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Fixed Led Display

Fixed LED Display

JYLED is a professional fixed LED display factory, integrating production, manufacturing, and sales, with products exported worldwide.

JYLED insists on using high-quality products to give back to new and old customers, allowing customers to obtain products with the highest cost performance at the lowest price.

Professional and Reliable Fixed LED Display Manufacturing Team

JYLED has a professional and reliable fixed LED display screen manufacturing team that can assist customers in quickly manufacturing fixed LED display screen products.

With over 10 years of production and manufacturing experience since 2014, JYLED has repeatedly shocked the LED display industry with leading and innovative fixed LED display screen solutions, winning several awards.

If you are seeking cutting-edge fixed LED display screen solutions, JYLED will be your best choice. Whether you use them on stages, in shops, at transportation stations, or other fields, we can always offer you the best prices.

Fixed LED Display Related Products

LED Video Wall Panel

Indoor fixed LED displays are LED displays with small pixels and even brightness. They are typically used in indoor settings that remain unchanged.

P10 Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor fixed LED displays are LED displays with high brightness and excellent waterproof performance. They are commonly used in outdoor billboards, street lighting, traffic signs, and other scenes.

Fixed Indoor P6 LED Display

A fixed indoor LED display with a pixel pitch of 6mm. Due to its larger pixel pitch, it is suitable for medium to large-scale applications such as stages and product launches.

Dynamic Digital Billboard
OEM Fixed Installation LED Display

A fixed installation LED display where all parameters can be customized according to customer requirements. It is ideal for customers or advertisers who want to create their own brand.

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Advantages of JYLED Fixed LED Display Manufacturer

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As a professional fixed LED display screen manufacturer, JYLED can customize any parameters for you, such as the appearance of the cabinet, screen size, resolution, and more.

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JYLED adopts automated chip mounting to produce 80,000 LED modules per day. This not only improves the production efficiency of our fixed LED display screens but also further reduces production costs.

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All LED panels undergo repeated inspections before leaving the factory and undergo 72-hour aging to ensure that all LED panels have perfect consistency after splicing.

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Large Inventory

JYLED has 80,000 square meters of space to store a large number of LED display screens. When you visit JYLED’s factory, you can see LED display screens being produced and tested everywhere.

Why Choose JYLED Fixed LED Display Screen?

JYLED has won the trust of customers worldwide with high-cost performance fixed LED display screens, which are extremely sturdy and require almost no maintenance after use.
As a professional LED display screen manufacturer, we support customers’ large-volume orders. Therefore, if you have a huge demand, our prices can be further negotiated, which will surely provide you with the most satisfactory price.

JYLED Factorys
JYLED Factory

Strict Implementation of High Standard Inspection Products

Before leaving the factory, JYLED always adopts the highest inspection standards. Many LED display screen manufacturers tend to shorten inspection standards to deliver goods quickly, resulting in uneven quality.
However, JYLED always wins customer trust with high quality, using the most reliable components to produce fixed LED display screens, providing lasting and stable operation effects.

JYLED Provides Full Support Services for You

From project communication, drawing scheme design to transportation and installation, JYLED always provides you with the most reliable full support services. We will continuously follow up on your project to ensure the final implementation of the entire project.
As the best fixed LED display screen supplier in China, we also provide unlimited technical support. If you encounter any problems while using fixed LED display screens, you can contact us at any time, and we will provide you with the best assistance.

Fixed LED Display Factory
13 years of consistent quality, professional fixed LED display manufacturer

JYLED insists on quality first and has been specializing in manufacturing LED displays for 13 years and selling them all over the world.

How to Install Fixed LED Display Screen?

Fixed LED display screens use modular panels, so they can be easily assembled by aligning the mounting holes.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing Fixed LED Display Screen?

Since fixed LED display screens are priced according to parameters such as resolution, pixel pitch, waterproof rating, and brightness requirements, you should provide us with as many detailed parameters as possible when choosing fixed LED display screens.

How to Maintain Fixed LED Display Screen?

For long-term use of fixed LED display screens, simply check whether the circuits are aging and whether the screen displays any abnormalities. If so, they can be replaced in a timely manner.

How to Choose the Right Fixed LED Display Screen for Your Business?

First, consider where you intend to use it. For example, if it will be placed in a conference room, you will need a fixed LED display screen with a smaller pixel pitch. If it will be placed in a reception area or corridor, you can use a fixed LED display screen with a slightly larger pixel pitch.

What Do I Need to Prepare to Purchase Fixed LED Display Screen?

You only need to inform us of the scene you want to use it in, as well as the size, and we will design a customized solution for you. You don’t need to do much throughout the process.

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