hold large-scale events or live broadcasts to increase the flow of people in the mall. It can also be installed on the wall of a larger store to play videos of brand celebrity endorsements and promotional activities to attract customers into the store. You can also assemble it to the required size without being restricted by the site.

Canopy LED Display At The Top Of The Shopping Mall
Canopy LED display at the top of the shopping mall

This type of screen is generally installed at the top of the shopping mall. The most suitable screen shape and size are customized according to the shopping mall. This type of LED display has the advantages of high brightness, high resolution, full-color display, and simple control. , the playback content can be changed at any time to match the shopping mall or festival atmosphere, increasing the fashion sense and appeal of the shopping mall.

Outdoor Fixed Led Display
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Is there any difference between indoor and outdoor Shopping Mall LED Display?

Yes, generally speaking, the indoor Shopping Mall LED Display has a small area, a simple cabinet is light in weight, is easy to install, and has more screen types. The outdoor Shopping Mall LED Display has a large area, requires a waterproof level of IP65, and a brightness of 5000-6000nit, so that it can cope with extreme outdoor weather.

How to choose the Shopping Mall LED Display that suits you best indoors?

First, JYLED engineers recommend determining the screen type that suits you based on the installation location and purpose. Second, choose the appropriate pixel pitch based on the viewing distance from the screen. Finally, select the appropriate cabinet and size to start production.

Are there any size requirements for Shopping Mall LED Display?

No, Shopping Mall LED Display can customize screens of different sizes according to the usage environment and location. Generally, the area of LED display screens used outdoors is more than 100sqm, so Shopping Mall LED Display has no size limit.

Is the Shopping Mall LED Display fixed installation or rental?

Both installation methods are available. You can choose the most appropriate installation method according to your own situation. For large-size outdoor screens, engineers recommend fixed installation for safety reasons. For indoor LED displays, you can choose according to the usage scenario and purpose.

How to maintain Shopping Mall LED Display?

According to the cabinet and pixel spacing and installation method, it is divided into two maintenance methods: front maintenance and back maintenance. Outdoor waterproof cabinets generally adopt post-maintenance, and are combined with steel structures during installation to facilitate later maintenance. The indoor small-pitch LED display is more about front-end maintenance, saving manpower and material resources and reducing resource loss.

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