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flexible LED panel screen display
Flexible LED Panel

Flexible LED Panel Features

  • Flexible LED Panel High Bright 3 In 1 LED SMD lamps with best plastic package suite are not easy to be damaged and ensures best viewing angle.
  • Flexible LED Panels constant current chip high refresh driving  IC to reduces;
  • The Power consumption and prompts the stability,Simple modular design for easy maintanence.
flexible LED panel

The Flexible LED Panel is spliced using flexible PCB materials, so it can be installed in places where conventional displays cannot be installed.

Compared with traditional conventional rigid modules, they can be bent and folded at will, and can be formed into different shapes according to customized cabinets. At the same time, they are lighter and more convenient to install. Diversity is more artistic to achieve the purpose of attracting people.

Flexible LED Display

Flexible LED Panel Screen Display of Scenarios

  • Exhibition Hall: Through exaggerated and personalized styling, it can attract exhibitors who come to visit for the first time and achieve the best advertising effect.
  • Aquarium: As a tourist destination with many tourists, the aquarium naturally has various sights that attract tourists’ attention. Various unique shapes made through flexible LED panels can form a very atmospheric and fashionable scene in conjunction with the entire environment.
  • Museums: In addition to displaying many historical relics, museums also often use some LED displays spliced with flexible LED panels to display the details of the cultural relics or broadcast the historical stories of the cultural relics.

Flexible LED Panel Advantages (3)

Flexible LED display in the hotel lobby
Creative Display
Using modular installation, the flexible LED panel can be designed into various irregular shapes for creative display, highlighting the unique artistic atmosphere of your enterprise.
Creative modeling by flexible LED display
High Performance
The flexible LED panel uses high-quality LED lamp beads, which can maintain long-term operation without affecting the clarity of the picture.
Creative flexible LED display effect
The flexible LED panel does not require steel support for maximum flexibility, so it is lighter and thinner than traditional LED screens.
Flexible LED display mounted on the ceiling
Easy To Install And Replace
The Flexible LED Panel Screen Display is achieved by stitching each individual module together magnetically for seamless panel integration. Ensure quick installation, replacement, storage and transportation of the soft LED screen.
Pixel Pitch1.875 mm2 mm2.5 mm3 mm4 mm
LED TypeSMD1515SMD1515SMD1515SMD2121SMD2121
Module Size240*120 mm240*120/256*128mm240*120 /320*160mm240*120 mm256*128mm
Pixel Density284444 pixel/㎡250000 pixel/㎡160000 pixel/㎡111111pixel/㎡62500pixel/㎡
Refresh Rate≥ 3940Hz≥ 3840Hz≥ 1920Hz≥ 1920Hz≥ 1920Hz
Gray Scale14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit14 Bit
Brightness≥ 600 cd/㎡≥ 600 cd/㎡≥ 600 cd/㎡≥ 600 cd/㎡≥ 600 cd/㎡
Scan Way1/321/301/241/201/16
Frame Rate50HZ~60HZ50HZ~60HZ50HZ~60HZ50HZ~60HZ50HZ~60HZ
Viewing AngleH:140°, V:140°H:140°, V:140°H:140°, V:140°H:140°, V:140°H:140°, V:140°
Avg.Power Consumption15W/Panel15W/Panel15W/Panel15W/Panel15W/Panel
Control SystemNova/LinsnNova/LinsnNova/LinsnNova/LinsnNova/Linsn
Operation SystemWindows XP/7/10Windows XP/7/10Windows XP/7/10Windows XP/7/10Windows XP/7/10
Working Humidity10%~90% RH10%~90% RH10%~90% RH10%~90% RH10%~90% RH
Input Voltage5V DC input5V DC input5V DC input5V DC input5V DC input
Data InputHub75D (IDC16)Hub75D(IDC16)Hub75D(IDC16)Hub75D(IDC16)Hub75D(IDC16)
MTBF35000 Hour35000 Hour35000 Hour35000 Hour35000 Hour
Lifespan100000 Hour100000 Hour100000 Hour100000 Hour100000 Hour
What is Flexible LED Panel ?

flexible LED panel can be bent, twisted, or curved to fit any unique shapes or designs. this allows businesses to create stunning and creative visual designs that traditional led screens simply can’t match.

Are LED screens flexible?

Yes, the LED display can be a flexible screen. A flexible screen is a display technology manufactured using a flexible substrate, which has the ability to bend and bend compared to traditional rigid screens.

LED flexible displays are usually composed of flexible LED modules and flexible substrates, enabling them to adapt to various curved surfaces and irregular shapes, such as curved screens, ring screens, etc.

This flexible design not only increases the plasticity and adaptability of the display, but also provides more possibilities for creating unique display effects.

What is the led screen that you can bend?

The curved LED screen is a screen made of flexible PCB. This LED can be bent as needed. Compared with traditional LED screens, curved LED screens can provide greater flexibility and creativity, and various curves, arcs and unconventional shapes can be produced according to specific needs.

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