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church led screen

LED Video Wall for church

Traditional projection equipment used in religious worship spaces often lacks a perfect visual experience and struggles to maintain consistent brightness. It might be time to start considering LED displays specifically designed for churches.

Enhance Your Church with LED Video Walls

JYLED is a professional LED screen for church, offering various design solutions for churches of all sizes, helping to create a more sacred and beautiful environment. High brightness and high-definition church LED displays make the entire church shine.

When you delve into the solutions for church LED displays, you’ll find that using them incurs lower costs while achieving the greatest return. Our design team is always on standby and will be happy to provide various forms of assistance.

Choose a Type for Customization

Indoor Ultra Clear Modular LED Cabinet
Indoor LED Panel
  • Perfect 16:9 ratio
  • Easier to achieve 4K resolution
  • Options for rental or fixed cabinets
P4.81 Outdoor Rental LED Display
Outdoor LED Panel
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Suitable for outdoor church use
  • Can build larger church displays
Flexbile LEDs
  • Can be designed in various creative shapes
  • Provides more vivid and interesting images
  • Easier installation
Curved LED Panels
Curved LED Panel
  • Modular design solutions
  • Suitable for curved or irregular walls
  • Can create 3D display effects
4 Products Found.

Church LED Screen Price Case

LED Screen For Church Price In Nigeria
LED Screen for Church Price in Nigeria

In Nigeria, we installed a $10,000 LED screen for a local church.

LED Screen For Church Price In Ghana
LED Screen for Church Price in Ghana

In Ghana, JYLED sponsored a small church LED display for free.

Church LED Screen Price In Kenya
Church LED Screen Price in Kenya

In Kenya, we completed three church LED display projects, with prices ranging from $9,000 to $27,000.

LED Screen For Church In Lagos
LED Screen for Church in Lagos

We have an agent in Lagos, and if you happen to be there, we can put you in touch.

4 Products Found.

Church LED Screen Feature Introduction

Eye Icon

Through the high-definition picture of the church’s LED display screen, combined with the priest’s speech, the concentration of believers can be improved, and at the same time, it can also strengthen the message that religion needs to be promoted.

Eye-catching icon
Wide Viewing Angle

Since the viewing angle of the church LED display can reach 160°, it can cover viewing from almost all angles of the plane, so your congregation can easily see it no matter where they are in the church.

Energy icon
Energy Saving

Due to the different light-emitting principles of LED displays, they consume less energy and are therefore more energy-saving than other display devices (such as LCDs).

Fashion icon
Many Styles Available

There are many LED display products suitable for different applications and different church locations. For example, LED floor tile screens can be used on the church floor, and LED small-pitch displays can be used in blank areas.

Enhance Worship Experience with LED Displays

LED video walls offer high-definition resolution, displaying religious hymns, scriptures, and related content. When worshipers see clear information, they can focus and engage more deeply.

Additionally, for various religious ceremonies, church LED displays can show related media, enhancing the connection between the church and its congregation.

Bellevue Baptist Church LED Display
P5 Indoor Church LED Display

Deliver Clear Messages with Church LED Video

Pastors or preachers can use church LED displays to deliver clearer and more effective messages. They can present their thoughts and experiences through documents displayed on the large LED screens during sermons.

This method helps pastors and worshipers absorb information more easily, fostering deeper spiritual connections and achieving the best communication results.

Transform Church Architecture with LED Displays

Church LED displays not only solve traditional display problems but can also improve the architecture. They can seamlessly integrate with altars, walls, and other areas.

Larger screens may require re-planning and redesigning the church’s interior space. The more extensive the modifications, the better the screen and church integration effect.

Transform Church Architecture With LED Displays

JYLED: The Best Chinese Church LED Screen Manufacturer

LED display factory
JYLED Factory

JYLED is committed to providing the highest quality LED display solutions worldwide. Through an advanced integrated quality control system with seven inspection procedures, we ensure zero-defect LED displays for our customers.

With over 8,000 square meters of factory space, we can produce more than 80,000 LED modules daily and have obtained certifications such as CE, EMC-B, FCC, RoHS, and IECEE.

Functions of LED Displays for Churches

Church LED Screen Display Various Religious Texts

Display various religious texts, scriptures, hymns, or psalms for congregational reading.

LED Screen For Church In Dayton

Create videos, PPTs, or documents related to church themes and present them on the LED display.

LED Screen For Church

Make important announcements and event information more intuitive and readable.

The Best Choice For Your Worship

The LED display can also act as a monitor for live broadcasts, spreading messages more effectively.

Video Display For Churches
Better Communication

Church LED displays can be used to display music lyrics, prayer blessings, or other church-related images and videos. This can deepen the impression of the congregation and achieve better publicity of the church message.

Video Wall For Church

The church LED display can cooperate with the audio equipment, allowing church believers to interact with the display, enhancing the atmosphere of the entire church and allowing relevant content to be deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Church LED Wall Solution

Through the use of LED display screens in churches, the strong atmosphere of the church can attract some visitors, making them wrapped in the atmosphere and becoming loyal believers of the church.

LED Video Walls For Churches
Why Choose JYLED’s Church LED screen

JYLED is committed to providing first-class LED display services, ensuring customers receive excellent customer service and support.

Pixel Pitch1.86mm2mm2.5mm3.076mm
Pixel Density288369dot/㎡250000dot/㎡160000dot/㎡105625dot/㎡
Color ConfigurationSMD 3in1 1R1G1B
Module Size320 x 160mm
Module Resolution172 × 86dots160 x 80dots128 x 64dots104 × 52dots
Cabinet Size640mm x 640mm/960mm x 960mm or customized
Driver Mode1/43 Scan1/40 Scan1/32 Scan1/20 Scan
Cabinet MaterialIron or Die cast aluminum
Max Power Consumption800W/㎡
Average Power Consumption300W/㎡
Refresh Rate1920Hz/3840Hz
Grey Level16Bit
CertificationsCE, ROHS, ISO9001
View AngleHorizontal 140° Vertical 140°
Screen Control MethodPC or Mobile Phone
IP RatingIP31
Input VoltageAC110V-220V,50Hz-60Hz
Life Span≥100,000 Hours
  • Using a church LED display is a very wise choice, as it allows the congregation to pay more attention to the church.

    Axton Mendoza
  • Using church LED displays makes church activities more colorful and the emotions among church members more harmonious.

    Will Clark
  • I bought the product a few years ago and it is still working. The product I bought from another company during the same period has been repaired several times now.

    Winslow Gilbert
Can the church LED display be made into a curved shape?

Yes, the church LED display can use arc splicing to achieve perfect picture quality for some corners or irregular places.

Can LED displays be installed on church exterior walls?

Yes, there are many different types of LED displays, several of which are very suitable for installation on church exterior walls.

1. Small spacing
Congregants or tourists who enter can view church information directly through the small spacing on the exterior wall.

2. LED video wall
The LED video wall can dynamically play video images and synchronize religious information in real time. All religious information can be viewed on the LED video wall at the door.

There are many different models of LED video walls. If the viewing distance is farther, you can choose one with a larger dot spacing. If the viewing distance is closer, you can choose one with a smaller dot spacing.

How Large Should My Church Display Be?

The size depends on your church space. For smaller church spaces, choose P2-P4 size displays; for larger spaces, opt for P4-P6 size displays.

Are There Temporary Church LED Screens?

Yes, we offer rental box-assembled church LED displays that can be disassembled when not in use.

Can the Disassembled Church LED Screen Be Used Elsewhere?

Yes, if you choose a stage background LED screen, it can also be used for stages, gatherings, or other events after disassembly.

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