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Conference Room LED Display

Commercial Organizations LED Display Solution

More and more corporate organizations are re-constructing digital media through LED display solution, with more exquisite images and more powerful functions.

Enterprise Organization Solution Process

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Agreed Size

Tell us the location, size and dimensions you need to install. We will recommend suitable LED products based on the information you give.

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Confirm Price

The same LED display product has different models and different prices. For example, for the same LED display screen in the monitoring room, it is much more expensive to choose the P1.875 model than the P2 model. This depends on the customer’s viewing distance and image quality requirements.

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Signing The Contract

After determining the relevant LED display details, JYLED sales staff will draw up a detailed list, and both parties will sign a contract after confirmation.

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In addition to some general and conventional LED displays, such as monitoring rooms or customized-shaped LED displays, additional production is required. The general production cycle is 15–20 days.

Commercial Organizations LED Display for Different Scene

Church Led Display

Places like churches can attract the attention of believers through the wonderful pictures on LED displays, so that believers will be more engaged when watching the pictures and listening to the scriptures.



Led Screen Panels
Conference Room

Speakers can give synchronous explanations in conjunction with the LED display in the conference room, making the content engaging and immersive, thus achieving good speech effects.

LED Display In Monitoring Room
Monitoring Room

The monitoring room requires that the display equipment can be integrated with other systems and achieve individual display or batch display requirements, which can be easily achieved with LED displays.

Conference Room Display Solutions
JYLED One-Stop LED Display Solution For Enterprises And Institutions

Why is it suitable for corporate organizations to choose LED displays?

Although there are many types of advertising now, few are as attractive as LED displays. This is not only related to its high-definition picture, but more importantly, it can be controlled in real time for synchronized playback or information transmission.

Different business organizations can choose different types of LED displays for flexible matching. For example, in scenes such as churches, fixed small-pitch LED displays can be used for long-term use, and indoor rental LED displays can be used for temporary use.

LED displays can help companies make their presence felt in a highly competitive business environment. Digital signage grabs attention with eye-catching fonts, text, animations and full-motion video. Digital signage in public spaces can reach more people than Internet video.

These low maintenance screens are the perfect solution for product marketing. So, if you want a way to market that is cheaper than TV advertising but reaches more people, then digital signage is the answer.

LED Displays In Monitoring Room
LED Displays In Monitoring Room

Benefits of using LED displays in corporate institutions:

Cost savings

Traditional banners or advertisements usually take 3–5 days to produce, and the larger they are, the longer they take, labor costs also increase, and they need to be re-produced every time a new campaign is launched. The LED display screen is just the opposite. It is produced once and the advertising content needs to be changed later. It only needs to be operated through a mobile phone or computer.

Screen color adjustment

The LED display screen has a variety of built-in parameters that can be used to adjust the color of the picture to match the use environment of the enterprise, so that the displayed picture is completely integrated with the environment and appears more natural.

Rich settings

As a corporate organization, you can choose the LED display setup that best suits you. For simple display places, only simple settings are required. Copy functions that require simultaneous display on multiple screens or different displays on multiple screens can also be implemented through complex configurations, which provides enterprises with a wealth of choices.

Energy saving

LED displays are energy-saving and environmentally friendly and consume less power than other display devices. According to tests, after running for 10 hours, a one square meter LED display saves 27% of power than a one square meter LCD, so the LED display is more environmentally friendly.

In conclusion

The use of LED displays by corporate institutions is an important tool to help brand recognition and business promotion. In today’s digital world, whether you are a small or large enterprise, the use of LED displays is the trend of the future.

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