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Fixed Led Display

Fixed LED Display

Fixed LED displays can run for a long time and are specially designed for scenes with long-term fixed display, such as monitoring rooms, conference rooms, etc.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Strong durability
  • Large viewing angle
  • No seams

The Biggest Advantage of Fixed LED Display - High Brightness

The biggest feature of the fixed LED display is its high brightness. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor LED display, it will be higher than other LED display series.

This is because fixed LED displays, especially when used outdoors, must have high enough brightness to be used under strong sunlight.

Related Products of Fixed LED Display

LED Video Wall Panel

Indoor fixed LED displays are mainly made of iron cabinets. After installation, it will be wrapped around the edges to protect the entire edge of the screen from damage.

P10 Outdoor LED Display

The outdoor fixed LED display has enhanced waterproof performance to ensure that there will be no abnormalities when used outdoors.

the church led video wall

Many church LED screens are usually used for a long time, so they will choose to install a fixed LED display in one location.

Dynamic Digital Billboard

We can often see LED billboards on the road. After such billboards are built, they will basically not move.

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Introduction to the Characteristics of Fixed LED Display

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3D Effect

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor fixed LED display, it can be made into a picture with a 3D effect.

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Strong Durability

The fixed LED display screen has high durability and can be used continuously for 7 or 8 years without excessive maintenance.

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Large Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of the fixed LED display is relatively large, and it is very clear no matter from which angle it is viewed.

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High Flatness

The flatness of the fixed LED display is less than 0.1mm, so unevenness is almost invisible to the naked eye.

Three-Proof Technology, Sturdy and Durable

The fixed LED display is spliced using strong and sturdy iron cabinets. The iron cabinet adopts three-proof technology, which can prevent water, dust and corrosion, ensuring that the fixed LED display will be minimally affected when in use.

The Fixed LED Display Cabinet Uses The Three Proof Process
Intelligent Heat Dissipation Technology Keeps The Cabinet From Getting Hot

Intelligent heat dissipation technology keeps the cabinet from getting hot

The fixed LED display has a built-in high-bit rate fan, which can effectively dissipate the internal heat from the cabinet, so that the box will not become hot.

Fixed LED display customized for your product

Fixed LED Display Cabinet Size

We use conventional 960*960mm cabinets for size splicing, which can be spliced no matter how large the application area is.

The Cabinet Can Be Adjusted For Brightness

The fixed LED display can adjust the brightness according to the intensity of the light. If you want it to be simpler, you can also install a brightness sensor.

The Cabinet Can Be Customized In Color

The commonly used cabinet color is black, but customers can customize the cabinet color according to their own preferences.

Fixed Led Display Horizeontal View Angle

The visual horizontal angle of the fixed LED display can reach 170°, and the front side is very clear no matter what angle it is viewed from.

Application scenarios of fixed LED displays

Meeting Room
Meeting Room

Some conference rooms use fixed LED displays instead of projections, which can display clearer picture quality. And compared with the fixed LED display, the operating process of the projector is more cumbersome.

Not only the projector needs to be turned on, but also the computer needs to be turned on, the curtain must be opened, the lights must be turned off, etc., while the fixed LED display only needs to turn on and off the LED display. Just power on.

Monitoring Room
Monitoring Room

The use of fixed LED displays in the monitoring room can not only reduce the frequency of machine replacement, but also make management of the display system more convenient and efficient.

Outdoor Advertising LED Display

When designing many buildings, LED displays have been considered to be fixedly installed in a certain scene.

Therefore, buildings are a common application scene for fixed LED displays.

When we go to various office buildings and shopping malls, we can almost see them by raising our eyes. to its figure.

Fixed LED Display Factory
13 years of consistent quality, professional fixed LED display manufacturer

JYLED insists on quality first and has been specializing in manufacturing LED displays for 13 years and selling them all over the world.

  • “The fixed LED display produced by JYLED is solid and durable. I have been using it for more than 4 years without any abnormalities.”

    Joan Lucy
  • “The most convenient thing about fixed LED display is that after installing it once, it can be used for a long time, which saves me a lot of thinking.”

    Dora Adam
  • “I have bought many products from JYLED, such as transparent LED displays, small-pitch LED displays, and this fixed LED display. The quality is quite good.”

    Robert Horace
Is the fixed LED display used outdoors or indoors?

There are two different types of fixed LED displays, outdoor fixed and indoor fixed. Compared with indoor fixed LED displays, outdoor fixed LED displays have added functions such as waterproof, dustproof and high brightness.

What cabinet is used to fixed LED display?

There are two main types of fixed LED displays: standard cabinets and simple cabinets. Simple cabinets have weak waterproof performance and are usually used indoors.

What is the difference between fixed LED display and rental LED display?

As the name suggests, fixed LED displays are fixed, while rental LED displays can be disassembled and moved.

What materials are usually used for packaging fixed LED displays?

Fixed LED displays are usually packed in wooden cases. The size of the wooden case will be customized according to the cabinet where the fixed LED display.

In addition to surface packaging, does the fixed LED display support other options?

Yes, there is also a direct-plug version of the fixed LED display. Direct-plug fixed LED displays usually have larger lamp beads and are used for outdoor signal traffic instructions.

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