Mobile LED advertising trucks

Making Your Brand Unforgettable

Mobile advertising trucks are large mobile billboards that use LED technology to display dynamic advertisements.

These displays are typically mounted on the sides or back of trucks, allowing them to be driven to different locations for maximum visibility.

They are often rented alongside stage background structures, lighting and sound equipment, and special effects equipment.

LED truck advertising displays offer a dynamic and attention-grabbing medium for advertisers to promote their products and services. With their mobility and versatility, they can reach a wide audience and make a memorable impact.

Mobile advertising trucks

High exposure rate

The truck LED billboard is located on a moving vehicle, which can attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles. This unique mobility makes advertisements more accessible and noticed by target groups. Truck LED billboards can be driven in different areas and routes, covering a wider audience.

Mobile advertising trucks

High flexibility

Truck LED billboards can reach multiple locations and reach a wider audience. Compared with fixed billboards, different routes and areas can be selected for publicity according to needs. This flexibility can attract more brands willing to advertise on the truck and lead to greater profit opportunities.

Mobile advertising trucks

High visibility

LED billboards have high-brightness LED lamp beads, which can provide bright, clear and high-contrast images and information display under various lighting conditions. They can attract more attention whether it is day or night.

Mobile advertising trucks

Creative space

Truck LED billboards can realize dynamic, interactive and multimedia advertising forms. Through video, animation and other visual effects, you can attract the attention of the audience and improve the impact and memory of the advertisement.

Mobile advertising truck

Process Of Building LED Advertising Truck

Building a truck display requires collaboration between advertisers, manufacturers, and specialized installation teams. Each step involves careful planning, customization, and testing to create a mobile advertising platform that effectively showcases dynamic content and reaches the target audience.

Step 1: Design planning

Design planning is required to determine the size, shape and appearance of the LED advertising truck. Considering the truck’s stability and load capacity, it is necessary to work with a professional truck designer to develop a design.

Mobile advertising trucks

Step 2: Buying a truck

Choose a truck suitable for conversion, which can be new or used. Factors such as the size of the vehicle, driving comfort and maintenance costs should be considered.

Mobile advertising trucks

Step 3: Modification

At this stage, it is necessary to find a professional modification company or technical team to carry out the modification work. Modifications include installing LED displays, electronics, power systems, and load balancing.

Mobile advertising trucks

Step 4: Install LED display

According to the design plan, fix the LED display on the truck body. LED displays should have high brightness, waterproof and dustproof functions, and be able to resist vibration and harsh weather conditions.

Mobile advertising trucks

Step 5: Power system

The truck needs a stable power system to power the LED display and other electronic devices. There is an option to use the truck’s own power system, or add an additional generator or battery to provide power needs.

Mobile advertising trucks

Step 6: Control system

Install a control system to manage and control the playback content of the LED display, including animation, video and static pictures. The control system is usually linked to a computer or mobile device in order to update and manage advertising content.

Mobile advertising trucks

Step 7: Testing and debugging

After the installation and modification are completed, test and debug the LED advertising truck to ensure that all systems and equipment are working properly.

Mobile advertising trucks

Step 8: Marketing and operation

Once the LED advertising truck is ready, you can start marketing and operation, looking for advertisers and formulating advertising strategies. 

Mobile advertising trucks

Project Cases


Due to the different pixel pitches (screen resolutions) that make up the LED billboard display. As the LED display market becomes more and more mature, the price becomes more and more affordable according to our experience, the entry-level price is about $5,000, the advanced version is $10,000, and the other customized version of the price will be higher.

Sure, you can make money by advertising on your truck. This concept is known as “truck advertising” or “mobile billboard advertising.” You can set a reasonable advertising fee based on the value of the advertising space, market competition and current advertising industry standards. Given the uniqueness and mobility of ad spots on trucks, you can price them more flexibly than with traditional outdoor advertising.

When it comes to pricing, mobile billboards can vary depending on several factors. The average cost range for mobile billboards typically falls between $800 and $3,600 per month. However, it’s important to note that this cost can be influenced by various factors such as the size and type of billboard, the duration of the campaign, the specific market or location, and any additional services or customization required.

The service life of LED billboard trucks is closely related to the quality of trucks and LED displays, and the better quality trucks and LED displays can be used for 8-10 years, so their life is also in this range.


The LED truck advertising display needs to move for a long time, and the viewing distance is relatively long, so the P4-P6 LED display is more suitable. If you use a model with too low resolution LED display,  the effect is relatively poor.

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