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Sports Led Display

Sports LED Display

Enjoy a panoramic view of sports events with unparalleled dynamic high definition.

LED Display Soulution Related To Sports Fields

EverBank Field Stadium LED Display

The perimeter LED display is an impressive sight to behold. This high-resolution display spans the length of the stadium, providing clear and vibrant visuals that can be seen from every seat in the house.

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Most sports LED displays do not need to disassemble the back cover, they can be disassembled and spliced through the front. If any LED module is abnormal, the LED module can be sucked out and replaced with a suction cup.

Adjusting icon
Flexible Adjustment

The number of sports LED displays can be adjusted according to the circumference of the stadium. If a fence LED display is used, it will generally form an oval around the entire court.

Eye-catching icon
Wide Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of a single motion LED display reaches 170°, so audiences sitting in the venue can see a clear picture no matter what angle they look at.

Signal Icon
Signal Backup

The sports LED display is equipped with two IC systems inside. When the system operates, the signal uses one main circuit signal. When the main circuit signal fails to operate, it will automatically switch to use the other backup signal to ensure that the signal will not be lost.

Advantages Of Using Sport LED Displays

Motion LED Display Installed In The Audience
Motion LED Displays Installed In The Audience

Introduce player information and live competition through a large sports LED display. The ultra-large and clear live game screen breaks the restrictions between spectators and athletes, making it easier to watch games from a distance.

It can be connected to the referee system and timing and scoring system, so that the sports LED screen can play the game time and score in real time.

Wonderful scenes, slow-motion playback, and close-ups bring a perfect visual feast to the audience.

Ceiling Mounted Motion LED Display

Slow-motion replay allows referees and spectators to make correct decisions, maintaining the fairness and justice of the game and reducing unnecessary conflicts.

Four Sided Motion LED Display Mounted On The Ceiling

The playback of commercial advertisements can add to the competition scene. The perfect picture quality and sound effects make the scene more competitive and shocking.

Different Installation Scenarios Of Sports LED Displays

Sports Card Display Ideas
Top of Seats

Placing a large sports LED display on the top row of seats in the stadium will have no problem viewing it from any angle.

Stadium Direct View LED
In the Middle of Seats

The divided gap under the auditorium seats will surround a circle of LED displays. It allows viewers to inadvertently see advertisements while watching the event, achieving good advertising effects.

Stadium Perimeter Sport LED Display Screen
The Bottom of Seats

There is also a row of advertising displays surrounded by sports LED displays at the bottom of the seat.

The advertising effect is the same as the LED display screen in the middle of the auditorium, but unlike the fixed LED display in the middle of the auditorium, the lower row of sports LED displays can be disassembled and moved.

Sports Display
The Sports Stadium LED Display Perfectly Presents Exciting Events.

Sports LED displays have become an indispensable facility for large sports venues. They are found in many large sports venues that we are familiar with, such as the Qatar World Cup, Beijing Olympics, European Cup, NBA and other sport events.

Since the sports LED display screen is a comprehensive classification term, it will also be classified according to different properties below.

Classified by use

1.Full color LED large screen

It is used to play back exciting scenes on the field (including other fields) during the game, or slow-motion replays or wonderful close-ups, etc.

2. Stadium LED fence screen

The LED fence screen surrounds the entire venue in a circle. Its main purpose is to broadcast commercial advertising. It is composed of many single LED cabinets connected.

The cabinet are connected through snap-on connectors, which can be quickly and easily disassembled, assembled and maintained. There are separate supporting feet behind each cabinet, which can adjust the angle between the screen and the ground to ensure the best viewing angle.

3. Timing and scoring LED display

It is connected to the game’s timing and scoring system, not only can play player information, but also can update the game situation in real time.

Sports LED Displays Are Used In The Venue
Sports LED Displays Are Used In The Venue

Classified by installation environment

1. Football stadium LED display:

Mainly installed around football fields. It is used to publish advertisements around the football field. Through the control of the system software, the advertisements can be broadcast in a loop, with rich content and good expressiveness.

2. Funnel-shaped LED display:

It is mainly used above indoor sports venues and is installed in a suspended manner to introduce athletes, scores, game progress and other live events. Commonly found in basketball venues and multi-purpose stadiums.

3. Stadium wall LED display:

It is mainly installed on the wall at one end of the stadium and is used to synchronously broadcast the event and display real-time information of the event. Generally a large display screen.

4. Open-air column LED display:

This type of display has high quality requirements and needs to be windproof and dustproof, have good temperature adaptability, and can adapt to various types of weather. Generally installed on large columns in open-air stadiums.

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