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  • Outdoor LED Screen Rental
  • P3.91LED Screen Rental
  • outdoor rental led screen
  • rental led screen
  • P2.9 rental led screen
  • 2.9MM rental led screen
  • Outdoor LED Screen Rental
  • P3.91LED Screen Rental
  • outdoor rental led screen
  • rental led screen
  • P2.9 rental led screen
  • 2.9MM rental led screen

Rent Digital Signage

Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm/4.81mm

The rent digital signage for stage  is a LED display specially designed for stage performances and rental activities.

It adopts a modular design, which is very convenient and quick to install and disassemble, and can well adapt to the size and shape required by various stages.

Rent Digital Signage are commonly used in sports events, concerts, concerts, outdoor cinemas, outdoor screenings, bus stops and outdoor billboards, etc.

Module size(mm)       320×160250×250
Module resolution(dot)80×4064×3264×6452×52
Cabinet size(mm)640×640500×500/500×1000
Max.Power Consumption(w)400400400400
Average Power Consumption(w)200200200200
Cabinet weight(kg/m2)30
Cabinet materialDie-casting Aluminum
IP rateIP65
Refresh rate(hz)1920/3840
Horizontal viewing angle140°
Vertical viewing angle140°
Input Voltage                               AC110V-AC220V
Temperature-operating                   -10℃-60℃
Life span(H)100000
light LED cabinet

Ultra Thin And Light

The rent digital signage uses a very thin and light LED cabinet, and the structure design is compact and simple, making it easy to carry and install. Making it very suitable for various outdoor rental activities, it can be flexibly set up in different venues and event sites.

Wide viewing angle display

The vertical and horizontal viewing angle range of the rent digital signage can reach 140°, which enables the image viewed from every angle to obtain the same clarity, contrast and color brightness within a wide field of view.

P4.81 LED Screen Rental
P4.81 LED Screen

High resolution and vivid colors

The rent digital signage has high resolution and wide color gamut, so it has higher color accuracy and detail expression capabilities, and can present delicate and vivid images and video content. Whether it is a concert, stage play or large conference, it can display colorful visual effects.

Reliability And Stability

The rent digital signage adopts very advanced display technology and stable control system, has high reliability and stability, and can maintain good performance under long-term and high-intensity work.

P2.604 LED Screen Rental
What are the installation methods for rent digital signage?

Hoisting or structural installation

Which is better LCD or rent digital signage?

If it is used for this kind of stage rental, Rent digital signage is better than an LCD screen. First, it is more portable and can be assembled according to the needs of the stage; second, it is more convenient to maintain; third, it is more energy-saving.

Can outdoor rent digital signage be used for indoor events?

Sure. But it needs to be used according to the specific conditions of the indoor space size and screen pixel pitch.

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